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An Operation


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[b]Porto Pacis, J Andres,[/b]

“[i]What are they doing?[/i]”

“[i]I have no idea.[/i]”

Two figures were standing on one of the dockyards, in the City of Porto Pacis, formerly known as Portsmouth, New Hampshire. They were watching the renovation of an old Navy ship - an obsolete [i]Ticonderoga[/i]-class Cruiser that had been built by the first United States in the early 1980s. They didn’t know what was more interesting, the fact that the ship had no flags (but however, the officers saw a box filled with flags of the Eggman Empire being carried by a crewmember) or the fact that the workers were trying so hard to make the ship resemble that of…another country. They didn’t know which country, but they had this feeling that it may be the Eggman Empire.

It was an amusing sight for these two figures - Navy officers - who chuckled and shook their heads. They knew that J Andres was up to something. They didn’t know exactly what it was, as the federal government was notoriously tightlipped about this, but they were going to find out when it had begun.

At around the same time, two torpedo boats in the City of Rossingol, Maritime Colony (formerly Warwick, Rhode Island), were commissioned for service. The captain and crew of these boats received detailed orders from the Ministry of the Navy of what they were to do, but no explanations of why they were doing so. Once again, the torpedo boats had no flags as the Anchor flags were removed.

Unless they had spies in J Andres or could read minds, the outside world would not know exactly what was going on. If there was even any spies in Porto Pacis, all they could see is that an old ship was going renovated. It was nothing new; in J Andres, old ships were renovated before being hauled off to somewhere to be converted into a museum. Any spies in Rossingol would see nothing going on particularly as the torpedo boats remained moored to the dockyards (however, they would see slightly increased flurry of activity inside or around these boats, but nothing that was new).

With breathtaking speed, renovation of the old cruiser was completed in weeks, its ensign number brushed over and replaced by a completely new number (but not before being scratched over as to make its quality match the rest of the ship), and outfitted with a powerful J Andrean Tomahawk anti-ship missile. It, however, still had no flags.

It was now ready. For what, it was unknown to all but the few who had received classified orders from the Ministry of the Navy.


In Fort Farnum, located right on the fringes of the J Andrean capital, a group of military officials were grouped around a large table, headed by Minister Joel Brunel himself. A large HDTV screen overlooked the entire room, usually displaying the entire planet. However, it was now zoomed over a specific region - the Eggman Empire, occupying the lands that was once known as Greenland.

“[i]So, the plan is all finalized, then?[/i]” Brunel surmised as he scanned around the table. Several figures nodded their heads.

“[i]Yes, sir. It had been finalized. We had worked the details out and analyzed all of the factors that will be involved in this particular operation.[/i]” Navy Minister Chester Nimitz replied. “[i]In fact, I have already contacted a shipyard - the Porto Pacis Manufacturing Shipyard - to revitalize an old Navy destroyer to make it resemble, or at least try to, that of another country, the Eggman Empire.[/i]”

Brunel smiled. “[i]Excellent.[/i]” He turned to Dwight Eisenhower, Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces. “[i]Run down the initial plan.[/i]” Eisenhower nodded and stood up.

“[i]Men, the plan is this: we send two ships to the Atlantic Ocean, preferably near the Eggman Empire. The ships are to be sent at specific intervals as to avoid arousing suspicion. One ship will be the old Cruiser, of course, another will be the ship of the J Andrean Navy.[/i]” There was then a pause as Eisenhower glanced around the table.

“[i]The revitalized Cruiser will be sent over toward the Eggman Empire. Once it reaches a certain point several miles off the coast of the Eggman Empire, outside its territorial waters and EEZ. On the way, it is to put up the Eggman Empire flags; upon reaching the point, the ship will make a ’journey’ along a decided route over the Atlantic before making a turnaround. This is to give some time for the next stage of the plan to take effect. Once the Cruiser have passed by Newfoundland, the two torpedo ships are to follow it along similar routes. All three ships are armed with anti-ship missiles powerful enough to penetrate even our ships’ hulls.

Next, we send a few ships of our own on an “training exercise”. They will be mainly cruisers and frigates, and are to sail toward the Eggman Empire and are supposedly to make their way toward Europe as to conduct their exercises on the open ocean. But on the way, they will be attacked by the ‘Eggman ships’; our ships, of course, will ‘fight back’ but will get damaged in the process. Heck, it would be good if at least one of them was sunk, but I doubt it would happen, given the extreme disparity of technology between J Andres and the Eggman Empire. But then, one can try.[/i]”

“[i]And that will not be all.[/i]” A voice interjected before Brunel or anyone could say anything. All heads turned to Roger Ahmadinejad, Direktor and Party leader, who smiled before continuing on. “[i]A foreign attack on our ships will not be simply enough to provide a plausible reason for a casus belli, much less a declaration of war. You see, we have contacted our Ambassador in the J Andrean Embassy in the Eggman Empire and he agreed to the plan.

The plan is, gentlemen, we stage an ‘assassination attempt’ on the Ambassador on the grounds of the J Andrean Embassy. We will use one of our own to play the role of assassin (or assailant, if one must use the term). The ‘assassin’ will come from the Ambassador’s own staff; he will be the less-known official as he spends most of his time at the Embassy and rarely ventures outside. He will don civilian clothes and go out on the street outside, where he will ‘infiltrate’ back on the Embassy grounds and take up a hiding place somewhere near the doors. Meanwhile, the Ambassador will go out on official business, but while he is walking across the grounds toward the gate…well, that’s when the real fun begins.[/i]” Ahmadinejad grinned.

“[i]That’s when the ‘assassin’ plays his role. He will shoot at the Ambassador, using a concealed gun and real bullets, of course. He will shout something like, 'Down with J Andres!' or 'Take that, J Andres!' or something provocative. But do not fret, for the Ambassador will wear a Kevlar vest that will insulate him from the bullets. To summarize, fake assassin shoots Ambassador, Ambassador falls down, we make a big deal out of it. Coupled with the naval attack against our ships by the fake Eggman ships, this gives us a valid casus belli against the Eggman Empire.[/i]”

The room was silent as everyone digested Ahmadinejad’s words. Many military officials knew Ahmadinejad was insane, but they also knew he was brilliant and clever at times. After all, Ahmadinejad was once a brilliant military general who won decisive battles for the J Andrean Army back in the 1980s. There were some murmurs and mutterings, some in agreement, some disagreeing.

But the most important aspect was that Brunel was won over by the plan. “[i]I like it![/i]” The War Minister smiled. “[i]Operation…..uh, anyone got any idea of the name?[/i]”

“[i]Bethesda. He would be honored by that.[/i]” Ahmadinejad grinned mischievously, imagining the reactions of the Foreign Minister. Brunel and several officials raised their eyebrows.

“[i]Uh, ok, as I said…Operation BETHESDA will be launched. Let us hope for its success. We will discuss military operations shortly after. You are all dismissed.[/i]”

With that, the officials stood up from their seats and left the room, leaving only Brunel, Eisenhower, and Ahmadinejad. Eisenhower went on to discuss some more aspects with Brunel.

In Porto Pacis, the revitalized Cruiser, dubbed by some as the Ace, sailed away from port and headed toward the wider Atlantic Ocean. The two torpedo boats stationed in Rossingol awaited new orders.

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[b]In the Atlantic Ocean…[/b]

Several hours had passed since the cruiser, known as Ace, had sailed out of the safety of Porto Pacis, passed through a nearby opening in the seawall, and were now cruising through the open ocean, heading in the direction of the Eggman Empire.

While it was passing by Newfoundland, the ship - taking extra care not to violate Atlantis waters - put up the Eggman Empire flags; the Ace, as far as the outside world was concerned, was now a Eggman ship and her flags would show it.

But, oh boy, was she ever far from being a legitimate ship of the Eggman Empire and its armed forces. She was going to be the bait that lured the Eggman mouse into the jaws of the J Andrean cat. And the cat was really looking forward to this.

As the Ace was half-way to the Eggman Empire, and were now traversing through the Atlantic icebergs with the aid of satellites, the captains of the two torpedo boats received the orders that they had been waiting for: they were now to move out into the Atlantic Ocean and head for the Eggman Empire, taking a somewhat similar route. But where the Ace was to swing right toward Europe, the torpedo boats were to head slightly left, toward the city of Nuuk. As with the Ace, the boats were to avoid traversing into Eggman waters or EEZ.

So the two ships sailed out of Rossingol and were now on their way, sailing away from J Andres and past Nova Scotia. Turning northwards, the torpedo boats would put up Eggman flags as soon as they had passed by Newfoundland. They followed the route of the Ace, sailing toward the Eggman Empire, taking care to navigate the icebergs.

The military planners at Fort Farnum, monitoring the ships’ progress on the large screen, now issued orders - through secure channels - for three ships, two Frigates of the [i]Immaculate[/i]-class and a Cruiser of the [i]Woonsocket[/i]-class, to move out of port. The captains of the JAS FR-05 [i]Retribution[/i] and JAS FR-07 [i]Floating Fortress[/i], and the JAS CS-02 [i]Rossingol[/i], duly did so. Soon, all three ships were moving out of port and were now sailing out into the Atlantic Ocean. They were heading in the direction of the Eggman Empire, tentatively heading toward Europe.

