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Greater Pacifican Announcement Regarding Tahoe


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Due to the recent re-establishment of the first Republic of Tahoe in North Tahoe, we find it appropriate to make a statement. As one of several members of the coalition which participated in the war against Tahoe, though we did not intend it, we had a hand in the full scale destruction of the republic and the resulting eventuality of disorder, chaos, and general instability which now seems to be present in the former territory. We know that intervention by external powers in this matter, including ourselves, would only add fuel to the fire and in all likelihood proliferate contagion a across the whole of North America, if not the world. So we have three Announcements to make on this matter. First, we will maintain neutrality in this matter in so far as it remains an internal dispute between the various governments of Tahoe. North and South Tahoe are not two separate nations, but one territory and one people being torn and split apart by two different camps. This struggle needs to take its course, and it is our hope that the nations of the world will let this play out, however should anyone take advantage of Tahoe in its weakened state we do intend to step in to secure it from opportunists.

Second representatives of Greater Pacifica have met with representatives of North Tahoe and have come to an understanding. With that we would like to extend our recognition to the existing government of North Tahoe as the representative of the Tahoan people, and the most honest broker on their behalf. It is our hope that they can bring stability back to the territory as they did for many years before the war, and if at all possible that this can be achieved through diplomacy. Nonetheless we now respect their discretion on internal matters, and hope that an eventual reconciliation between our two nations can be possible.

Third and finally we would like to announce a bilateral pact of friendship between Tahoe and Pacifica. Though we will very likely remain allies through the bloc APPLE, we felt that an individual treaty between the two nations would be an important step in the re-construction of longterm relations.

[b]Tahoe - Pacifica Pact of Amity[/b]

[b]Article I: Sovereignty[/b]

Both parties to this pact recognize the sovereignty of one another, and agree to abstain from action which may compromise the territorial integrity, and security of either cosignatory.

[b]Article II: Friendship[/b]

Both parties agree to work to improve foreign policy relations with one another, and otherwise cooperate on matters of concern.

[b]Article III: Optional Defense & Support[/b]

In the event that the security of one signatory is compromised the other is encouraged by this pact but not obliged to offer any assistance needed to resolve the issue. In kind, if one signatory engages in aggressive military action upon a third party, the other signatory is encouraged but not obliged by this pact to support this effort.

[b]Article IV: Termination[/b]

A party to this pact may terminate membership at any point. Upon notification of an intent to cancel a 47 hour cool down period will begin during which article I will remain active.

Should article I be violated, the pact may be considered immediately void with no cool down period.


[b]For Greater Pacifica:[/b]

[b]H.M Ryn Atrevier:[/b] [img]http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v624/iamthey/RynAtreviersig-1.png[/img]
King of Greater Pacifica
Rex Pacifica

[b]For the Tahoe Republic[/b]

Darragh McDonnell
President of the Tahoe Republic[/quote]

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[u]The Ghosts of Napoleon Bonaparte and General Lannes of the Imperial Guard visited the King in his sleep.[/u]
[i]"You disgrace the memories of all the fallen soldiers who died to eradicate Tahoe. The plains around Anchorage are filled with Canadian dead numbering in the tens of thousands.

Get a grip Rex, you know this isnt right"[/i]

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The Kingdom of Cochin is pleasantly surprised to see that Greater Pacifica and Tahoe which had been at war just a few years back have now reconciled their differences in this amicable manner. We hope that this fresh start would ensure that mistakes of past do not recur nor new mistakes borne out of vengeance or retaliation be committed.

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The Tahoe Republic appreciates the sentiments of all involved and pledges to work with the nations of the world, whether they be old friends or new ones, to achieve peace and justice worldwide. Greater Pacifica and Tahoe have historically been enemies but the governments of both nations understand that misappropriated suspicion and misunderstanding is the hallmark of evil and have come together to forge bonds of peace and friendship.

Tahoe without unity will never be at peace and all peaceloving nations of the world truly do understand that fact.

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[quote name='Justinian the Mighty' date='19 July 2010 - 06:22 PM' timestamp='1279560102' post='2379001']
So in shorter terms; We're neutral but we support one side and no one else can do what we just did or we'll beat you up.

