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Black team circle


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Currently I'm in the process of working on a [b]black[/b] team circle with the following bonuses: Affluent population/jewelry/steel. If I can sneak uranium in there, as well, so much the better.

Don't let this list discourage you, though! If you've been having a rotten time finding your lid, show me what you have, and let's see what we can do. Naturally, I work in the realm of the black sphere, but I'm not going to crack the whip on you if you choose not to take advantage of the team bonus. ;) If I have to adjust on the fly, I will. If I have to conjure up more than one circle out of the responses I get, I will. I'll be working as quickly as I can to accommodate folks who have been stagnating for several days due to trade drops. Please do remain as patient as you can with me, though. :ehm:

Water - Zadvark
Wine - Zadvark
Fur - Brizz
Pigs - Brizz
Uranium/Gems - pending response
Gold/Alum - pending response
Silver/Coal - pending response
Fish/Iron - pending response

Now, let's see what we have to work with, here.

Edit: adjusted

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should there be no response from someone with uranium and you're willing to take pigs instead of uranium
than pigs and furs

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