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First U.S. Pre-Primary Presidential Debate

Maelstrom Vortex

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"Welcome to the first Presidential Debate, I'm your moderator Gwynn Ifii. The format of this debate is as follows. I will present a question that all of the candidates must answer to the best of their abilities within a 5 minute time frame (1000 characters). The candidates then will all answer the question and we shall proceed to the next. The order will shift with each question starting with the person to the right of the candidate who answered the last question at the first position in that question's order."

"Starting with Mr. Crooks. There is a lot of commotion about the situation in the South West over the annexation of former South Tahoan states. Some are calling it the issue of our time. What do you feel is the ideal outcome of this affair?"

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"As you all know, the Senate is currently debating whether or not to pass a proposal to allow a Tahoan National Party to run in a second set of elections. The ideal outcome of that proposal is simply for it to be shut down. The people all agreed, to endorse the decisions made to join the United States and keep the existing laws in place. To destroy these laws and then doubt the will of the people because of the word of an external government with a proven penchant for lying would be to stoop down to the level of Tahoe itself."

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In response I feel I must echo the words of my colleague Senator Read from our home state of Delaware, he stated simply "I wish to speak to-day, not as a Delaware man, nor as a Northern man, but as an American, and a member of the Senate of the United States. I shall stand by the Union...with absolute disregard of personal consequences. What are personal consequences...in comparison with the good or evil which may befall a great country in a crisis like this?...Let the consequences be what they will.... No man can suffer too much, and no man can fall too soon, if he suffer or if he fall in defense of the liberties and constitution of his country."

This is the position I hold as well

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