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The Blood Brothers


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The Blood Brothers is a small, stable White sphere alliance that is looking to bolster our ranks with new active members. From the very beginning of joining Blood Brothers you will be given everything you need to succeed and grow as an important brother or sister. We offer many strategies that will keep you growing at a respectable rate throughout your time playing CyberNations.

The things we offer:

[u][b]An Extensive Academy:[/b][/u] All new members are put into our academy and are taught the basics of CyberNations. You'll be taught the best ways to grow your nations to the best way to fight enemies against your nation.

[u][b]Tech Deals:[/b][/u] Taught in our academy, it's the fastest, most effective way to grow - and anyone can do it! We will give you $3 million for 50 tech, will gross you a profit of 2 million at least. Im not going to say its a free 3 million because I want to be honest with you.

[b][u]An Active IRC Channel:[/u][/b] We have many members that are always on IRC (Internet Relay Chat) and we always have a community to talk to and joke around with or ask questions. There is always someone online!

[u][b]A Small Community:[/b][/u] You aren't just a number here, we all work together and for a cause. We do all this together, that's how we work!

If this sounds like something you would join here are a few links:

[url="http://cn-brothers.net/forums/index.php?/index"]The Blood Brothers's Forums[/url]
[url="http://wbe03.mibbit.com/?settings=110c76a0e34870852764fb559cea7b7e&server=irc.coldfront.net&channel=%23blood"]The Blood Brothers's IRC[/url]


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