As you can see, the original plan was altered a bit. Instead of one ship of the J Andrean Navy to play the ‘victim of Eggman aggression’, the military planners increased it to three. Instead of two ships going toward the Eggman Empire in the first phase, only one - the Ace - will be sent, to be followed up by the torpedo boats, and finally the three Navy ships. Overall, six ships were involved in Operation BETHESDA.

Finally, the Ministry of War and Defense would formally announce to the world that it will be conducting Navy exercises as to test J Andres's power projection capabilities.

It had now begun…

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In first EE Civil War, Jack Kintober had loaded several cargoships up with chemical toxins and detonated them in Vlask harbor. In the resulting aftermath of the war and subsequent clean up, Sammy Kintober put a new security policy in effect. All shipping, military or civilian, EE or otherwise, was monitored via satellite as soon as they came within a certain distance of Eggman Empire. Certain distance in this case, meant hundreds of miles in any direction. Dozens, if not hundreds of ships were photographed and cataloged before ever even nearing Eggman waters. Such was the case with a few military vessels coming from the direction of J Andres. They were logged into the system for future reference, and ground control, noting the military configuration of the ships, ordered the satellites in the area to keep an eye on them. Then they turned their attention to other things.

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[b]In the Atlantic, outside Eggman waters and EEZ…[/b]

The Ace, after hours, had finally reached her destination. It was a point located just outside the Eggman Empire’s waters and EEZ, but the cruiser didn’t stop there. Instead, it continued on, arching toward German-controlled Iceland before making a turnaround. The Ace went upon this part of her journey as slow as possible as to give the three ships of the Navy (the [i]Retribution[/i], [i]Floating Fortress[/i], and the [i]Rossingol[/i]) time to ‘pass past the Eggman Empire’ as a part of their “[i]training exercise[/i].”

At around the same time, the two torpedo boats reached their destination, just off the coast of the City of Nuuk - right outside Eggman waters and EEZ. Like the Ace, they made a turnaround, skirting the Eggman waters and EEZ, and began heading toward the open Atlantic Ocean.

As the Ace and the two torpedo boats were ‘converging’ toward the Atlantic Ocean, the two 'unsuspecting' ships of the J Andrean Navy were sailing toward the Eggman Empire. The [i]Rossingol[/i] led the ’group’; the [i]Retribution[/i] and [i]Floating Fortress[/i] trailed along.

Finally, after some time, the crew of all three ships could see something just off the distance. They knew it was the fake Eggman ships that were supposed to attack them, as a part of Operation BETHESDA. Similarly, the crew of the two torpedo boats and the Ace knew the same thing. As soon as the Navy ships sailed into range, the captains of the Ace and the torpedo boats received an order from the Ministry of the Navy through an extremely secure channel:

“[i]You may fire when you’re ready.[/i]”

And so, they did.

The torpedo boats unleashed several torpedoes at the Navy ships. The torpedoes cruised at full speed ahead toward the [i]Rossingol[/i] and the [i]Retribution[/i]. In response, the crew of all three ships sent ‘frantic transmissions’ to the Ministry of War and Defense stating that they were under fire from ships that appeared to be from the Eggman Empire. But no sooner had they begun typing up the transmissions did one of the torpedoes impact the [i]Rossingol[/i] --


The waters around the [i]Rossingol[/i] churned as the torpedo tore through the ship’s hull, creating an explosion that made a gaping hole on her hull. The ship itself swayed violently under the forces of the explosion. The [i]Retribution[/i] also rocked back and forth as another torpedo passed right by her, narrowly missing her.

Everything occurred at roughly at the same time: as the torpedo ships fired their torpedoes at the [i]Rossingol[/i] and the [i]Retribution[/i], the Ace then did her part, firing off her missiles at the [i]Floating Fortress[/i]. The latter, who had begun to undertake ‘evasive measures’ in an attempt to evade the fake Eggman naval assault, was barely hit by the Ace’s first missile, but was hit by her second missile. The ship violently rocked from the sheer force of the explosion.

Both the [i]Floating Fortress[/i] and the [i]Rossingol[/i] was now damaged. But even so, these two ships and the Retribution began 'firing back' at the Eggman ships in an attempt to throw them off. They did so by firing missiles. The missiles barely missed the Ace, but completely missed the two torpedo ships which then sped off in the apparent direction of the Eggman Empire.

Her task complete, the Ace began to sail away, continuing to fire her guns at the now-stranded Navy ships. The cruiser began to sail toward the Eggman Empire, but was careful not to cross into Eggman waters. Meanwhile, the damaged Navy ships sending out ‘urgent transmissions’ for the Navy to tow them back to J Andres. The Navy did so, sending out several towboats, in addition to a couple of Navy ships (two Destroyers) as an escort, to the scene.

[b]In J Andres…[/b]

News of the ‘Eggman’ attacks on J Andrean ships during their training exercises would circulate around J Andres and the world. The Anchor Times, in particular, broadcast the news of the “dastard attacks” on its pages, sporting the words, “[b]J ANDRES ATTACKED BY THE EGGMAN EMPIRE![/b]” as its headlines. News channels and political commentators did basically the same. They all but condemned the Eggman Empire for aggressively attacking peace-loving J Andres out of the blue.

The news of the attack was greeted with shock, disbelief, and outrage by the majority of the J Andrean population. All over the nation, from Mercton all the way to Endor Cuidad, groups of protestors demanded that J Andres “[i]do something about this[/i]”, one protestor in fact declaring that the Eggman Empire “[i]shall not get away with this.[/i]” The Eggman Embassy in Endor Cuidad was besieged by crowds of enraged J Andrean citizens chanting “[i]Down with the Eggman Empire![/i]”, “[i]Beat the Eggmans down![/i]”, and “[i]You attacked us, we shall bury you![/i]”

In the secrecy of Fort Farnum, the military planners grinned triumphantly. Their naval plan was a “[i]smashing success[/i]”, as Eisenhower told Brunel in their second meeting in the Briefing Room. The public reaction to the ‘Eggman attacks’ was much more than he expected, the Supreme Commander admitted, “[i]but it was certainly the degree of public support that we would use to get Operation BETHESDA going.[/i]” Ahmadinejad went to state that the second phase of the naval operation was now beginning, one that will - to put it - be the final straw that broke the camel’s back: the assassination attempt of the J Andrean Ambassador in the Eggman Empire’s capital.

And so it began.

[b]In the J Andrean Embassy in the Eggman Empire’s capital…[/b]

The Ambassador smiled as the news of the ‘Eggman attack’ on J Andres’s ships reached his desk in the J Andrean Embassy. The plan was going as perfectly as planned, and it was now his turn to play his role in the overall act that was to push J Andres into war against the Eggman Empire. He was already wearing a Kevlar armor under his suit. Earlier, a staff member from the Ambassador’s diplomatic corps was dressed up in the typical Eggman clothes, given a loaded gun (which he then concealed in his clothes), and let out of the Embassy. The ’assassin’ walked out through the Embassy gates, and strolled through the streets, heading toward the back of the Embassy. Taking a discreet look over his shoulders, the man acted fast to climb up the Embassy’s gates. Upon reaching the gates on the other side, the man scurried across the Embassy’s grounds, taking out his concealed weapon along the way.

Watching out the window in the second floor, a J Andrean security agent radioed his superiors that the ’assassin’ had successfully ’infiltrated’ into the Embassy and was now in position. A short time later, the Ambassador was notified. Smiling, the Ambassador nodded and got up.

“[i]It’s time.[/i]” He said simply. The Embassy personnel and security detail was notified that the Ambassador was going to “[i]urgent business[/i]” with the Eggman government, that he was going to meet with the government to “[i]discuss a resolution to the crisis in relations with J Andres.[/i]” A while later, the Ambassador was all dressed up, in his overcoats and hats to protect himself from the cold, and he was now walking through the Embassy’s doors toward the open gate, staffed by a couple of Embassy guards.

That was when the ‘assassin’ struck. Leaping out of his position, screaming “[i]THIS IS FOR J ANDRES, FROM THE EGGMAN EMPIRE![/i]”, the man aimed his weapon, a Desert Eagle, at the Ambassador and shot the Ambassador a few times. As the Embassy guards scrambled to subdue the ‘assassin’, the Ambassador crumpled down to the ground, groaning in apparent pain. The guards returned fire - with rubber bullets - and easily subdued the man while the ‘wounded’ Ambassador was quickly brought back into the Embassy for treatment. The guards dragged the thrashing man into the Embassy where, once safely inside, they congratulated him on a “[i]job well done.[/i]” A grinning Ambassador shook hands with his ‘assassin’, stating that “[i]it was a impeccable performance[/i].”

[b]In J Andres…[/b]

Hours after the news of the ‘Eggman attack’ against the J Andrean Navy ships, the population was shocked once again by the news of the assassination attempt on the J Andrean Ambassador in the Eggman Empire. If J Andreans were livid at the first news, they were now besides themselves with rage at the news of this ‘cowardly’ attack against the Ambassador, on sovereign J Andrean soil! In major cities and towns across the nation, protests increased in size, intensity, and scope as protestors held out large signs and made chants like “[i]Do something, J Andres![/i]” and “[i]Invade the Eggman Empire![/i]” and similar statements like that.

