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INT Summer Cleanup

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[b]Official announcement by the International[/b][/center]

Well, we skipped the traditional springtime cleanup and now things are getting really dusty and rumor has it that something is alive in the closet...

So, we're cleaning up our redundant and inactive embassies and this announcement is a call for anyone not wanting their embassy archived and deleted. From this announcement on you'll have a week to sign in and make a post in your embassy. After this date we'll proceed with our cleaning up and get that boogyman out of the closet already.

These are the embassies affected:

MK/Mushroom Kingdom
ADI/Aqua Defense Initiative
GO/ Guru Order

TAHE / Austro-Hungarian Empire

NV /Nueva Vida
IAA/ Imperial Assault Alliance

NSO /New SIth Order

CSN /Commonwealth of Sovereign Nations
RIA / Random Insanity Alliance
Asgaard (Never ever posted)

CAL /Twilight Brigade & Crimson Brigade
SOS / SOS Brigade
TCB / The Centurion Brotherhood

TORN / The Order of Righteous Nations
TPE / The Prolific Empire
VOC / East India Company
IRON / Independent Republic of Orange Nations
TOP / Paradoxia

IFOK (never posted)

Thank you and have a nice day!

General Commissar (of the INT cleaning department)

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Also I take opportunity to introduce Cataduanes as my new Secretary. He will be in charge for the next three weeks, for any queries you may have. I'll be back in August, ready for new revolutionary awesomeness.

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[quote name='Cataduanes' date='08 July 2010 - 10:19 AM' timestamp='1278598738' post='2363416']
That can and will be remedied ;)


fake edit: I was going to go to your forums, but you don't have a link in the OP! 0_o

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[quote name='Pomiel' date='08 July 2010 - 03:37 PM' timestamp='1278599840' post='2363428']

fake edit: I was going to go to your forums, but you don't have a link in the OP! 0_o
Try [url="www.lolcommies.com"]www.lolcommies.com[/url] B-)

Edited by Cataduanes
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