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State of Delaware Gubernatorial Elections

Maelstrom Vortex

ooc: Non-Binding election for Governor of DE. RP your votes as if you were citizens.  

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[b]Governer Name:[/b] Caesar Rodney (Granite's candidate)

Party: Federalist
Policies: Strong central gov. and national defense but also full and free citizens rights.
Platform: Full free medical and education paid for by taxes(VAT)
Background: Former defense lawayer, served in the state legislature two terms. Party line voting record.

[b]Governer Name:[/b] Joe Stewart

Party: Republican
Policies: States' rights. Favors a strong national defense through militia.
Platform: Privatized health-care, large tax cuts, business incentives to attract more jobs, NO VAT TAX.
Background: Former district attourney, served in the state legislature one term. Also has a party line voting record.

(Terms are under the assumption the states still had governments operating on a local level even as protectorates.)

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