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[quote][b]Kerberos Nexus Charter[/b]

[b]I. Membership[/b]

Those wishing to join must change their alliance affiliation to Kerberos Nexus and be approved for membership by the Nexus Sovereign.

Membership Ranks
Ultima - Full Access
Ginyu - Full Access Except Ultima Gov Forum.
Omega - Full Access Except Ultima and Ginyu Forum
Beta - Full Access Except Ultima, Ginyu, and Omega Forum
Alpha - Very Limited Access, New Members without someone to vouch for them start at this rank.
II. Government[/b]

Nexus Sovereign - Supreme Ruler of Kerberos Nexus.

Minister of War - In charge of handling military matters.
Minister of Development - In charge of overseeing internal development and growth.
Minister of Foreign Affairs - In charge of handling matters involving other alliances.

[b]III. War[/b]

Members may not attack others nations without first obtaining approval form either the Nexus Sovereign or Minister of War.

[b]IV. Ammendment[/b]

This charter may be modified with approval from the Nexus Sovereign and 2/3 of Ultima members in favor.[/quote]

Current Government

Nexus Sovereign - Methrage, Ruler of the Libertarian Empire
Minister of War - Nicholai, Ruler of Pandora420


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We're currently at war with GOONS, but growing stronger in the process. We're now up to 5 members and 30k Avg NS. Join today and have fun assisting in the war with GOONS and gain war experience while having fun.

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[quote name='Trikoupis' timestamp='1285445080' post='2464494']
I see some great artwork there ;)

We're still accepting new members and have some gov positions available, so those looking for a new alliance should join soon.

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