In the Commune, the general mood was divided. On one side Nationalist, Social Traditionalist, and some Anchor Party members were calling for military “punitive actions” against the Eggman Empire to “[i]teach them not to mess with J Andres.[/i]” However, the majority of the Anchor Party and the Communist party advocated a restrained response, opting for a diplomatic option that would open the way for peaceful negotiations. However, they increasingly became a minority as Nationalist, Social Traditionalist, and even a growing number of Anchor party members mocked and denigrated them for their timidity and even cowardice, criticizing them for their “[i]lack of will…to defend J Andres and its interests everywhere in the world.[/i]” If the Eggman Empire attacked J Andres and J Andres did nothing, or even reacted in a mild way, Direktor and Nationalist Party leader Roger Ahmadinejad stated in a press statement in Endor Cuidad, “[i]then it will portray J Andres in a weak light and further compromise J Andrean stability and even sovereignty….For it will encourage our enemies to strike us when we are down.[/i]”

As protests continued and intensified, Fort Farnum subtly placed J Andres on DEFCON 2 as the nation’s armed forces were placed on a state of high alert. In classified locations all across the country, missile silos were put online; airport and port security were elevated to near-draconian levels; all military leaves were cancelled as mobilization orders were issued; all anti-missile and anti-aircraft defenses - as well as RADAR and other relevant defenses mechanisms - were activated; construction of Project OMEGA and its components were suspended; instructions were relayed to all military (Army, Navy, and Air Force) commands to “[i]undertake necessary preparations for Operation BETHESDA[/i]”.

This all was done as much subtly as possible, so the outside world wouldn’t know exactly what was happening, aside from the protests, which would be seen on news channels in the nation and around the world.

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GLP President Mays:

It could have been possible that someone wanted Eggman Empire and you to bash each other to death. Those Eggman Empire's ships could have been fake. And if you call us idiotic, please refer to what happened shortly before USA declared war on us.

Besides, you haven't announced that you had contacted Eggman Empire about this first. Ask, then shoot. Not the other way around.

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[quote name='HHAYD' date='19 July 2010 - 03:53 PM' timestamp='1279583562' post='2379510']
GLP President Mays:

It could have been possible that someone wanted Eggman Empire and you to bash each other to death. Those Eggman Empire's ships could have been fake. And if you call us idiotic, please refer to what happened shortly before USA declared war on us.

Besides, you haven't announced that you had contacted Eggman Empire about this first. Ask, then shoot. Not the other way around.


This message was acknowledged and filed into a special folder of 'Derp Statements' and locked away deep in a vast archive somewhere beneath the Adrik Annan Governmental Center, in a cabinet that said, "NOT TO BE OPENED FOR 500 YEARS."

[b]In J Andres…[/b]

Everything else had occurred at such a speed that nobody really knew exactly what was going on. Days and even weeks of preparations, often secret, had occurred in J Andres being nearly placed on a war footing. The standing Army was more than ready, even though the expansion of the Army - through the transferring of reserve troops from the Reserve Army to the main Army - was taking some time. But even so, hundreds of thousands of troops would be available to partake in Operation BETHESDA. It was estimated at least 150,000 to 200,000 troops would be dispatched to the Eggman Empire, with a possible 50,000 to 100,000 on the way. The Kommissazul were to play a part in this.

Not only was the Army hard at work preparing everything in place, but so was the Navy and the Air Force; the Navy mobilized everything else it had in its disposal and catalogued them. According to the Navy Minister Chester Nimitz in a classified communiqué to Joel Brunel, the Navy now had enough Amphibious Transport Dock (ATD) ships and Expeditionary Fighting Vehicles (EFVs) to transport not only sufficient number of troops but also supplies and equipment (both light and heavy). In turn, the Air Force reported that not only will a large part of the J Andrean Air Force be sent (approximately 45 squadrons and possible more), but also EWACs and AWACs aircrafts will be employed in sufficient numbers to play their part in Operation BETHESDA.

And so in several naval bases across the nation, in cities such as Rossingol to Mercton to Porto Pacis, workers began loading large quantities of supplies and heavy equipment, including but not limited to Abrams and Panther tanks (of which had been configured to function in the cold), IFVs, self-propelled howitzers, etc, into ATD ships. Many components of the Control F Joint Expeditionary Force Combat System, such as the Mounted Combat System, Small Unmanned Air Vehicle Launcher (SUAV), UAVs, along with many others, would be included too. EFVs were also prepared to ferry troops across the sea, each capable of holding up to 20 personnel each (3 crews + 17 troops). Navy ships, from Battleships all the way to cruisers, were being organized into Battleship Strike Groups (BSG) and Carrier Strike Group (CSG, but also known as carrier battle group (CVBG). A total of thirty to forty ships were to be involved, and so were the ATD ships and EFVs. About 2 CSGs and 1 BSG will be formed (totaling 32 ships, with additional battleships, destroyers, or cruisers to fill in the remainder).

In Airbases (AFBs) and hangars all over the nation, approximately forty-five squadrons of fighters, interceptors, and bombers were being mobilized for action. F/A-47 Sino Fighters, F-40 Thunder, and F-50 Banshees fighters and interceptors were to be involved, and the same went for U-8 bombers. This was coupled with the fact that EWAC and AWAC aircrafts were also to be employed in the upcoming operation. It was estimated that approximately 540 aircrafts were to be deployed. Troops and equipment were also being loaded into C-17 Globemaster III and C-130 military transport vehicles for takeoff. At least a hundred of missiles were fully-online and ready to be launched at a moment’s notice. At least an additional fifty missiles were configured to have their warheads removed if needed be.

As precautions, the Commune enacted necessary wartime measures, such as imposing a nighttime curfew and requiring all government and important officials to have their identification cards at all times. This was to minimize civilian casualties as much as possible just in case J Andres was attacked (such as missile attacks, to name a few). All defenses in the country, such as anti-aircraft flak guns (from 75mm to 120mm), and THAAD and Starstreak missile launchers were now activated and fully-manned. RADAR stations were functioning around the clock, keeping a vigilant eye out for anything.

[b]In Endor Cuidad…[/b]

Endor Cuidad was bustling with activity, the norm as usual given its status as J Andres’s capital and thus seat of power. But even so, it was more frenzied than usual, due to something similar to siege mentality forming over all these who worked there. All anti-aircraft and anti-missile defenses arrayed around the J Andrean capital was fully online, but even so Endor Cuidadans felt a sense of urgency, that something had to be done soon.

The Commune had, days before, finished a exhausting debate about what to do with the ‘provocations’ by the Eggman Empire, with the Nationalist and Social Traditionalist side triumphant. Augmented by this unity by the Nationalist and Social Traditionalist parties, and even a large part of the Anchor and Communist parties, the Commune thus voted to issue a declaration of war against the Eggman Empire. But this declaration was kept secret for a while as the Armed Forces under the direction of Fort Farnum made the necessary preparations for Operation BETHESDA. Once all preparations were in place, the declaration would be made publicly. The preparations included the decryption of the Eggman Empire’s communication networks as to enable the J Andreans to read Eggman military communications. And so this was done, as J Andrean intelligence services launched a massive decryption campaign; they sent algorithms in millions of packages through Eggman computer networks. These packages would take control of the secure Eggman communication networks and decrypt data in a way that it would be readable to the J Andreans. The campaign was a success; the Eggman civilian and military communication networks were now decrypted, meaning Eggman communication would be open to the J Andrean intelligence networks working closely in cooperation with Fort Farnum. Whatever the Eggmans did or were planning to do, the J Andreans would know. Nothing would escape their attention.

For the first time since 2004, J Andres (not New England, not the FSA) was now at war. After extensive and even frenzied preparations, Operation BETHESDA was now set to begin. The military planners at Fort Farnum had decided that BETHESDA was to commerce at night, as to provide maximum cover for the invasion force as to catch the Eggman Empire off guard.

[b]Operation BETHESDA…[/b]

ATD ships crammed full of hundreds of troops, equipment, and supplies sailed out of port, followed by EFVs carrying military personnel, all heading in the direction of the Eggman Empire. In AFBs and hangars, C-17s and C-130s military transport aircrafts lifted off into the air, also carrying troops and equipment. Next, squadrons of F-40s, F/A-47s, F-50s, and U-8 aircrafts would lift up into the air and follow the swarms of C-17s and C-130s toward the Eggman Empire. EWAC and AWAC aircrafts trailed along, their crews prepared to do their part once they got to the Eggman Empire. Approximately 30,000 to 50,000 troops were carried in the first wave, with more currently being deployed into the second and subsequent waves of ships.

At around the same time, two CSGs and a BSG sailed from their docks all over J Andres and steamed full-ahead out into the Atlantic Ocean, shadowing the ATD ships and EFVs. Additional battleships, cruisers, and destroyers would accompany these battle groups to provide additional firepower and add to the already formidable J Andrean naval force. Submarines also went along for the ride, some of them being guided missile silos. This meant the submarines would take part in the first strike, where they would launch conventional missiles in addition to a hundred of other missiles launched from mainland J Andres. Approximately 40 vessels, more than half the overall Navy, were deployed this way.

