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So I am on a ZI list


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Ooc I'm on iPhone so no back slash /ooc

Anyway, I have been sanctioned by fishguts at emperor Marx request. Chief was attacked on my orders. I am no longer in gov or FAR.

I'll go into more detail later as one finger typing is slow but I am sure someone will come along to give some details. So you will get their story then mine. The issue is with m/. Should be interesting.


So, here I am...

This whole thing was supposed to be and is a fun episode-yeah, at least to me and for others not so much. So \m/ joins the raiding safari. Orders were to hit an \m/ nation. I chose Chief because he had a smaller nation but is a prominent \m/ember. Orders were to also hit and send peace. Order not followed was to make the reason "So you like tech raidz" or "\m/ raiding safari". This all went perfectly and as expected \m/embers showed up in #FAR to discuss it. Everyone knows full well that I was not speaking officially for FAR and I was giving my opinion on the matter and having as much fun as I could at the expense of \m/. Sure, things don't go as planned but oh well.

Why Chief as the target? - I stated already plus the fact that he chose to hit [url="http://www.cybernations.net/nation_drill_display.asp?Nation_ID=355892"]This Guy[/url] and buy up to 3000+ infra to make sure its not a fair fight. So, the order was given and as planned Chief's nation was smacked upside the head just the way he bullied that other guy.

Anyone that wants to call me out, so be it. Not in this for your approval. Similar things have happened in terms of causing money losses amirite Xiph ;) So the damages to Chief are pennies really.

The guys were informed of what could happen including nuclear retaliation and still agreed to hit Chief. Both were along the same lines as "finally, I get to go to war and see what its like". And I guarantee if you ask them they do not feel they were abandoned on the battlefield. Their nations are where they are because of $3m/50t deals I did with them, placed them in a trade circle, and more. The war...not really much to it, but they got some good experience.

What else...gray team trades are not sanctionable btw. My ZI at the hands of \m/ when it happens will be on my terms, not theirs. They will know I am out of peace mode when I come a callin.

So have at me. Call me names etc. I can take it :D

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My warn level requires that I ask "what?" in more than one word.

edit -- Well, presumably your side of the story is pretty good. Otherwise you just made a terrible mistake creating this thread.

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[quote name='Voytek' date='21 July 2010 - 12:33 PM' timestamp='1279733594' post='2382785']
This should be fun.

Scratch that, this IS fun. Maybe \m/ will send some of the tech they grab off of your nation to Rush.
I'll stay in pm until I get my wrc so if the zi order still stands in august they will get a fierce fight at great losses.

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Well I didn't want to be the one to make this thread but hey, here it is. So last night at about 11 PM CN time, I was attacked by two FAR members. Since I was demobilized and had no barracks or guerrilla camps (also I tech deal so I can only get the level 1 planes :/ ), they actually whooped me pretty good. That's not the point though. When I went into #far to investigate, Fernando12 here [i]raged[/i] at us, spouting such gems as these (yeah its a lot, they're just funny, not really that important, skip if you want):

01:41:12: <The_Chief> I'm getting attacked by two nations flying your AA
01:41:17: <Fernando12> i dont have to do anything
01:41:24: <Fernando12> aw
01:41:27: <Fernando12> poor baby
01:41:37: <EmperorMarx> No wonder you stepped down.
01:41:42: <Fernando12> hypocrites
01:41:45: <Fernando12> GTFO
01:41:45: <The_Chief> http://www.cybernations.net/nation_drill_display.asp?Nation_ID=380091
01:41:53: monkmasta pats Nando
01:41:56: <monkmasta> chill
01:42:05: <EmperorMarx> Now if you don't mind, we'd like to be able to communicate with FAR's government civilly
01:42:16: <Fernando12> i'm not government
01:42:20: <Fernando12> talk to SE
01:42:21: <EmperorMarx> Exactly.
01:42:27: <Fernando12> but
01:42:30: <SilverEmpress[tLW]> o.o
01:42:58: <Fernando12> your pathetic alliance dont have room to ask for anything


