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Sweet Mead, Bold Deeds, and Mixed Blood

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Though the three great winters have not yet begun, the frost still strikes us to the bone. Despite these hardships we have weathered these storms and as the All Father was made stronger through his trials so has Asgaard prospered under their own.

Today I'd like to inform all denizens of the Planet known as Bob that Asgaard stands not only 3 Million Nation Strength strong but also one year wiser.

Through our time as an alliance we have grown by leaps and bounds together, we have been tested on the field of battle and we have been tested as a community of friends.

The realms of the Asgaard are vast encompassing many, But as Yggdrasil has more than one branch, Asgaard has not remained isolated with it's doors closed and it's eyes cast inward. Many new brothers and sisters from lands far abroad have feasted with us, and shared in our shield walls. The Asgaard have traversed the many fjords and plains of this world and have aligned ourselves with the Women of the Mighty River(AzN), The Elite Spearmen of the Southern Isles(Sparta), the Confederate Imperials of the Shadow(TSCE), The Knights of the Holy City(TTK), The Martial Artisans who Enjoy Throwing Rubber Balls at Hoops(BN),The Knights of the Darkened Flower(OBR), The Wolves of the Northern Stepp(Wolfpack), the Northern Tribes of the New World(NAC), The Reborn Republicans of America (AR2.0), The Dark People of NOIR, and those who are known only by the goathorns (\m/) and many others.

While our existence has been relatively unknown to much of the community at large, for the first time since declaring our birth unto Bob we'd like to open up for questions. [u]If you have questions for Asgaard please do not refrain from asking us anything.[/u]

Our Government as of today, 7/17

Lonewolfe2015, Tyr of Asgaard
Gambona, Loki of Asgaard
Mustakrakish II, Magni of Asgaard

Commander Thrawn, Vanir
Nickmagus, Vanir
Thaisport, Vanir
Constantine94, Vanir

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