It was approximately nine in the night. There were plenty of darkness to cloak the invasion force from Eggman sight, at least to cover them until it would be too late for the Eggmen to react. The missiles were not to be launched yet; once the invasion fleet neared the Eggman Empire, then the missiles would be launched, where they were set to target Eggman radar stations, air hangars, military bases, etc. If necessary, fake missiles (basically missiles with their warheads removed) were to be used to force the enemy to waste his missiles. However, this was only to be used like a last resort, for surface-skimming missiles with reduced cross-section were to be used; these type of missiles would be difficult for Eggman defenses to hit for they flew close to the surface. But for now the missile silos remained in standby position.

The invasion troops were to seize several strategic points alongside the Eggman Empire’s coast, particularly the city of Nuuk itself. But first, the Air Force and the Navy was to do their jobs first before the troops landed ashore.

The fighters, interceptors, and bombers’ roles, obviously, was to engage - and destroy - the Eggman Empire. Sure, the Eggmen had more aircrafts, but they were so technologically inferior that the J Andreans would be able to deal with them despite their numerical disadvantage. The J Andrean pilots were to engage the Eggman aircrafts with aggressiveness and to destroy as much as possible, with no mercy. EWACs and AWACs would do their part to disable the enemy’s missiles and radar, thus providing an advantage to the J Andreans. The fact that the J Andreans had already decrypted the Eggman Empire’s communications effectively meant the J Andreans would know what the Eggmen were up to and undertake appropriate responses.

Next, the Navy was to engage the Eggman Navy; with over 40 ships, the J Andreans outnumbered the entire Eggman Navy by two to one. This meant the CVBGs and BSGs would corner the Eggmen ships in their ports, and if they tried to leave their ports, they would be targeted and decimated with overwhelming force. The submarines would pick off these ships one by one, if necessary.

It would take hours for the invasion force, even at full speed, to reach the Eggman Empire, but even so, it would be still dark by the time they arrived off the coast of that country. The J Andrean vessels took care to avoid any icebergs along the way.

Operation BETHESDA was full underway…

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[b]Over the Atlantic Ocean…[/b]

Several hours had passed, and the invasion fleet was now over half-way to the Eggman Empire and was cruising full-speed toward it. A vast naval force of battleships, aircraft carriers, destroyers, frigates, submarines, cruisers (all of which were organized into two CVBGs and one BSG), ATD ships, and EFVs was now right off the coast of the Eggman Empire. At the same time, hundreds of aircrafts - F-40s, F/A-47s, F-50s, and U-8s along with C-17s and C-130s crammed full with troops, personnel, supplies, and equipment, were converging upon the Eggman Empire, prepared to penetrate its airspace. It was just after 1am, still dark.

Finally, the ships and aircrafts crossed into Eggman airspace, waters and EEZ, heading toward the coastline. Then the ships slowed slightly as they took positions in specific intervals, particularly off the coast of Nuuk, Avigaat, Isortoq, and Kulusuk. The CVBGs and BSG prepared to take on the Eggman Navy with the intent of trapping it in port and ultimately destroying them; the guided missile submarines moved into position and readied its missiles, calibrating them to hit their targets, namely radar stations, hangars, etc, as stated earlier. The submarines were to coordinate their missile onslaught with the main missile attacks launched from mainland J Andres.

Up in the air, the F-40s, F/A-47s, and F-50s fighters and interceptors flew toward the Eggman Empire, ready to engage the Eggman Air Force. The F-50s had another function: it functioned as an EWAC aircraft, meaning it could disable enemy radar and missiles in addition to, well, shooting the enemy out of the air. AWAC aircrafts followed the main strike force, ready to do its task of detecting any enemy aircrafts and enabling the fighters and interceptors to pinpoint and destroy them. This they did; the EWAC and AWAC aircrafts activated their functions. The enemy’s RADAR systems would be disabled due to these aircrafts and destroyed by the missiles that were to be launched from mainland J Andres and the submarines. It would be also very difficult for the enemy to launch missiles back in response.

In the Briefing Room in Fort Farnum, military planners analyzing the situation on the large screen promptly issued new orders: “[i]Fire the missiles.[/i]”

Immediately, missile silos across the country began to warm up, and shortly after, the missiles were launched; over 100 surface-skimming missiles were cruising through the air, heading for the Eggman Empire. They were to target Eggman radar stations, airbases, air hangars, depots, and defense installations alongside the coast and the hinterlands, all in order to cripple the enemy’s ability to fight back. Once the crews of the submarines received information of the missile attack and orders to launch their own missiles in turn, they promptly did so. An additional 100 missiles were launched into the air from the submarines, hurtling toward the Eggman Empire. They, also, were to target Eggman radar stations, airbases, air hangars, and depots.

By then, approximately 50,000 troops were now waiting for deployment in ATD ships and EFVs, augmented by another 50,000 troops, making for 100,000 troops total. An additional 30,000 to 40,000 troops were on their way through the Atlantic Ocean - and more were coming. The aircraft carriers with their defending aircrafts would defend the ATD ships and EFVs, and the same went for battleships and destroyers that weren’t organized into the CVBGs and BSG.

It was still dark.

Operation BETHESDA had now begun…

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[quote]From:Eggman Empire government
The Eggman Empire is not behind these attacks on J Andres. To assume so is simply absurd. It is suicide to provoke a larger and much more technically advanced nation. We have no qualms with J Andres. Further more, the EEN ships in question that supposedly opened fire on J Andres ships can have their starting points traced back to J Andres itself. We have evidence to support this. Someone somewhere is trying to set us up. We advise J Andres to think this through and allow for calm diplomatic overtures to discuss this "attack" on their nation. As to the assassination attempt, if we had wanted the good Ambassador dead, you would have yet to find the body.
-Emperor Isaac Kintober
OOC:Gonna make another post right after this 1.

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"We were not accusing the government of the Eggman Empire of being behind these attacks, we were merely accusing the supposed Eggmen who were apparently behind them. With that in mind, we would like to encourage J Andres to look into the Eggman Empire's claims about this situation."

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It was dark out. The small patrol cutter that cruised through EE waters was quiet, and it's lights were dim. On board, the night watch stood ready to intercept drug-runners or anyone else trying to sneak into EE undetected. The cutter was equipped with state-of-the-art sonar and radar, and had four .50 guns mounted in the front, back, and sides of the boat. Two Mk. 19 grenade launchers accompanied the .50 cals on the front and back. The man working the radar had just got back from fixing himself a cup of coffee when he took a look at the screen. He dropped the mug and ignored it smashing against the deck as he pressed the alert button next to his console.

The crew manned their stations and waited. Using NVGs and Thermals, they saw their opponents in the distance. In the front of the armada was destroyers and destroyer escorts. Behind them came landing craft and the much bigger battleships. With a collective gulp, the crew turned towards the advancing fleet. They sat quietly and waited for an unsuspecting ship to come into range. A destroyer escort, huge in comparison to their own ship, finally got in range. The DE was taken by surprise as .50 cal rounds and 40mm grenades sprayed their deck and lit the bridge on fire. The cutter moved onto the next DE and attacked again. However, the odds were against the cutter and a minute or so later, a well placed shot from a destroyer turned the ship into matchwood and metal bits. The battle for Eggman Empire had begun.
Isaac Kintober was working in his office. Only hours ago he had given a short speech about the recent "attacks" on J Andres. The whole situation baffled him. Someone was obviously trying to play their country against his, but the question was who? Someone from J Andres? Someone in EE? A third party? Kintober knew he had to watch his back. He was about to call Blyzar Dreth, who was doing damage control, when something else happened. The alarms in the Imperial palace, and in Robotropolis began to blare. The first thing Kintober did was grab a Desert Eagle he'd hidden under his desk and put on body armor he had in a cabinet. He leveled his gun at the door as it suddenly opened but lowered it when he saw his personal body guards.

"Emperor, we've got to get you out of here!" The leader stated. Kintober nodded. He went back to his desk and opened a seemingly innocent paperweight. Inside was a keypad. He entered a code and a secret door opened that lead to a Command and Control bunker underneath the palace.

"What's going on?" He asked his guards as they made their way down to the bunker.

"We've just received word from Nuuk, Avigaat, Isortoq, and Kulusuk. Our entire south-eastern coast just got lit up." The guard informed him as they entered the bunker. Military personnel scrambled around, trying to figure out exactly where the attacks were coming from.

"Sir!" Isaac turned to see Major General Wallace Yerkes approach him.

"Talk to me." Kintober said. Yerkes nodded.

"We've received hundreds, probably thousands of missile strikes along the south-east coast. Satellite shows a large naval force built up off of it. Enemy troops are minutes away from landing. Some advanced recon units have already landed and are tearing up the country side. Most large military installations in that area have been hit hard." Yerkes replied.

"What about the fire bases? Have they been hit yet?" Kintober asked.

"No. It seems that the enemy is focusing on the big concentrations for right now."

