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Blue Heaven Prime Minster Elections


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[size=3]The Lowdown:[/size]


[size="3"]Traditionalists are mainly conservative politicians who favor a laissez faire type approach to the economy and is currently pining for the military to stop making its own weapons in favor of having defense contractors make them. Traditionalists also want to increase military spending and lower taxes, yet there are [i]quite[/i][/size] [size="3"]strict about borrowing money from other nations or even domestic banks and work to keep the government as debt-free as possible. Your average Traditionalist has a college education, is reared in rich and upper class families and usually has gone to the most prestigious private schools in the nation.[/size]

[u][size="3"]Utopian Progressives[/size][/u]

[size="3"]As there name says, the Utopian Progressives want to make progress. They favor economic regulation, but not to the point where it can be considered socialist or communist. They want to decrease military spending and also begin diplomatic talks with major players in both North and South America. It may seem like they don't care about the protection of Blue Heaven, but are quite sure that Blue Heaven could go with only a National Guard due to its membership in the Confederation of Arctic Nations (CAN), it's Mutual Defense Pact, the Treaty of Beaumont, with the Commonwealth of Texas.[/size]

[size="3"][u]New Wave[/u][/size]

[size="3"]The New Wave party may just be the strangest political part of all in Blue Heaven. They advocate a one-party political system, beginning relations with [url="http://cybernations.wikia.com/wiki/Tahoe"]Tahoe[/url], and furthering relations with CAN member states. The New Wave politicians have been met with skepticism and criticism all over Blue Heaven, though, strangely enough, they hold several seats in Parliament.[/size]

[size="3"][u]Benevolent Dictatorship[/u][/size][size="3"]
This is another strange political party in Blue Heaven. They advocate a dictatorship where the dictator has [i]limited[/i] powers. Also they'd like to have Blue Heaven go isolationist and lower military spending. The Benevolents find themselves constantly at odds with the Traditionalists and the Militarists. They have several seats in Parliament and are currently thinking of trying to touch base with the Progressives.

As of immediately, the floor is open to all for questions. Please nothing ridiculous or too sensational.


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[quote name='Likish' date='16 July 2010 - 06:21 PM' timestamp='1279318879' post='2375056']
A Hakaarian Reporter stood up.

"Hello. I have some questions for you. What do you think about the GLP war and how are you sure they will remain peaceful and not strike your homeland again?"

Lila Nevak first spoke. "I feel that the GLP war was entirely justified and went well. However, we are not sure that they will remain peaceful, thus I ordered for a large garrison to be built on GLP soil to serve as an early warning system."

Next it was George Luna's turn to speak. "Well, I think that the GLP war went quite poorly. Lila Nevak never called on [i]any[/i] of our allies or friends even though they offered assistance, which I think was entirely foolish."

"I agree," said Roger Kinsman. "It was quite foolish of Nevak to not accept aid from our allies when offered it. This clearly shows that she is an incompetent leader."

"The GLP war," started Lisa Nekan, "was entirely justified, but we need to make sure that the GLP never strikes us again, which is why I voted against the proposed peace treaty because it wasn't strong enough."

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