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Southern Sudan Factbook


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Army size: 152,550.

Armanents: M-60, RPG, AK-47, Makarov PM Auto Pistol, 81 MM Mortar, M40 Sniper Rifle.


Tanks/Armored Ground Transport:

O-1 Superheavy Tanks: 1

T-80: 299

M1 Abrams: 340

50. Cal armored Halftracks.


AH-1 Cobra: 20

OH-6 Cayuse: 15

UH- Blackhawk- 120

B-1 Lancer: 20

AC-130 Spectre: 2

Mikoyan MiG-29: 20

F-105 Thunderchief: 10

CH-46 Sea Knight: 30

CH54 Tarhe: 30

C-130 Hercules: 5


ZU-23 AA

Standard Long Range Artillery

(Not yet finished.

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