"Tell all units to implement operation 'spiky cockroach.' Dollars to doughnuts is J Andres attacking. They've got us beat if we engage in any type of large scale war. The best way to win this is through attrition. Have our inserts ready to stop up the works. Also, change the comms. Maybe they've cracked our comm channels, maybe not. But for now I want everything changed to KSC1-4. Even if those !@#$%^&* did decipher our lines, they won't figure that one out." Kintober said. Yerkes nodded. "What about our navy and airforce?"

"The Filoviridae carrier-group looks like it might catch it. It's caught between dry land and J Andres' navy. But Alpha Delta is on the opposite coast. They're reporting submarine contact though. As to our airforce; we've already taken a few hits, but most of them have been scrambled and waiting overhead. All triple-A and AA missile sites are ready to rock. Our helicopter fleet is also scrambling." Yerkes said.

"Good. Tell Aphla Delta to spread out a bit and hug the coast. We can't afford to lose those aircraft carriers. Speaking of which, tell [i]Filoviridae[/i] to get all her birds to shore. They won't stand much of a chance over open water." Kintober responded. "Now, if you'll excuse me for a moment, I've got a speech to give."
"Ladies and Gentlemen, citizens of the Eggman Empire. Today, we have been unjustly attacked by an enemy who wishes to grind us into the dust. As of this moment, our men and women in uniform are valiantly trying to fend off the invading horde. I will not lie to you. They will most likely break our perimeter defenses and move inland. We are facing a nation much more advanced then our own. But just because they are technologically superior doesn't mean they can't bleed!

Citizens, now you are no longer rich or poor, business person or craftsman, city slicker or country folk. Now all of you are Sentinels; Guardians of our collective way of life. You now must stand with me and your countrymen to defend against this cowardly attacker and stop him in his tracks. This is our home and we will fight to keep it! With your weapon in hand, lay in wait for the enemy! If he wants this place so badly, he can pay for it with his blood! We must not stop fighting until they have left or we are dead! The enemy, and the world, will know that the people of Eggman Empire is not to be messed with! We shall survive this trial, and we shall be stronger for it! Never give up hope and keep fighting!

And to the rest of the world, we ask that you recognize that this is an unjust and unlawful invasion of an innocent country. We've been set up and we have evidence to prove it. This is yet just another case of a stronger nation bullying a weaker one. May you be struck down if you do not attempt to stop this affront. To the rest of Eggman Empire: God Speed and good luck!" With that, Kintober's inspirational speech ended.
All across Eggman Empire, Men, women, and in some cases children, armed themselves. From hunting rifles to shotguns to civilian AR-15s, the people took to the streets and prepared themselves for the worst. Military units loaded up on ammo and food and dispersed into the landscape as operation spiky cockroach went into affect. Most barely stayed at company size. Only units tasked with protecting cities and high priority installations stayed to fight. Special forces units splintered into even tinier groups. The comms changed. Eavesdroppers for J Andres suddenly found themselves in the dark as they were unable to decipher this new code. Except for major cities, there wasn't a lot of targets for the J Andres military to confront. Eggman Empire became an angry hornets nest. Though one sting wouldn't stop their enemy, a million would. The war promised to be long, bloody, and frustrating for J Andres.
OOC:Gonna be gone for about 36 hours on account of army stuff. I'll try to be back soon.

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OOC: Actually, I haven’t landed my troops on your shores yet, but we’ll go with that. :P

Also, I only launched 200 missiles, just because I didn’t want to go overboard with launching thousands of missiles (like missile spam). But if it’s because of the IC sheer confusion that led to this conclusion, I understand.



[quote]“If that is the case, then why did your ships attack our ships that were going on an exercise, without apparent reason and out of the blue? And why did your citizens shoot our Ambassador just when he was going to meet with your government to try to meditate the crisis in our relations? Our Ambassador are seriously injured and has been brought back to J Andres for treatment, and all because your citizen pulled the trigger - and we have evidence that he was working with the Eggman government on this.

As for your explanation, how do we know if you actually planned this attack and are trying to pull off plausible deniability? It is easy to make up some story, and one that tries to pin the attack on J Andres, which is a folly that will do nothing to resolve this present crisis. But very well, we will look into this.”[/quote]

[b]Off the coast of the Eggman Empire…[/b]

The missile attacks was a smashing success; Eggman RADAR stations, airbases, air hangars, and military installations had been targeted and wreaked with great destruction, thus severely hindering the enemy’s ability to mount an effective response. To put it, the entire southeastern coast of the Eggman Empire (except the Atlantis-controlled tip of Greenland) was “lit up”. The EWAC and AWAC aircrafts helped to ensure that the enemy’s RADAR stations and missile sites - these that survived the missile onslaught - would be out of commission.

Up in the air, the fighters and interceptors lunged toward the enemy’s air force; the F-40s, F/A-47s, and F-50s shot down about a dozen of Eggmen aircrafts. The J Andrean pilots executed complex evasion maneuvers to try to avoid the Eggmen counterattacks, but otherwise, the J Andreans did well, launching overwhelming barrages of heat-seeking missiles at the enemy. But the J Andreans, as advanced and experienced as they were, didn’t escape without casualties: a couple of aircrafts, a F-40 and a F/A-47, were damaged and the pilots had to boot out to safety. But even so, the J Andreans continued to seek out any Eggmen and to engage them in fierce combat, assisted by the AWACs in detecting the aircrafts long before they appeared and to deal with them too.

At sea, the Navy proceeded to engage the Eggman Navy, particular the [i]Filoviridae[/i] carrier group. The BSG, consisting of 11 ships and led by the battleship, the BB-01 [i]Charlemagne[/i], sailed forward to fight the Filoviridae carrier group. The aircraft carrier in the group, the CR-03 [i]Richard Mercton[/i], proceeded to send out her naval aircrafts to launch missiles at the Eggmen ships. At the same time, the [i]Charlemagne[/i] swiveled her four huge rail guns in the direction of the Eggmen ships and unleashed a mighty barrage, concentrated on the Eggmen aircraft carrier. The destroyers, cruisers, and frigates also pointed their powerful guns at the [i]Filoviridae[/i] carrier group and opened fire as well. The submarine in particularly launched missiles right directly at the Eggmen ships.

Fortunately for the J Andreans, due to the AWAC aircrafts flying in the skies above the Eggman Empire and the military satellites, they knew that another naval group - the Alpha Delta (OOC: The J Andreans doesn’t know the name, I’m only stating what it is) - were somewhere along the opposite coast (OOC2: can you specify where it is, exactly? Is the fleet located alongside the western coast of Greenland or what? I’m a bit confused) and so the J Andreans dispatched their ships that were stationed near the city of Nuuk to seek out and engage the Alpha Delta fleet. However, the submarines that did make contact unleashed a barrage of missiles at the Alpha Delta ships. Meanwhile, while the BSG focused on destroying the Filoviridae carrier group, the two CVBGs stationed off the coast of Nuuk and Isortoq let out a massive naval bombardment as every ship’s guns swiveled in the same direction - toward the Eggmen coast - and opened fire. Soon, the coastline would be saturated with explosions. Nuuk, Isortoq, Avigaat, and Kulusuk were certainly in the line of fire and as were the neighboring cities and towns.

By this time, the number of troops waiting in ATD ships were now increased to approximately 150,000 troops as more ATD ships and EFVs continued to come in increasing numbers. Now that the aircrafts were engaging the Eggmen Air Force and the Navy ships doing the same to the Eggman Navy - and the missiles and naval bombardment providing a heck of a distraction - it was now time for the ground invasion to begin.

With that, orders were issued to the C-17s and C-130s flying in the air to begin landing troops onto the Eggmen Empire, to be protected by the bombers, EWACs, AWACs, and missiles. As the transport aircrafts began descending toward their destinations, the ATD ships began loading troops and equipment into hover crafts and sending them off toward the coast; the EFVs ferried the troops aboard to the same destinations. Swarms of hover crafts and vessels crammed full of soldiers filled the waters bordering the cities of Nuuk and Avigaat, on the southwestern coast of the Eggman Empire, and Isortoq and Kulusuk on the southeastern portion of said country. The plans was this: the troops and paratroopers (the troops that were to be airlifted from the C-17s and C-130s) were to capture the city of Nuuk, followed at the same time by Avigaat, Isortoq, and Kulusuk. While the troops were being landed on the shores, the U-8 bombers proceeded to saturate the area ahead of them to prevent Eggmen reinforcements and counterattacks. With the enemy missiles and RADAR jammed due to the EWACs and AWACs, the U-8s escorted by the fighters and interceptors, would have an easier time dropping their payloads with devastating effect.


Hovercrafts and EFVs, and C-17s and C-130s aircrafts, carrying troops converged upon Nuuk. As the first objective of capturing that city, the J Andreans targeted the neighboring city of Kangeq, which commands the entrance of the sea leading to Nuuk. Troops landed upon the shores and Kangeq, where assisted by the bombers and the equipment that they brought along, they took over that city after approximately half an hour of fierce fighting. Soon, the island were Kangeq was situated in was occupied by the J Andreans troops.