OOC: :nb4loliatlikestohearhimselftalk:

IC: "Other nations have just as much a right to protect the currently divided Tahoe from external medaling. The United States of China has taken a stance fairly similar to our own. We believe that this is something that the people of Tahoe need to work out amongst themselves, if others get involved it will simply be to exploit the situation and pit one faction against another. It is a certainty that intervention will not only encourage the break down of any potential re-unification, it will escalate tensions, and only expand the scope of death and destruction that a war would bring.

With that I believe an explanation is in order. We have been called opportunists officially by various groups of commentators, and unofficially by various members of the international governments. This is an accusation which I believe is simply without truth. Tahoe and Greater Pacifica had shared a rivalry for sometime preceding the war, this was essentially a territorial disagreement, and a diplomatic clash between our respective sphere's of influence. While many nations fought in the coalition against Tahoe, for many different reasons it should have been understood then as it should be understood now, that the motives of the collective were not necessarily our own, and that we fought with our own objectives in mind. For some, this war was an ideological struggle to end the anti-colonial policies of Tahoe and open up North America to International cooperation. We have never taken issue with these policies, as we have never had the desire or aspiration to acquire territory in the Americas. Though I am myself an Internationalist, I have held that a region, willing that it has the means to enforce them, should be able to make for itself whatever policies it desires. If it wishes to prevent foreign settlement then that is its prerogative. So these motives, though certainly progressive, were not what promoted our involvement. To others this war was a moral conflict in which forces aimed for the eradication of Tahoe in the name of Global Justice. They wanted retribution to be metted out for atrocities committed by Tahoe many years ago by administrations long since past. And though, a nation may chose to fight for whatever cause it deems worthy, and Tahoe very likely did offend many nations in its past, we were not one of them. Tahoe did participate in an attack on our people many decades ago, but the attack itself was repelled and it was simply a part of this chaotic and unstable world we live within. If a nation exists long enough it will likely have fought a war directly or indirectly against every ethnic group or population on planet, so past conflict recent or not is not necessarily a block on a future relationship. As for global values, this has never been a theory which I, or more importantly my grandfather has subscribed to. I reject the absolutists and their attempts to impose their own power upon myself and my people. I will judge for myself what I think is right and wrong, I will carry my own standard, and everyone else can keep their second hand assessments to themselves. Simply put the war resolved our rivalry with Tahoe, and so we see no reason now why an effort to move towards reconciliation and greater friendship is not possible. If other nations still have grievance with Tahoe, then that is their business, but there is no reason for further Pacifican Soldiers, and resources to be committed to a cause which is no longer our own. There is no reason for Pacifica and Tahoe, two nations geographically fairly close and separated by no territorial buffer, to be enemies because various cliques in the high offices of foreign nations believe they have something yet further to gain from undue enmity. And so this announcement is simply that Pacifica is finished. We dirtied our hands, and we see the consequences of that playing out in the North American South West, we now only desire a return to the stability which preceded the war, and the opportunity to once again make jokes about how Europe, rather than North America, is the center of Instability and cut throat competition in the world.

That being said, history can teach us a lesson, the current United States before its previous collapse once fought a civil war in which the Northern states sought to re-unify with the South. The war was fought without external intervention, and ultimately the nation was better for it. But rather than give the North and the South of Tahoe time to work out their problems, by treaty, or by blood, the same courtesy the United States was ultimately given by the world, the United States of today has chosen to take advantage of the South's political predicament in order to meet their own territorial objectives. Though I will not begrudge their tendency to expansionism, I will definitely point out what their behavior represents. Nations of the world, if you look to the United States of today, you will see a nation that has now gained territory twice in the aftermath of the war against Tahoe. In both instances the United States seized for itself a windfall they neither earned nor contributed to. An undue gain which was paid for with the blood, treasure, and lives of those nations who did fight. So rather than make fallacious claim of our opportunism, rather than anger yourselves that we have said enough is enough, and that we will not fight for a cause we have no stake in, why not take notice of the true opportunist of our time: the United States of America.

We are only asking that the sovereignty of Tahoe be respected, a request I have heard many times in the past from many other nations. I do not think it is so much to ask that Tahoe be allowed to settle internal matters without foreign involvement." - Michael Atrevier, Crown Prince of Greater Pacifica

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