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A New Chapter for Virginia

Bull Run

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Governor Jefferson O'tracy received a hail of applause as he approched the simple podium placed just outside of the Virginia State Capitol building, looking out to the courtyard. Virginia state flags where raised to equal mast as U.S.A. flags. As the applause died down, Jefferson began..

[i]"The formulation of this ever expanding and strengthening union has cleared a prosperous path for & of the free people of America. Together we have formed & continue to build upon our existance as the greatest vestige of liberty on the face of our planet. Today, Virginia stands to write a new chapter in her own history as one of many beautiful states of our nation. The outcome of this election puts the fate of our state back in our control as we grasp hands with our fellow states to preserve and protect our union, its constitution and its principles. We will seek the empowerment of our state both economicly & culturally; securing our very unique & individual place in this great union. The United States of America stands as the last bastion of global liberty; the last remaining roadblock to a Godless, imperialist New World Order that ultimatly wishes to destroy all such cultures and free societies. Our Union is a stumbling block to that design so long as we stand by the foundations laid by our forefathers there will exist men and women like ourselves who will demand to be let alone to live life as we see fit, answering only to God and legitimate civil government. May this & all preoceding elections forever be a reminder to our purpose in struggle, our reason to fight.

How many amongst you prefer, as I do, our union to an imperialist order? Sic Semper Tyrannis- Thus Always to Tyrants."[/i]

The crowd erupted in applause & cheer as Governor O'tracy concluded his short speech.


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President Caudill made a phone call to Jefferson O'Tracy, "Congratulations on your win governor. Now is the time we set to the hard work of the people. If you have any visions for how to make Virginia strong, feel free to confide in me at any time and I'll see what I can do to persuade congress to assist you."

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