Meanwhile, while the troops were fighting for control of Kangeq, the C-17s and C-130s began to airdrop troops into various strategic areas in Nuuk, particularly targeting the city’s airport, post office, dock, and even the stadium. Incurring some casualites due to Eggman resistance, the J Andreans nevertheless landed upon their destinations where, with their vastly superior weaponry and equipment (such as grenade launchers and ATGM launchers), the J Andrean troops overwhelmed the defenders and forced them back, taking over their targets after sustaining some casaulties. Several dozens of troops were wounded and few KIA; the wounded were quickly evacuated away from the front by medics working under the heat of combat. To prevent the Eggmen from rushing any reinforcements to Nuuk, the troops were also airlifted to the only road that led into the city, quickly occupying it and creating any obstacles the best they could. They were equipped with everything that they needed to beat off any Eggmen counterattacks.

Once the airport was captured and secured, the C-17s and C-130s would land, where they would load equipments and supplies, including the equipment of the Control F Joint Expeditionary Force Combat System. Regarding that, they included but weren’t limited to: Mounted Combat System, Non Line of Site Cannon, IFVs, Battlefield Airspace Defender System, so to name a few. UAVs were also brought in, where they would soon be put to use in the battlefield.

While the troops and equipment were being airlifted into Nuuk, a large invasion force of some 30,000 to 40,000 soldiers landed on the beaches, via the hovercrafts and EFVs, where they managed to push forward, blasting any and all resistance along the way. The bombers and missiles helped to eliminate the defenders - that is, if they survived the pre-battle saturation of the lands behind the shores. Soon, the J Andreans were in the city itself, where they advanced on, fighting the defenders and joining up with their forces already in the city. Grenades, flash bangs, smokescreen, as well as other equipment were used to devastating effect against the defenders.

Though the Eggmen defenders would probably fight hard, Nuuk was as good in J Andrean hands. In hours of fierce fighting, the J Andreans steadily came to assume control of Nuuk; once they had done so, they would begin to bring in the heavier equipment, such as self-propelled howitzers and tanks, not only from the EFVs on the shores but also the C-17s and C-130s in Nuuk’s airport. Soon, Abrams and Panther tanks, of which were configured to operate in the cold, were rolling through Nuuk’s streets as J Andrean troops imposed law and order. Once the J Andreans had built up and consolidated their position in Nuuk, they would then advance onwards to the deeper hinterlands of the Eggman Empire, and capture other cities too.


What had happened in Nuuk basically happened in Avigaat, a short distance away from Nuuk itself. Midst bombardment from the bombers and the Navy ships off shore, the J Andrean troops concentrated on taking the shores and establishing a beachhead, much the same as they had done with Nuuk.

At the risk of repeating myself, the C-17s and C-130s airdropped the J Andreans into strategic targets and locations such as the post office and the airport, to name a few things. While the troops were landing on the shores and fighting their way into Avigaat, the troops in the city itself fought to seize control, eventually linking up with each other in various locations throughout the city. After fierce fighting and some casualties, Avigaat itself would fall to the J Andreans, where it would be consolidated into a major base of operations. Soon, large quantities of troops, supplies, and equipments would be channeled into Avigaat as the J Andreans prepared to continue the invasion deeper into the Eggman Empire.

As in Nuuk, and which will be the case in Isortoq and Kulusuk, approximately 30,000 to 40,000 troops, respectively, would be involved in the capture and occupation of Avigaat. The J Andreans also concentrated their efforts in capturing several surrounding cities and towns, such as Qeqertarsuaq, Frederikshab, Kangilineq, and Ujaraat, to name a few.

[b]Isortoq and Kulusuk…[/b]

A repeat of Nuuk and Avigaat occurred in both Isortoq and Kulusuk. Backed by the Navy ships just off the coast, the J Andreans landed on both cities through the shore and by air, as paratroopers occupied the cities’ airports after terrible battles. The airports, as well as the post offices and others, were used to bring reinforcements into the city. Eventually, both cities were under J Andrean military control, to be followed by few surrounding cities and towns.

In all four cities, the J Andrean troops would treat the population with respect and decency. They would even discipline their own soldiers if they mistreated the Eggman citizens in any ways, even apologizing for these soldiers’ behaviors.

[b]In Endor Cuidad…[/b]

Aware of the troops’ progresses in the Eggman Empire, the military planners in Fort Farnum received reports from heads of the intelligence agencies saying that they now had difficulty deciphering the Eggman communication networks. Apparently, the Eggmen had changed their channels, these !@#%&. Well, they would not be able to do anything after THIS. The gloves were now off.

With that, intelligence agencies of the National Cyber Warfare Division received new orders: launch a massive cyber warfare attack against the Eggman Empire’s systems and networks. The Cyber Warfare Division duly did so, unleashing a vast DoS attack; in addition, a torrent of malware, worms, rook kits, and Trojan viruses, along with others, was launched at the Eggman Empire’s systems and networks with the intent of crippling the government’s ability to mount an effective response or even communicate with the nation and its troops. No matter what safety measures the Eggman Empire may have put in place, they would be easily overwhelmed by the J Andrean cyber warfare attack. The Eggman Empire would be severely disabled, unable to do much. (OOC: I won two spyrolls, as seen [url="http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?showtopic=62869&view=findpost&p=2381880"]here[/url].)

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To:J Andres government
Again we ask why? What logic or rational would convince us that provoking J Andres to war would be a good idea? Unless we planned to destroy our nation in the most spectacular way possible, why would we do such a thing? The only big thing Eggman Empire can really threaten J Andres with is our chemical and biological weapons stockpile, and that pales in comparison to the nukes J Andres has on hand.

And what proof do you have of us being behind this? Our satellite photos clearly show the supposed EEN ships that opened fire on your "exercise" originally launched from your ports. As to the citizen who attacked the ambassador; his background is being investigated. However, so far all we can come up with is that he IS NOT an Imperial citizen and that he worked at the J Andres embassy. While we are not insinuating that J Andres is behind the 'attacks,' we are 100% certain that, at the very least, a third party was involved.
-Isaac Kintober, Emperor of Eggman Empire[/quote]
OOC:Just got back from an Exercise. Dead tired. Post some war stuff tomorrow.

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*Imperial bunker*
"There's nothing I can do. Maybe if it was just an isolated system or a few cyber-attacks, but this is a full-scale broadside to our computer systems and communications." Said Kenny Kintober. Kenny was the foremost expert on computer systems in Eggman Empire. He had personally developed most of the cyber-warfare countermeasures used by the Eggman Military. Usually they could repel cyber attacks with ease. However, when someone's beating you with a sledgehammer, it doesn't matter how good your protection is. Isaac groaned. First the [i]Filoviridae[/i] battlegroup had been trounced. Only the [i]E.I.N. Filoviridae[/i] supercarrier and a handful of other ships had made it out of the melee. and the [i]Filoviridae [/i] had been severely damaged. Then Isaac had received word that they had just lost four coastal cities virtually at the same time. And heavy losses to aircraft, radar, and other troop facilities in that region to boot.

"What about [i]Cockroach[/i]? Did everything come off the grid in time? And what about [i]Number Number[/i]? Are the stations running?" Isaac asked.

"Yes. Sub-Op [i]Number Number[/i] is in effect. As long as the J Andres Military doesn't catch on, our forces can still receive orders." Replied Yerkes. "And thanks to Cockroach being implemented at the right time, most of our digital military systems were taken off the main grid and isolated. Damage to EE-based networks is mostly in the civilian sector, though there was some military computer systems that were infiltrated. The good news is they were unimportant in the grand scheme of things." Yerkes continued. "Unfortunately, that means coordinating with other units will be a lot harder." He concluded grimly. Isaac nodded.

"Well, guess we gotta hope the various commanders around EE know what to do. In the mean time, we need to dig in and ready ourselves for the coming onslaught. And convince people we didn't do it." Isaac said.
*outskirts of Nuuk*
"See the sights they said, idea location they said, oceanfront property only goes up they said...%^^%&ing morons." The figure cursed as he dug through his closet. He flinched and then grumbled as a nearby explosion rattled the building he was in. Not to far away, he could hear troops converging. "Where is it?" He muttered. Finally, moving one last piece of clothing away, he found it. Them rather. It was a heavy-duty backpack and case. "Bingo." He said with a mischievous grin. He opened the case and pulled out a medium barrel FN SCAR, a .357 SIG Sauer, and a subcompact Glock 26 holdout. He put on the two holsters and stuffed their respective weapons into them. He slung the SCAR around his back and opened the backpack. Ammo for the guns were in one compartment, 4 frag grenades, a smoke, and a flashbang were in another, and various survival gear was in another. A combat knife was attached to one of the straps. Over all, it was almost 30 pounds. Wilhelm Vesker, retired Master Sargent of the Eggman Imperial Army snickered as he pulled out one of the grenades. He hurried over to a window near the road, primed the grenade, and tossed it.

"POPCORN!" He shouted. The small squad of J Andres soldiers looked up and didn't notice the grenade until it landed at their feet. Vesker was down the hall and near the stairs when it exploded, killing some of the men and wounding others. He snickered as their screams reached his ears. He reached the door, opened it a crack, and opened fire on the remaining troops. By the time they had taken cover and were returning fire, Vesker had already run out the back door into an alley way. After a few minutes of running, he came across an EE squad that was pinned down in a house by J Andres infantry. They didn't notice Vesker until he had killed their machinegunner. Now confused and disorganized, Vesker was able to take them out with the help of the friendly squad.

