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Triumvirate: Three heads of state.

Council Executive: A council acts as heads of state.

Single Figure: There is one head of state. Emperor, president, chairman, general secretary, etc.

Co-Management: There are two heads of state. Co-Chancellors (MCXA), Co-Emperors (MDC) for example.

Monarchy: Head of state is appointed by the preceding figure. This head of state appoints the legislature and the cabinet. One example of this would be Norden Verein.

Constitutional Monarchy: Monarchy, but with an elected legislature and/or other offices of authority. A prime example of this system would be the New Pacific Order.

Democratic: Head(s) of state is elected periodically. Most alliances work this way.

If I forgot anything, just vote "other", and specify plz.

Voted "single figure" and "democratic" for CPCN.

Edited by Commissar Zhukov
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