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Notice of Disbandment

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The Smurf Village is down to next to no activity even amongst our gov. So, it hurts deeply to say good bye to the alliance that I had such plans for, but two people can't be an entire alliance. Anyway as of today, The Smurf Village AA is officially non-existent.

However, anyone who stays on our AA is protected by Peace and Love Train for the next 30 days.

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Guest Mike Oldfield

Reality has a way of hitting one like a mack truck. It was 2 of us bearing the weight of the whole AA, Now we simply don't have the time we used to.
This is a sad day indeed...
Britishdude, you were awesome to work with and I wish you the best wherever your journey takes you bro.

One last time,
o/ TSV we gave it hell.

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