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[quote name='Joey Costello' date='19 July 2010 - 08:20 PM' timestamp='1279567211' post='2379160']
How much does tech increase each time you buy? I think it goes $10,000 a level to $11,000 a level etc. Is this correct?

I'm assuming you mean (and without meaning to be patronising/disrespectful/*insert alternative adjective(s) as appropriate*) "By how much does the cost of technology go up each time you buy one (1.0) level of tech?"

For me, at 60.06 levels of tech, with two universities, the cost was £19,764.87 per level of technology purchased

After buying another level of tech, the cost rose to £19,840.87 per level of technology purchased

Remembering that universities reduce the cost of tech by 10% each (and I assume that means I'm getting tech at 80% of what I'd normally pay, rather than the compound reduction which takes me to 81%), an increase of £76.00 per level would normally be an increase of £95 per level, which is a difference of £19

I'm assuming the scaling is non-linear? In other news, I think that this is not my most worthwhile post...

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