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Are you looking for an alliance where you can be part of a team and work with others to create something new and extraordinary? If so, then F.G.R is for you.

What is The Federation of Germa Rico?

Experience: We are not that experienced but we know the rules of the game and we respect them. We use them knowing not to bully (not that we could anyway) and are ready to teach them to our followers.

Fun: F.G.R is very much a growing brotherhood of friends that enjoy each other's company

Progressive: F.G.R is an alliance where innovation is encouraged and new ideas are embraced. We are all working to make the alliance the best it can be and the leadership is always open to new ways to accomplish that goal.

Open: F.G.R is a new alliance so there is no stodginess or nepotism. Those who work will have the opportunity to advance into the government. The fact that a nation joined later doesn't matter, all are treated equally and have the same chance to enter leadership.

Driven: Although we are small now, we are not going to stay that way forever. We intend to become a powerful alliance in Cybernations and take our place in the upper echelon of power. We are willing to do what it takes.

What are the benefits of joining F.G.R?

Guidance: Our members are skilled in playing the game and have the guides needed to help you make your nation grow.
Aid: We offer protection and 500 thousand dollars a week (only if you are working). We will offer more when we become larger, such as tech aid, etc...

Brotherhood: In F.G.R, you are part of a team working to create a better future for us all.

If you would like to join, please contact me at Shans_nation@rocketmail.com or go to our website http://germarico.webstarts.com/
So just go to “Edit my Nation” then “Alliance Affiliation” and choose “specify other” and simply type in “F.G.R” (without quotations)

Join the best alliance today, and don’t be a loser tomorrow

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Do you have the flag on photobucket or something?

If you have a direct link to an image of the flag, copy the url into this:

[ img] www.flag.com [ /img]

The pic will show up in the forum.

Best of luck to ya!

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Like this^


Remove the dashes, and there you go!

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[quote name='OriginalSlimJim' timestamp='1280230482' post='2391087']
Ok, how much? im short right now, I only have $7,000 because I spent all my money on land and military. I would be willing to give you that, if thats ok.
Oh god no, much too little. Have you ever heard of tech deals? Basically what it is is you give a big nation who needs tech (since it gets really expensive when you're over 4k infra), and they give you 3mil (which is nothing to them). Generally its 3mil-100 tech. Signing up for those makes you grow REALLY fast.


Click on that, and post your nation link and say you're selling tech. Once they have a buyer lined up for you, he'll send you 3 million in game. This is how much its going to cost for a flag (which is pretty cheap, believe me). You take that 3mil and send it to me. Then, proceed to spend your money on tech (get it up to 50) so you can pay the buyer 10 days later (when the aid will expire, then you do the same thing and give him 50 more in another 10 days). You can do that by signing up for other tech deals, or just collecting taxes. Tech comes cheap when you're a small nation.

This way you get a legit flag, you get tech deals, and I get money...everyone's happy. Also, I would ask around for a protectorate for Germa Rico. Talk to big alliances like New Polar Order, Sparta, Orange Defense Network, Viridian Entente, whichever one is on your color sphere.

Hope this helps you out.

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I also recommend tech deals for rapid growth, but just a clarification:

Caleb, he needs a good chunk of that 3 million to pay for the tech he's going to have to buy. If he turns around and sends you that money he'll be left at $7000 again, and won't be able to hold up his end of the bargain.

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