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Death to Patriots

Bull Run

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[i]"We're going to blow the lid off this entire sham."[/i] stated a campaign aid. The campaign bus had taken the group across the United States and stopped in Oklahoma. From here the plan was to begin a statewide campaign 'across the board blitz campaign' taking them from the West to the East and ending in Virginia. Senator John Daecon was to run for Presidency, supported by Virginia Governor Jefferson O'tracy. They often collaborated in a small room in the large bus..

[i]"There is no better means of ensuring uncodnitional debt, than by means of Central Banking. We must free the Union from the grip of this system and its front institutions if we are ever to be the nation of liberty as our forefathers designed." stated Daecon.[/i]

[i]"Precisely"[/i] Jefferson began [i]"We will expose the fraud to the American public and at once with their support put an end to this and re-establish the gold and silver standard in place of this imaginary currency; this 'legal tender'."[/i]

Conversations in the make-shift proceedings rarely stray from the issues of the nation's central banking system. The two made the decision despite the protest of several campaign planners to come out strongly with their stance to the public & it is this fateful decision that would change the course of an entire state & spark a new movement amongst thousands of Virginians.

The day had come. A crowd of several hundred gradually began to gather after receiving word of a special announcement, that being the begining of Daecon's presidential campaign. The team was tense but positive as they made their way out of the bus and down the street. As they approached city hall they exchanged smiles and greetings with news crews and locals.

The bullets met their targets even before photographers could snap a clear photo. Daecon was killed instantly; Governor O'tracy would later die in an ambulance.


Virginians had been made lightly aware of the campaign with Jefferson's departute but it had never made major news outside of the state. Word of his and Daecon's death sparked outrage as Virginians pressured Federal authorities to find those responsible. Lieutenant Governor Michael St. Clair would be thrust into position of Virginia governor as the state lay shaken by their leader's assassination.

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