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One Fine Publication: International Edition #5

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[center][size=5]Tech Raiders[/size][/center]

We at OFP are disgusted by a social phenomenon rampaging through Planet Bob. This is a social disease, a blight on our culture and a disgrace to all of Bob's citizens. It is the bullying and victimising on a minority group in our society. And it has gone on too long.

It is, of course, the constant harassment of tech raiders. This is a bizarre example of bullying inherent in the Planet Bob political scene. These nations and alliances are here for the greater good. They entertain us, create drama and stop the war screens from stagnating. And yet are they given an ounce of thanks? Never. In fact, instead of being supported and praised, they are publicly slandered, joked about and, in extreme instances, rolled. OFP is highlighting this issue for planet Bob's concerned citizens so that we can turn around this torrent of abuse our societies most venerable individuals and instead accept them and assimilate them in with open arms.

OFP interviewed The Society for the Support of Tech Raiders spokesman ReyTheGreat to get their perspective on the bullying of our raiders.

[i]OFP: Do you think that Tech Raiders are undervalued for the drama they provide planet bob?[/i]
ReytheGreat: Definitely. The drama and fun factor that raiding has potential for is way more than just "bullying around some new nation." Most raiders actually aren't that bad and only do Ground Attacks, which is nothing compared to wars that have been kicked off by certain people who are "anti-raiding." Wars that were started for less reason, at that.

[i]OFP: So you would say that raiding wars are a more humane sort of warfare than 'non-raiders' tend to wage?[/i]
ReytheGreat: I would say that yes. It also fends off the "we want war" effect as you're getting casualties almost daily.

[i]OFP: What do you think has caused the bullying and and victimisation of society's tech raiders? [/i]
ReytheGreat: I think the decline in the amount of nations has caused those that wish to have tons of members and such to look for a scapegoat, and since NPO and SuperGrievances can't be at fault anymore they blame one of the most prominent causes of war on new nations

[i]OFP: So you would propose that the people who criticise the raiders are really the ones at fault. They have their own issues and are giving the tech raiders grief because of it? Is it an external representation of their own feelings of inadequacy?[/i]
ReytheGreat: Well, it's not necessarily their fault, but raiders are generally pretty nice to their raids and try not to drive people off. It's not so much as the other alliances' inadequacies (as every body has them) as it is a will to see the game thrive, which obviously isn't happening.
OFP: Okay Rey, thank you for your time[/i]
ReytheGreat: You're welcome

We at OFP hope that Bobians can leave their prejudices at the door and welcome tech raiders into their hearts. In our world of institutionalised intolerance and hypocrisy, we should at least be able to recognise the achievements of tech raiders the world over for being the ones that supply us with the drama that feeds us all. We proclaim the 17th of May to be 'hug a tech raider' day in honour of their fine achievements over the years.

[center][size=5]SG: ruining the world, one joke at a time[/size][/center]

Vietfan, Viridicide, the Woodstock massacre, GATO-1V, the Dove War, WotC. What feelings do these terms invoke? Hate? Cruelty? Callousness? The exploits of the fallen hegemony are raw subjects for many of Planet Bob's citizens. The way in which the hegemony inhumanely plotted and schemed to wage war and, ultimately, destroy the homes of thousands of Bob's citizens is legendary. But although Karma promised to end this, to make the world a better place for all of us, it has failed. A new hegemony has risen to replace the older one. And it is finding new ways to destroy Admin's creation.

Yes, not content with watching Athens have all the 'fun,' GOD and )): GOONS )): have gone further than the hegemony ever has. They made a joke.

And what a joke it was. The plotters were, of course, Xiphosis and BabyJesus. How two such people have been allowed to rule CN is beyond OFP's comprehension. However, in this 'new world order' that we must learn to live with their kind are going to become even more prominent in the future. For those who missed out on the fun, They-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named decide to maliciously play a joke on Valhalla. To get them on a DEFCON 1 alert. [i]Heathens[/i]. But the joke went too far. Valhalla's brave warriors entered into Peace Mode, removing up to 100 million (!) in potential back collection profits from Valhalla. [i]The inhumanity[/i].

[center][i]The [b]real[/b] face of the new hegemony [/i][/center]

Is this the world we live in? Where jokes are to be performed on alliances? How [i]dare[/i] you, SuperGrievances. Rolling alliances is one thing, ruining their back collection is something entirely different! There is a line in the sand, and you just !@#$@#$ crossed it.