"Crackerjacks!" A voice from inside the building yelled.

"Milk-duds!" Vesker replied. A second went by and a beleaguered squad of EE infantrymen scurried out of the house. They looked at Vesker warily. After all, he was a civilian holding a military-issue FN SCAR.

"Who are you and how did you know the challenge answer?" The squad leader, a E-5 who was bleeding from a scratch on his forehead asked.

"Wilhelm Vesker: Master Sargent; retired from the EIA. I've got the clearance to keep up with all the latest low-level passwords and whatnot." He said dismissively. "You have a secure location?" He asked. The sargent shook his head.

"No, we got cut off from our platoon during the initial battle. Our radio got shot up and we can't get back in touch with our unit." The squad NCO replied. Vesker was about to respond when a HammerHead gunship roared over the roof tops and opened fire at an unseen enemy. A missile shot up to greet it but the helicopter deployed flares and scrambled away.

"Hold on, I got a radio. Let's get back inside." Vesker informed them. The squad followed him into house's living room. He pulled off his backpack and pulled out a portable radio. He tuned it on and cranked up the volume.

"...Oscar-Charlie-Echo."*Buzt*"Zulu-Sierra-Tango-Uniform-Papa-two-Golf-Charlie-15-3-26-9-04-Romeo-Oscar..." The broadcast began repeating itself.

"Is that on of those weird number stations?" On private asked. Vesker nodded.

"Alright. Everyone pack up. Whoever has the map, find grid 15326904 on it and plot a course. That's where anyone who's still alive will be forming up." Vesker informed them. The E-5 stood up.

"Wait a minute, who do you think you are and sho put you in charge? You could be lying about what your rank; coulda stole that rifle from a dead soldier, and working with J Andres!" He accused Vesker. Vesker grinned and pulled a card out of his pocket.

"As per the Desperate-Times Act, should an attack ever happen on EE soil, any retired NCOs E-6 or above will be automatically re-enlisted and rank restored. Now, seeing how I'm an E-8 who has valuable combat experience and you're an E-5 who's never been to war, who do you think should lead the way?" Vesker asked.

"Er...you...Sargent." The other NCO mumbled.

"That's right. Now, tell your men to form up. We've got a checkpoint to reach!"

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It was time to strike back. All across Eggman Empire, multitudes of MLRS vehicles scurried out from under heavily camouflaged bunkers, made their way out into the dangerous open, and began receiving targeting data from satellites. Soon, they had their payloads armed and ready. Then, they launched. As the missiles streaked into the blue, the MLRSs hastily packed things up and hurried back to their hidden caves, covering their tracks as they went.

The short and medium range ballistic missiles roared through the sky and over the Eggman Coast. Hundreds of missiles with a variety of payloads rained down on the J Andres naval fleet. Locking on to heat, radio, and other emissions given off by the ships, the missiles dropped down on them like hellish rain. Many were shot down, but just as many made their way through. Bridges, bows, and sterns erupted in balls of flame and smoke. On dropped right onto the flight deck of an Aircraft Carrier, blowing a hole in it and rendering the ship temporarily useless. Some missiles had cluster munitions, bursting open like overripe fruit to drop seeds of destruction on the vessels below. Others carried napalm, splashing the decks with burning jelly. Others sunk beneath the waves and detonated right beside their unfortunate victims, ripping their hulls open to the cold ocean.

Finally, a small percentage of the missiles fired landed. Not on the ships, but on the beach heads and unloading zones. Tanks, troops, and supplies were caught in a short, but deadly barrage of explosions. Here, the splash damage weapons did even more damage. Dousing vehicles with flame and blasting troops apart with a rain of small, explosive munitions. And then as quickly as it started, the attack was over. J Andres might be able to find and snuff out a few of the MLRS sights, but the majority of them were well hidden. They would be safely tucked away for another day, ready to rain death down on their enemies. The first counter-attack by the Eggman Empire had been launched. A blazing success.

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OOC: Just want to say, you can’t RP my forces (troops and ships). You can launch attacks but I’ll RP the damages. But that’s ok, I’ll let it go this one time. :P

That, and I thought my cyber attacks affected the EE’s links to its satellites? That’s because my cyber attacks were targeted at the EE’s systems and networks, which I assume means it would be difficult for your forces to receive targeting data?


[b]Off the coast of the Eggman Empire…[/b]

The cyber attacks was, to put it, a smashing success, but soon military planners at Fort Farnum received reports of attacks from somewhere within the Eggman Empire - and that the J Andrean troops as well as ships had sustained casualties. Luckily, the casualties, on the troops, were fairly low as the beachheads weren’t densely populated with troops. But still, the supply lines were damaged - but nothing that can’t be repaired - and several of the ships were damaged. The aircraft carrier, the [i]Richard Mercton[/i], incurred some serious damage, including a hole in its flight deck and rendering it useless. It had to be withdrawn from the area. Luckily, there were several more aircraft carriers, that would carry on the naval assault.

This was it.

The men at Fort Farnum, fortunately endowed with superior J Andrean technology, were able to pinpoint the origins of the attacks through satellites and promptly issued an order through secure channels to missile silos to calibrate the next wave to the new coordinates. They’d estimated that it was probably missile launchers, and they were going to do something about it.

While the Eggman missiles were flying, the F-40, F/A-47s, and F-50s fighters and interceptors were able to intercept a vast majority of them, but still, a large number of missiles got though, despite their best efforts. Several more ships were severely damaged and had to be withdrew from the battle zone for repairs and the like. But still, there was still a vast fleet off the coast of the Eggman Empire, and they weren’t going to be dazed by what they considered ‘ineffective’ Eggman attacks.

Inputting the new coordinates, the missile silos launched hundreds of missiles at the Eggman Empire; approximately 100 missiles were cruising toward the Eggman Empire, of which would be nearly impossible to be shot down by the Eggman Empire’s disabled missile defenses, mainly due to the AWACs and EWACs. In addition, the submarines - they had miraculously escaped the missile barrage - proceeded to launch, along them, hundreds of missiles at the Eggman Empire. All of the missiles were aimed toward the areas where the Eggman missiles came from.

The plan was to make the missile barrage continuous. The missile silos were to continue firing the missiles, reloading them when they ran out of missiles and continue on firing, all as quickly as possible. The same went for the submarines. The goal was to keep the Eggmen (soldiers, missile launchers, etc) suppressed for as long as possible.

[b]In the occupied areas of the Eggman Empire…[/b]

At the captured Eggman cities of Nuuk, Avigaat, Isortoq, and Kulusuk, the J Andreans further consolidated their positions, imposing martial law but otherwise treating Eggman citizens with respect and restraint. At the outskirts of Nuuk, a squad of J Andrean soldiers was ambushed and were soon embroiled in a fierce firefight with Eggman troops, but they brought in reinforcements and heavy equipment; using ATGM launchers, grenade launchers, flash bangs, and smokescreen, the J Andreans fired off an overwhelming barrage, using their vast manpower and firepower. Self-propelled howitzers and Abrams tanks pounded the Eggman positions while the infantry charged forward with guns blazing. Snipers fired upon Eggman soldiers at a distance while grenade launchers lobbied off a swarm of live grenades at the enemy.

While J Andrean troops were taking the field against Eggman troops on the outskirts of Nuuk, military personnel were busy converting Nuuk’s airport into a fortified air base that would enable the J Andreans to ferry in reinforcements, supplies, and equipment. And so they did; hundreds of new troops filed into the city as well as huge quantities of tanks, self-propelled howitzers, SUAVs, Mounted Combat Systems, etc. At the same time, more troops were ferried from the ATD ships to the Eggman coast in increasing numbers. The forces being arrayed against the Eggman Empire was now increased from 150,000 to nearly 200,000 - and that number was steadily increasing as troops arrived at the naval flotilla off the coast of the Eggman Empire, loaded into hovercrafts and then launched at the coast, particularly at Nuuk and the other captured cities.

Where J Andrean troops were busy fighting off the Eggmen in Nuuk and consolidating their hold on the city, troops in Avigaat, Isortoq, and Kulusuk were preparing to launch an offensive.

[b]In Avigaat…[/b]

With hundreds of troops and tanks pouring into Avigaat by the day, and brought forth self-propelled howitzers and mounted combat systems, along with other heavy equipment, the J Andreans were poised to resume the invasion. From the captured cities of Ujaraat and other nearby towns, the Abrams and Panther tanks rumbled into action as hundreds of IFVs carrying thousands of troops rolled from their positions. They moved as quickly as possible, racing across the land and eliminating any opposition along the way. The J Andreans were to cut off as many Eggman troops as possible; the tanks and IFVs were to race ahead while the infantry were to destroy any Eggman troops that remained behind. At the same time, the U-8 bombers flew ahead, where they proceeded to saturate the areas with bombs well ahead of the advancing J Andrean troops to help clear the way for the troops. Any Eggman troops or vehicle that stood in the way would stand no chance. The F-40s and F/A-47s accompanied the bombers, looking out for any Eggman aircrafts, while the F-50s flew ahead, scanning for the enemy. The EWAC and AWAC aircrafts flew ahead as well, protected by the fighters and interceptors.


