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Spreading Independence All Over The World


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First time announcing on the OWF, so here goes nothing. Introducing the CIA's first ODP!!! Before actually posting the ODP, I would love to give a shout out to our allies and close friends at Tetris because if it wasn't for them, the Colonial Independence Association and the SOS Brigade would have never met. We would love to welcome our new friends at the SOS Brigade and I am sure they feel the same way.


[size=5][b]Spreading Independence All Over The World[/b][/size][/center]

[b]Article I - An Independent Haruhiist Peace Agreement[/b]
The undersigned alliances agree to refrain from all actions that could be construed as offensive in nature towards each other. This includes, but is not limited to, ingame offensive actions as well as actions taken through channels of communication.

[b]Article II - An Independent Haruhiist Declaration of Sovereignty[/b]
Both of the signatory alliances and their respective member nations recognize and will respect each other's sovereignty and political independence. They recognize and will respect each other's right to live in peace within their respective alliances. They will develop good neighborly relations of co-operation between them to ensure lasting security and will settle all disputes between them by peaceful means.

[b]Article III - An Independent Haruhiist Accord of Optional Defense[/b]
Should the either signatory come under attack by a foreign power and request assistance, the other shall have the option to provide military assistance as well as, but not limited to, financial, political and other such means of assistance that it has at its disposal, if requested by the attacked signatory.

[b]Article IV - An Independent Haruhiist Amendment Procedure[/b]
Should the signatory alliances feel that this treaty requires amending, both alliances must agree to the proposed amendment, upon which the amendment will come into force.

[b]Article V - An Independent Haruhiist Cancellation Clause[/b]
Either signatory alliance may terminate this treaty at any time by providing the other signatory alliance with a 48-hour notice of intent to terminate, after which the treaty shall become null and void.

[b]The Independent Haruhiist Signatories[/b]
For the [b]Colonial Independence Association[/b],
[b]Amos Malachi[/b], [i]President[/i]
[b]GoddessOfLinn[/b], [i]Vice President[/i]
[b]Ali5541[/b], [i]Secretary of State[/i]
[b]Great Jenstonia[/b], [i]Secretary of the Interior[/i]

For the [b]SOS Brigade[/b],
[b]Arrnea[/b], [i]Brigade Chief and Ultra Director[/i]
[b]Elrich von Richt[/b], [i]Esper and Mysterious Transfer Student[/i]
[b]Katsumi[/b], [i]Time Traveller and Brigade Mascot[/i]
[b]Diablofan[/b], [i]Alien Supercomputer and Meganekko[/i]
[b]Arynar Ventys[/b], [i]Ordinary Human and Errand Boy[/i][/quote]

Let me be the first to say,

o/ SOS

May we continue to develop close bonds and relations. :wub:

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[quote name='Darth Pollard' date='20 July 2010 - 01:47 AM' timestamp='1279561644' post='2379038']Roll SOS
Roll CIA
Roll Tetris[/quote]
This is something I can get behind. Lead the way, Pollard!

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[quote name='michaeru' date='19 July 2010 - 07:46 PM' timestamp='1279586792' post='2379585']
The cycle of cancellations is broken, rejoice, everyone~

... or is it?

o/ RIA

I think you're getting alliances mixed up there :ph34r:

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Maybe a little. Or maybe he got caught in a time loop of some sort and his post got sent back from the future. We shall see.

Anyways congrats to our friends in SOS Brigade and to their new friends in CIA.

o/ SOS Brigade

:awesome: Edited by ShadowDragon
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[quote name='ShadowDragon' date='20 July 2010 - 02:49 AM' timestamp='1279586977' post='2379590']

Maybe a little. Or maybe he got caught in a time loop of some sort and his post got sent back from the future. We shall see.
I c wat u did thar. [img]http://se.sosdancn.org/public/style_emoticons/default/1245947316230.png.emo.png[/img]

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