To make things worse, OFP feels the need to point out to you, our loyal readers, that it wasn't even very funny. What happens when SuperGrievances starts to perform [i]funny[/i] jokes, we ask? Where is their common decency? Their humility?

OFP, for one, hopes we can find someone to enforce some community standards!

[center][size=5]The ODN spills its secrets[/size][/center]

[b]UPN Exchange[/b]
After a wildly successful cultural exchange with out =LOST= allies, the ODN recently opened its doors to another exchange with our close allies in UPN. We welcome UPN, and hope they enjoy their time on our forums.


[b]Banning Potato[/b]
Potato blessed us by a visit to our embassy! After replying to half the !@#$@#$ !@#$ topics there that have been made since last September, he promptly made another poll. This, of course, gave the ODN another lovely chance to ban potato. Many hails were given, and Archon patted us on the head and we rolled over like a good lapdog.

And yeah, that's about it. Bit boring really. OFP will be sure to include more exciting ODN internal news some other time!

[center][size=5]Club review: SuperGrievances[/size][/center]

The [url="http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?showtopic=89073"]recent announcement and Q&A[/url] from SuperGrievances lead instigator, Londo revealed more than they were bargaining for. More than just a Q&A it was the first official announcement from the shadowy nightclub.


Long suspected by many of existing (with a not-so-secret agenda to rule Cyber Nations social scene with an iron fist), its existence was made apparent yesterday when the secret spilled out. OFP was actually researching an investigative article on the venue for a previous exposé on hygiene standards. However, the article was stopped before it could even start. OFP was stonewalled at every turn. Cries of "SuperGrievances doesn't exist" followed us wherever we went. Undeterred (the endless optimism of the OWF's heroes keeping us going), OFP's best lead was when we tried to apply for a place outside the club, chatting to the bouncer. It turns out that anyone who spends too much time on the OWF and disagrees with Haflinger is able to become a regular of SuperGrievances! However, the initial entry requirements are steep, as the bouncer, Van Hoo III tells us:

[i]"Seriously, new members are only chosen a few times a year, and the minimum requirements for applying are very steep. Even so, hundreds apply, but only a few are selected. If you seriously want to be a member, you'll need to be an active, contributing OWF hero since Karma to even be considered. Pestering the current members to become a part of SuperGrievances[sup]TM[/sup] essentially guarantees that you won't be selected."[/i]


Some are hoping that the Q&A represents a less stringent entry requirement for the future. Tired of being left outside in the rain, many are hoping they can get inside the exclusive SuperGrievances establishment.

Apparently there are some actual girls in there too!

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[quote name='OsRavan' date='17 July 2010 - 02:07 PM' timestamp='1279328850' post='2375277']
Enjoyed the tech raiders article especially.[/quote]
Only because you couldn't be bothered reading the rest :v:

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[quote name='Banksy' date='16 July 2010 - 08:48 PM' timestamp='1279327707' post='2375260']
[i]"Seriously, new members are only chosen a few times a year, and the minimum requirements for applying are very steep. Even so, hundreds apply, but only a few are selected. If you seriously want to be a member, you'll need to be an active, contributing OWF hero since Karma to even be considered. Pestering the current members to become a part of SuperGrievances[sup]TM[/sup] essentially guarantees that you won't be selected."[/i]

Bad token.

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[quote name='Chief Savage Man' date='17 July 2010 - 02:26 PM' timestamp='1279329985' post='2375304']
Why would you make Rey believe he's worth something by doing something like this? The best rey is a dejected self-loathing rey. Now I have to deal with a self-confident rey. Thanks a lot, OFP.
All tech raiders deserve their moment in the sun. Just because the non-tech raiding community has continued to bash raiders and lowered their self esteems doesn't mean this is the way it's meant to be. This is just an example of tall poppy syndrome amongst tech raiders. You should be supporting each other to get over this constant victimisation you all have to suffer as a collective.

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[quote name='SirWilliam' date='17 July 2010 - 05:53 PM' timestamp='1279342390' post='2375503']
One fine publication even.

Although it's lacking in the SirWilliam category...
Since freeing ourselves from MK's tyrannical editors and content overseeing team we at OFP no longer feel pressured to included SirWilliam.

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