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Declaration of War

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Late last night, out of boredom, I asked babyjesus if he thought I could get someone to hit DEFCON 1 or Peace Mode on rumors alone. He wasn't convinced, but I thought about it some more. As most who use IRC are aware of, if there's a rumor, the stuff gets around. Fast. I ran over some potential stories I could tell that people might buy, and mulled it over with Londo and Vesalius to see what we could pull off. We eventually settled on GOD/GOONS rolling Valhalla for spying on GOONS. We knew Valhalla would fall for it because GOD/GOONS are perceived as reckless and the type to use a weak CB. Apparently so, since the CB was entirely fabricated. As was the Kronos/GOD split. Ves and me were laughing our heads off in a channel while we had that query. The cancelation is fake. The war is fake. To be quite honest, I just wanted to see how gullible the rumor mill really was.

Props go out to:
[*]GOONS for being good sports
[*]Kronos for helping immensely and not stabbing me - without them it would've /never/ worked.
[*]All my allies who've been query bombed over this. And their allies. And Pez. Sorry, will you still have my babies? We could make hateful offspring.
[*]Everyone who kept this quiet.
[*]And Valhalla, who I hope will take this in the spirit it was intended; a joke.

You guys can come out of peace mode now.

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I would rather be tied to Valhalla than to this pack of jerks.


[quote]You guys can come out of peace mode now. [/quote]

No. They can't. It takes a few days. I assume you'll be compensating them for their financial losses because of your stupid "joke"?

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<Biazt[GOONS]> Your nations will soon be smoldering ruins
<-- You have been kicked from #kronos by Liz[Kronos|Gov] (GTFO)

Oh the logs from this night are simply epic.

Edited by Biazt
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