The troops were assisted by the SUAVs, which would provide them valuable intelligence on the enemy’s formations, positions, and what they were doing. EWAC and AWAC, in addition to suppressing any missile and RADAR systems, provided valuable information for the troops on the ground as well. To put it, the J Andreans were performing something of a modern ‘Blitzkrieg’. To reiterate, the tanks and IFVs were to race ahead as fast as possible, eliminating the opposition whenever convenient. The infantry, while they caught up with the tanks and IFVs, were to ‘mop up’ any resistance that remained and to occupy any cities and towns bypassed by the vehicles.

[b]In Isortoq and Kulusuk…[/b]

In Isortoq, the troops launched their own Blitzkrieg; hundreds of IFVs and Abrams and Panthers raced northwards while bombers, under the protection of the fighters and interceptors, bombed the areas ahead of them to help clear the way - and eliminate the enemy as well. They strove to take as much land as possible in the shortest time.

In neighboring Kulusuk, at the same time, the troops and tanks advanced, heading in the direction of the cities of Kuummiut, Ikateq, Ammassalik, Tiniteqilaaq, as well as all the cities along the way. In other words, what happened in Isortoq would happen in Kulusuk. A while later, the troops from Isortoq and Kulusuk would link up, forming an united front, where they would advance and fight on together.


In all three cities, the J Andreans would advance as quickly as possible and with so much firepower and determination that the Eggmen defenders would not know what hit them until it was too late. Indeed, the J Andreans would swarm over their position, cut them off and isolate them, and then move on. They were to use all weapons and equipment at their disposal, like grenades, to eliminate the defenders.

But it didn’t end there, for the J Andreans added two more cities to their target list: Uumananaq and Timmiarmiut.

[b]Off the coast of Uumananaq and Timmiarmiut…[/b]

Under the protection of one of the CVBGs, more ATD ships and EFVs carrying troops, supplies, and equipment sailed off the coast of Uumananaq and Timmiarmiut, on the southern coast of the Eggman Empire. While the ships (or remaining ships) of the CVBG began a vast naval bombardment, of where hundreds of shells were fired at the two cities to soften up resistance, the troops were loaded into hovercrafts and launched toward the coast, along with tanks and equipment, as EFVs tagged along. Under the protection of the CVBG, the troops managed to land on the coast, where they - supported by tanks - fought their way to Uumananaq under heavy fire. The troops sustained some casualties, yes, but they pressed on, utilizing heavy weaponry to clear the way. The same occurred at Timmiarmiut, where the J Andrean troops and tanks landed upon midst heavy resistance.

With the assistance of the bombers, which pounded both Uumananaq and Timmiarmiut into stone, the J Andreans made great progress; soon, the island where Timmiarmiut was located would be mostly occupied by the troops as they marched into the city itself. Similarly, the lands surrounding Uumananaq would be occupied as the J Andreans fought for control of that city.

Soon, if successful, the Eggman Empire would have not one, not two, but FOUR fronts to contend with. In the west, troops in Avigaat were advancing eastward; in the east troops in Isortoq and Kulusuk were marching northward; and in the south, troops and tanks were landing near Uumananaq and Timmiarmiut. The troops were preparing to launch an offensive at Nuuk.

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Roland Dimitri watched the tanks roll down the street with impunity. Alongside them soldiers marched. Some wore the smug grins of conquering victors. And why shouldn't they? After all, they easily wiped out the disorganized resistance put up by the town militia and the undermanned EE troops guarding the city. Fools. The whole lot of them. Eggman Empire may look sweet and delicious, but once you took a bite out of it, you suddenly became aware of the fact that it was full of needles and razorblades. Needles like him, for instance. Sammy Kintober may not have been the biggest military expert out there, but he sure knew how to plan ahead. Years back, men like Roland Dimitri had been trained and placed in cities through-out Eggman Empire. All for a situation like this. Another group of tanks rumbled past. Roland grinned. Time for some fun.

The J Andres forces may have had superior numbers and tech on their side, but EE troops had the terrain. That's all they needed. For instance, the J Andres armored column rumbling by Roland's perch had no idea that the street they were driving over had a large sewer line underneath that followed the road for some length. They also had no idea that several cratering charges had been placed on the ceiling of this line and were wired together to blow. Roland sat back, flipped the safeguard of his detonator, and pressed the switch. The blast was muffled by the earplugs Roland was wearing, but it still made his ears pop. The street had suddenly been transformed into a towering plume of dirt and debris. The tanks and men who were traveling down it were now shredded. On top of that, the J Andres would have to spend time and resources to fix the road, which know had a gaping thirty foot long crater. Roland estimated his kills to be of two tanks and at least two squads of men. Not bad to start things off with. But now was not the time to pat yourself on the back. Roland quickly packed up supplies and vanished back into the city. He would return, though.
2Lt Yohan Kritt looked over the bay from the clifftop he was on. The trees that ran along the cliff-face hid his men and their equipment, and that's all Kritt needed. He moved back to his platoon's position. "Are all the adjustments made yet?" He asked the platoon Sargent.

"Yes sir. Our little surprise should land right on top of them and their equipment." He replied with a feral grin.

"Excellent. See what you can do about those LSTs. They came all they way here, so I think it's only fair we show them some EE hospitality. How does a tour of the bottom of the bay sound?" Kritt responded with an equally feral grin. The Sargent nodded in approval.

"I'll see what we can do sir." He looked behind his should. "Everyone got a target?" The rest of the platoon nodded and assumed their positions around the four mortars they had set up.

"This evening's forecast will be cloudy with scattered mortar strikes and explosive death." Said one wisecracking private.

"Alright everyone, remember the drill. Fire some rounds, then get the hell out of dodge." Kritt informed them. It would be all too easy for a helicopter or two to find the platoon and gun them all down. "Ready...FIRE!" Kritt shouted. The loader dropped the round into the 82mm mortar barrels. *Thumpt* The munitions shot off and shrieked towards their targets. "Fire!" *Thumpt* Another volley off. "Fire!" *Thumpt* "Fire!" *Thumpt* "Fire!" *Thumpt* Kritt held his had up as the distant sounds of the first explosions reached their ears. Down below, they could see fireballs blossoming on LSTs and makeshift supply depots. "Alright troopers, time to get the duck outta here!" Kritt shouted. The men hastily packed up their gear and scrambled to the civilian pickup trucks they had been using for transport. "Everyone knows the drill! Split up and meet back at the rendezvous in an hour. Be there or be left behind!" Kritt shouted as he hopped into his truck. "Lets go." He informed the driver after his team finished loading up their gear and mortar. As they drove off, Kritt silently prayed that his platoon's luck would hold out and they would survive this whole ordeal. Unfortunately, given what they were doing, it seemed highly unlikely.
Night had settled, and far from the chaotic shores, the J Andres fleet sat impotently. Occasionally the battleships and cruisers would let of a salvo of missiles or shells to support their comrades on land. Or a flight of fighter-jets would take off or return from a looming aircraft carrier. Other then that, the fleet sat. Wary against all possible attacks. Except for the ones they couldn't imagine.

Neal held onto the underwater scooter that propelled him and his package towards the unsuspecting fleet. A few dozen meters away was his teammate Kyle, though Neal only knew that from the tracker that was installed on his scooter. Neal, Kyle, and a dozen others were Happy Smiler SEALS. The best of the best of the best. On top of the usual augmentation process Neal went through to become a Happy Smiler, he had to endure a grueling six-month training course that was just as bad. But now Neal could take on anything, be it on land or in water. He could build a bomb as well as disarm one. He could outsnipe the best snipers. He could single-handedly infiltrate a ship and kill everyone on board. But that was not his mission tonight. No, his mission was to remind the J Andres forces that there were still sharks in the water.

Slowly, Neal and the others made their way to the fleet. Any sonar would dismiss then as large fish. Any noise their scooters made would be drowned out by the fleet itself. Silently, they arrived at their targets. Neal and Kyle's target was an aircraft carrier. Neal had the most dangerous job: Take the explosives packed on the scooter and place it on the rudder and propellers. The goal was to cripple the ship's movement. Kyle's job was to place a bunch of explosives onto the hull. If Kyle was successful, the ship would be in danger of sinking as well as crippled.

Neal cautiously made his way to the stern of the mammoth vessel and found his goal and instantly realized a problem. He would either have enough explosives to destroy the rudder and three propellers, or four propellers and no rudder. He picked the former, since there probably wasn't much a single propeller could do to move the floating behemoth. After a few nervous minutes of placing the charge, he readied the detonators and hurried away. He arrived at a safe distance and waited for Kyle to catch up. They entered a "go" signal into the tracker, and waited for all the other teams to do the same. Finally, all trackers blinked green, and all teams simultaneously set off their explosives. The targets were two battleships, an aircraft carrier, two destroyers, and a missile ship. Maybe they would all go down. But the teams didn't stick around to find out.

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