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United States of China - Republic of York ODAP


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Diplomatic Dispatch from the United States of China:

Due to our successful cooperation in the liberation of West Burma, the China has achieved a high level of diplomatic cooperation with the Republic of York. We are proud to announce the following treaty:

[center][u][b]China-York Optional Defense and Aggression Pact[/b][/u][/center]

[b]Article I. Non Aggression[/b]

Neither nation shall take hostile action against one another.

[b]Article II. Intelligence[/b]

Neither nation shall engage in espionage or covert action against one another and shall alert the other of intelligence uncovered which is harmful to the other nation.

[b]Article III. Military Assistance and Aid[/b]

The two nations are encouraged to provide aid or military assistance to the other nation if the other nation is in a military conflict.

[b]Article IV. Trade[/b]

Both countries shall lower tariffs and work to increase commerce between one another.

[b]Article V. Cancellation[/b]

This pact may be cancelled with 72 hours notice.

[b]Signed for China[/b]:

Jia, President of the State and Chairman of the Central Planning Commission

[b]Signed for York[/b]:

Sir Michael Harland

Arthur Sinclair Jr.
Vice President

Ronald Kramer
1st Senate of the the Republic[/quote]

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