01:47:39: Fernando12 slaps StealingPandas[FAR] around a bit with a large trout
01:47:42: <Fernando12> Pandas
01:47:47: <SilverEmpress[tLW]> hrm. He should be on later tonight.
01:47:54: <Fernando12> people here to cry for mercy
01:48:02: Fernando12 elbows Pandas
01:49:08: <EmperorMarx> Internet issues? lol
01:50:03: <Fernando12> Marx
01:50:14: <The_Chief> XD
01:50:19: <Fernando12> its prolly a raid
01:50:20: <Sir_Exodus> yeah damn internet :(
01:50:23: <Fernando12> deal with it
01:50:27: <Fernando12> accept peace
01:50:39: <The_Chief> can you shut this guy up please
01:50:40: <Sir_Exodus> nando play nice as i said, you're just a member now no power
01:50:45: <Fernando12> nah
01:50:55: <Sir_Exodus> shh nando
01:51:26: <Fernando12> no u
01:52:21: <ComradeDamsky> Oh lord...
01:57:52: <Fernando12> WOW Chief, you got raped
01:57:59: <Fernando12> I'd be embarassed too
01:59:42: <SilverEmpress[tLW]> Nando. Chill out. :\


02:00:24: <Fernando12> What?
02:00:32: <Fernando12> People cant talk freely now?
02:00:35: <DarkAssassin> NANDO FIRE
02:00:37: <DarkAssassin> !!!!
02:00:41: <Chopin[FAR]> sup
02:00:44: <ComradeDamsky> She never said you couldn't.
02:00:58: <DarkAssassin> wgad
02:01:00: <ComradeDamsky> But it's preferable that you don't act like a <censored> when people are civil towards you.
02:01:04: DarkAssassin pokes Fernando12
02:01:19: <Fernando12> \m/ and civil?
02:01:20: <Fernando12> LOL
02:01:21: <SilverEmpress[tLW]> <ComradeDamsky> But it's preferable that you don't act like a <censored> when people are civil towards you. <--this.
02:01:27: <Fernando12> Damsky is on drugs again
02:01:32: <DarkAssassin> who gives a !@#$?


03:19:59: <Fernando12> I AM FAR
03:20:04: <GM_Dacian> lol
03:20:07: <Caliph> FAR gone :D
03:20:07: <Shadow_King> not anymore T
03:20:08: <The_Chief> LOL
03:20:08: <inMate> Anyone know some good raid targets?
03:20:10: <Sir_Exodus> shut up nando
03:20:13: <Chopin[FAR]> nando
03:20:14: <Chopin[FAR]> get off
03:20:20: <GM_Dacian> is he being serious?
03:20:20: <Fernando12> did already
03:20:20: <sakura> Hmm....
03:20:20: <Chopin[FAR]> go outside
03:20:21: <Chopin[FAR]> get some air
03:20:22: <Fernando12> wait
03:20:23: <GM_Dacian> Or just like, trolling? =P
03:20:24: <Sir_Exodus> Inamte: fernando12
03:20:25: <sakura> I wonder....
03:20:26: <Fernando12> not that get off
03:20:28: <Fernando12> lol
03:20:30: <inMate> sounds good
03:20:39: <inMate> Is he a red nation?
03:20:43: <Fernando12> me?
03:20:44: <Fernando12> no
03:20:48: <GeraldM> I am a red nation
03:20:48: <Sir_Exodus> no hes blue
03:20:48: <Fernando12> but I can be
03:20:49: <GeraldM> oshi
03:20:49: <The_Chief> i'm getting off at the comedy exuding from this channel
03:21:20: <ZoomZoomZoom> Fernando12 please don't stop
03:21:20: <Fernando12> Chief
03:21:30: <Shadow_King> I agree with zx3
03:21:35: <Fernando12> Chief
03:21:37: <Fernando12> if your raiding
03:21:45: <Fernando12> why are you on D5?
03:21:56: <GeraldM> probably spies
03:22:00: <GeraldM> doh
03:22:01: <Shadow_King> lulz
03:22:09: <The_Chief> yeah spies
03:22:12: <Sir_Exodus> enough of that !@#$

So yeah. Anyway we settled the issue peaceably with Sir Exodus and Pandas and reps will be paid, etc., etc. Pandas informed us that Fernando12 was behind the attacks and since he had ragequit FAR or been kicked out, he is now on our ZI list. He can appeal after we've pummeled him a bit. I don't set the policy for ZI so I can't say more about that.

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Fernando enjoy what's coming :awesome: also going by they logs I'm amazed FAR has not been rolled long before now with him at the helm lol. Thank god you have Pandas in charge now.

Also \m/ please bring him down to my range so I can grab one of his slots.

Edited by Hiro Nakara
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[quote name='Mr Damsky' date='21 July 2010 - 01:17 PM' timestamp='1279736239' post='2382854']
What in admin's name drove you to do this?
I agree. WHY did you order all this?

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[quote name='Jaymjaym' date='21 July 2010 - 06:28 PM' timestamp='1279733317' post='2382776']
:(( Sanctioning my trade partners :((

It sucks. Time to find a replacement or is there any chance of this getting resolved soon ?

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