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United Black States


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Official Announcement from the United Black States

I am here today to announce the United Black States has come into existence. We are a new black team based alliance made of former TCF, RIA, MCXA, and CuC. The UBS is looking to make a peaceful impression on the black team and only help continue growth of the black sphere. Since the disbandment of the TCF many of us have felt a void grow in our hearts. This void continued to grow till most of us couldn’t take it any longer. With that the formation of the UBS stated. We gained back most of the old TCF government and merged with the Coalition of United Countries (So of which are still moving over to the UBS AA). Former TCF government include Thewsamity(King), Jkush(Prince), and Crazyisraelie(Minister of Foreign Affairs). Notable Coalition of United Countries include The_Faith(Senator), TiTan(Minister of Defense), and DNMC(Minister of Internal Affairs). These members will help make the United Black States a great alliance and hopefully a loved alliance by all.

With that out of the way I would like to announce our Charter!


We, the Nations of United Black States Hereby united in order to bring peace, stability, and community. We the people agree to keep our alliance first over anything else and not join any other alliance. As members of United Black States, we agree to follow the rules and regulations stated in this charter.

Article I: Admission

1. Nation name:

2. Ruler name:

3. All formerly held alliance memberships, if any:

4. All current wars involving the applying nation, if any:

Must answer any questions asked by a officer or higher.

Besides these basic questions any questions can be added or subtracted to the admission with the Kings permission.

Article II: Structure

Section A:

General Assembly

1) All members accepted into the United Black States are member of the General Assembly.

2) Any member of the General Assembly may request a amendment on the charter. Each member of the General Assembly will then get one vote and after 72 hours there must be a 76% vote of “yes†to pass the amendment.

3) In the case of a wrong doing , any member of the General Assembly may ask for the expulsion of a member. In this case each member gets one vote and after 48 hours there must be a 76% vote of “yes†to pass the amendment. The member can be immediately forced out of the alliance if the King sees him as a imminent threat.

Section B:


1) Kings Guard

The Kings Guard is the officer class of the United Black States. A Kings Guard must be a member of the General Assembly. To become part of the Kings Guard you must be appointed by a minister, once appointed you shall due your duty to the minister who had assigned you the position. In being part of the Kings Guard you hold rank over those in your department. Those in the King Guard are the primary masters of those apprenticing in their department.

2) Executives

Executives are appointed by ministers to help look over a large area of organization in order to help break down a large department. Executives while they may rule over a cretin area are still under the Minister who assigned him. All Executives must have approval by either the King or Prince. An executive must be a member of the General assembly.

Section C:


1) Minister of Defense

The Minister of Defenses overlaying job is to overlook and direct the military of United Black States. The Minister of Defense will appoint all Kings Guard who he deem necessary to ensure the betterment of the military wing of United Black States. The Minister of defense will be appointed by the King. The Minister of Defense may if necessary appoint Executives.

2) Minister of Internal Affairs

The Minister of Internal Affairs is responsible for making sure everything runs smoothly and effectively between all internal programs. The minister, his executives and his “Kings Guard†are responsible for coordinating all recruitment, education, and financial efforts within the alliance. The Minister must appoint an executive for finance and education. The Minister of Internal Affairs will also be in charge of keeping track of all alliance records and the statistics involved. The Minister of Interior Affairs may appoint Executives. The Minister of Internal Affairs will be appointed by the King.

3) Minister of Foreign Affairs

The Minister of Foreign Affairs will be tasked with the job of overlooking the day to day affairs between United Black States and all other alliances. The Minister of Foreign Affairs must assign diplomats to go to other alliances, he must also organize the embassies inside the alliance. The Minister of Foreign Affairs may assign King Guard as well as Executives. The Minister of Foreign Affairs is appointed by the King.

Section E


1) The Senate will be the main voting body of United Black States. The Senate will pass laws, bills, as well as treaties. For them to pass they will need a ½ +1 vote. The Senate is not concerned with the routine activities of the Commonwealth, but instead passes appropriate measures to be carried out by the Executive Administration. The Senate will start at 3 members. For every 100 members an extra senator will be approved next election, this shall be capped at 10. No member can be a Minister and a member of the senate. The Prince is the leader of the Senate. The General assembly will vote for the senate.

Section F

Regal Staff

1) Prince

The Prince is the Kings right hand man and in the case of his resignation, the prince shall take over. The Prince will lead over the senate. The Prince is appointed by the King. He may conduct in diplomatic and other official business with other alliances. If it is an emergency the Prince may call orders while the King is not there.

2) King

The King is the permanent leader of the alliance. He maintains veto powers over the senate and appoints the Ministers. All executives must be approved by him before they are passed. The King serves for life or until resignation. The King shall appoint a new King if he resigns. The King has emergency powers to eject any person he/she deems is a threat to alliance security. Should this be disputed by any member it must go back to Article II, Section A, (3), where the general assembly shall vote.

Please stop by our channel of the coldfront server! #UBS

Current UBS Government:

Thewsamity, King

Jkush, Prince

Crazyisraelie, Minister of Foreign Affairs

TiTan, Minister of Defense

DNMC, Minister of Internal Affairs

The_Faith, Senator

Edited by Jkush
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