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In preparation for his son's baptism Justinian penned a short invitation to send to his guests all over the world. Immediately after he finished writing he had it sent off the Foreign Ministry to be revised, translated, printed and sent to hundreds of potential guests. Slavorussia's ambassadors worldwide would personally deliver the letters to the world's leaders.

[quote]Majesties and Excellencies, esteemed diplomats and ambassadors,

Recently my family was blessed by the birth of my son and heir to the throne. This is, of course a very joyous occasion in our lives, especially when weighed against a number of recent setbacks. One finds that spreading their happiness with others helps to make a grand occasion like this many times better. Therefore on behalf of the Empress and myself, I wish to invite you to Peterhof, our summer home and seaside getaway, to join us at the Tsesarevich’s baptism. The palace staff are busily working and all accommodations are being made for your arrival. We hope that you will join us and share in our good fortunes.


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No delegation could be sent to the baptism. However, the following prayer was sent, with the hopes that it would be read at the ceremony.

"May the One who gives power to kings, and sovereignty to princes; may the One who is the Ruler of rulers... bless and keep, guard and aid, exalt and raise the Czar Justinian, and his wife the royal Czarina Christina, and their heir, the Tsarevich... May God save them from all harm and pain, and may all their enemies fall before them. And may the Merciful One put in the heart of the Czar compassion and good deeds."

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