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Until further notice, Koryo closes off the Airspace and Territorial Waters of the Homeland Territories of the Confederation for the next 48 hours. No countries are excepted from this.


In Raseon, 50,000 troops, who had been originally trained as paratroopers for the invasion of the south, got onto planes. The engines were started, prepared to take off when th order was given.

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[i]Ofek 9[/i], the Malvinian spy satellite noted the massive formation of soldiers and aircraft and passed the intel onto Strategic Command.
After reviewing the intel in an emergency meeting, Alice decided to send the intel to the United States of China.

[b]Private to the United States of China[/b]
TO - whomever it concerns
FROM - Alice Wesker, Las Malvinas

Our satellites have picked up massive formations of soldiers and aircraft in a heightened state.
Soldiers are boarding the aircraft. We have attached the satellites images for Chinese intel analysts to review.

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