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[center][img] http://images2.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20100116150028/cybernations/images/thumb/8/8f/IRON.svg/800px-IRON.svg.png[/img][/center]

It is a sad day indeed when friends must part ways. It is never an easy thing to do. It is with deepest remorse that I come to you today on behalf of IRON to announce that the following treaties have been cancelled and all cancellation clauses passed.

The Phoenix Federation
Old Guard
Multicolored Cross-X Alliance
North Atlantic Treaty Organization
United Purple Nations
The Aquatic Brotherhood

We wish all of the above the best of luck. Let us not think of this as ending a friendship, but of starting on a new path. We will never forget what you have done for us. All of you. It is time for IRON to forge her own way. A new way.

Hail to old friends, current friends, and future friends.

Ferro Credimus

[img] http://i69.photobucket.com/albums/i71/zenster80/IRON/2-1.png[/img]

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Sad to see us go by friends.
Stay in touch, I know I will be poking you often ;)

Ferro Credimus

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It is sad to see friends part but sometimes paths go different ways. This couldn't been easy for you I know.

But good luck to all parties.

:wub: IRON :wub:

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[quote name='Kenfolk GTS' date='19 July 2010 - 02:26 AM' timestamp='1279477571' post='2377433']Lines being drawn? or erase? XD[/quote]
More like IRON just put a hole in the MDP web. Without having to go to war to do it, either.

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