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Operation: Cold Feet


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11:00 AM Athens Time

Observations in the area had suggested a complete descend into anarchy, while the soldiers on the base wanted to help the locals so far orders from Athens had blocked any move today would be different, directly signed by the Empress an order arrived at the base. Its contents? The liberation and occupation of all land belonging to the Romonov Foundation. As the orders were received the 5000 soldiers on the base deployed outside to assume control over different elements of the country. There was almost no resistance by the locals, just a general acceptance and perhaps even happiness that a new government would be put in place.

At the same time a broadcast would be transmitted across the world.

[quote]Today I have ordered my forces to assume control over the Romonov Foundation due to its lack of a new government being set up. We will protect these people while they can not protect themselves therefore I announce the occupation and potential assimilation of the Romonov Foundation by the Athenian Federation to keep anarchy out.[/quote]

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