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Shadows Slide Across the Antarctic Ice

Cybil de Blanc

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The summer of the north, the winter of the south. Antarctica was shrouded in darkest night, July the time of year where no sun dared to shine. The Aurora Australis, cousin of the more well-known Aurora Borealis, danced in the sky like an eel writhes in the sea. Beneath its shining lights, penguins chattered, seals hauled themselves onto ice, and the katabatic winds of the Antarctic blew fiercely.

And they walked.

Bundled in thick parkas, hauling sleds of supplies across the landscape, they made their way towards the South Pole. They were silent, a strange bunch, with about a hundred of them making that sacred pilgrimage. You see, the Dreamer, the god of the infamous Dragon Cult, had inspired another; she had heard the call of the South Pole, dreamt of a land cloaked in ice. Upon what was but a giant glacier, beneath the lights that lit up the sky, a spirit stood in her mindscape, tall and imposing and vaguely feminine. It funnelled down from the lights, standing there, beckoning her.

They had come from far and wide, from protectorate and country, from wars lost and places to be found. They followed her, believing fiercely in the call of the Light Goddess. Many of them were from Cyneriice Northan — a pathetic excuse for an Arctic country, having last but a few years before falling to its knees. With the occupation of New Canadian forces and the arguments over its status as a protectorate, many had fled, disgusted with the CAN and the so-called "teachings" of a certain Queen Cybil. They had been easily swayed with a bit of preaching, and so, now journeyed towards the South Pole.

There had been more of them, at one time; they had been travelling for days, and many had sickened and died, left to the ice and snow. There had been two hundred people, in fact. Now weary, tired and frostbitten, those who remained were desperate to reach the place of their so-called "saviour", the Light Goddess of Antarctica. Yes, they might have been crazy, but they needed something to hold onto. The High Priestess would give them that.

They finally stopped when a hunting horn blew, carried across the katabatic winds in an echo. The people's hearts thundered — had they finally found their place? It seemed so, as the High Priestess stopped, turning towards her people. The hunting horn rose to her lips, and she blew three times.

They cheered.

[center]- ===== -[/center]

The following morning, a flag would stand, flapping in the winds and surrounded by a multitude of cold-weather tents and supplies. There would be no broadcast, no announcement to the world; their radios were not yet ready for use. Instead, those who ventured far enough into Antarctica would see a black-and-white flag, adorned with a circle surrounded by various dots in compass's directions.

[center]- ===== -[/center]

OOC: Right, I've think I've done everything right up to this point. I was informed where I chose to claim was in a world protectorate, so I think I'm fine.

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Hands steepled, she held closed her eyes, focused only on within. In the comforting blackness, she could only hear the screech of the wind, which served to carry her thoughts to the Goddess. Her deep meditation one of wait, the High Priestess sat quietly, readying herself for the arrival of the first sign. It came to her eventually, in the form of the rustle of her tent flap. One eye opened, and the hooded figure of a lower monk stood there.

[i]We have received our first broadcast on the working radios, though there is much static.[/i] The monk spoke not a word, but instead, one hand rose in the air, communicating through some sort of sign language. The High Priestess nodded, raising her own hand to reply.

[i]Pinpoint the signal and send a welcome. The Goddess blazes her trail. Send coordinates and invite them to the camp.[/i]

[center]- ==== -[/center]

Moments later, the Revelstone government would receive a returned radio signal, inviting them to come and see the new nation for itself.

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"The Hakaarian Empire recognizes and welcomes this new nation into the world. While they may be on the other side of the world, every nation has its importance on this planet."

-Lindsey Roberts
Minister of Foreign Affairs

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