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[u][b]Death of Chosun Leader; Succession in Chaos[/b][/u]

Chang Sung-taek, Chairman of the National Defence Commission of the People's Republic of Chosun, died yesterday of a heart attack in his office.

Chang Sung-taek came to power following the death of his brother-in-law Kim Jong-il as the "Regent King" for Kim Jong-un. However, Chang began to secure his own power, marginalizing the true successor to the head of the People's Republic, staffing the NDC with supporters. It was believed that he would have made the People's Republic his kingdom if it were not for his untimely death.

There is now a political vaccum in Chosun, as two factions, the "Juchepa" centered on the NDC and the "Seungilpa" centered on Kin Jong-un's supporters, stand off against each other. The future of Chosun, and Koryo in general, is uncertain....

OOC: The start for some major changes.

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