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A Conservative Birthday

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[size="5"][b]1 year of Awesome[/b][/size]

It is a monumental day in the life of The Conservative Underground, I am proud to announce our first birthday as a full fledged alliance on cybernations. We have grown since the day we announced our formation, at a tiny 68k strength, a handful of nukes, and two members. Through the course of 365 days we have grown well over 1.8 million ns, surpassed many of our wildest goals, crushed near innumerable milestones and become a thriving alliance with many great allies, many great members, and a bright future. Our honorable governor, and founder CommanderCato started this alliance with nothing but a dream and his friend Unholyprior. But with a ton of determination and experience, it was turned it into a thriving community of like minded, friendly players, with a vast amount of experience in every field, loyal members, and a great many friends outside and in.

o/ TCU
o/ Conservatism

Here's to another year of growth and prosperity.

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[quote name='Iserlohn' date='18 July 2010 - 12:09 AM' timestamp='1279426159' post='2376651']
I refuse to acknowledge this. How do I know you're really one year old? The CN wiki? OWF announcements?

Another reason forums should have 'like' buttons.

Happy birthday, you goddamn conservative morons. :wub:

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TCU, you guys - and Cato in particular - should be proud of all you've accomplished. We're certainly proud of you guys :wub:

Here's to another year of many more successes and much more growth :awesome:

o/ Conservatism
o/ TCU

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Congrats to TCU.

Scarcely believe its been a year.

When I started I did not really know any of you guys but as the months have gone by ive seen that you guys know what you are doing and are great people.

I am proud of you guys and what you have done.

And Cato, where are the 81 recruits in a month?


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