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An Announcement from the LOSS Triumvirate

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The job of Minister of Recruitment is a daunting one. It is a position where the work takes place behind the scenes, with little apparent reward for the time given. Because of its nature, the MoRe is often overlooked when it comes to recognition and it can feel like a thankless effort.

However, the effort which Phoebus has put in for LOSS is the very backbone of what keeps LOSS going. Without recruitment, eventually LOSS would consist of 20-30 nations that are inactive and simply collect taxes. When people go inactive or delete, it is by recruiting new members that the alliance goes on, or even grows.

While some of us may not remember who recruited us, that person is significant, as they began our membership with LOSS, from the initial PM to the masking on these very forums. For me, it was CDavo, a player no longer in CN. For dozens of current members however, Phoebus was the person who brought them into the LOSS Family.

Here is what Legion X and Desert Ratz had to say about Phoebus:

Legion X:
[quote]The service Phoebus has done in the name of LOSS has been invaluable, last November this alliance was in a downwards spiral losing members by the the dozens. as MoRe he did his job great when we got down to 110 members. Now we're in the 160's and it's in a large part because of Phoebus that we are in the great position that we're in today. Phoebus, thank you for everything![/quote]

Desert Ratz:
Phoebus? Who's that?

The [b]best[/b] member LoSS has.

He turned a dying alliance into a thriving one. An alliance where we had seen our glory days and on the cusp of fading into nonexistence, into an alliance with a bright future and amazing potential. Phoebus I understand where you are coming from and I know this medal is little consolation to what you have done for this alliance, but I must say, you more than anyone, deserve this medal. Thank you.[/quote]

For all of his efforts, whether it was improving recruitment procedures, or usually being the only member masking new sign-ups, it has been decided by a unanimous vote of the Triumvirate (3/3) and the Senate (5/5) that Phoebus is deserving of the Panthera Medal:

[center][b]Panthera Medal/Ribbon[/b]


[quote]The Panthera Medal is awarded to few individuals who have shown great leadership during their service in LOSS, who have helped move the alliance forward, and who have invested much of their time and talents into the alliance. This is the most prestigious award in the alliance.[/quote]

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