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Richard Eden

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A neighboring nation has been hit hard by war and its citizens are deserting into your territories in droves.

Option 1: Allow the immigrants to enter your nation and become part of your workforce. Citizen count +1%, Citizen income -$3.00.
Option 2: Deport the immigrants and close all borders to immigration. Citizen count -1%, Citizen income +$3.00.

No Response: Population happiness -4.

Link to my nation


(Yes basic. Just restarted/had to set up trades)

What's the best option here?

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It's usually option 1. For a small nation like yours, if you don't plan on jumping up to 2000 infra with outside aid, it might be 2 but I haven't looked into it too much. I assume it looks something like if you have more than $300 income per citizen choose option 2, otherwise option 1? I'd need someone to confirm this for me though...

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