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Better Late than Never

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Basketball Ninjas and the Sandwich Confederation have been friends for about as long as possible. Neither of us, however, is known for our many treaties or speedy forum announcements. With our declarations of existence posted a combined 542 days late, truly, we deserve each other! Eventually we got around to the whole treaty thing, so:


[center][size="6"][b]The Better Late than Never Treaty[/b][/size][/center]

The Players of Basketball Ninjas have always had a deep yearning in their hearts for Sandwichy goodness, and discreetly, the Sandwich Confederation has loved them back. This formal declaration of all the general good feeling makes it official.[/quote]

[/center][quote][b]A deep-seated, mutual craving:[/b]
Through this enduring mutual regard, the nations of the Sandwich Confederation and Basketball Ninjas gathered in the kitchen and cooked up this treaty. The Ninjas will treat members of the Sandwich Confederation with the kindness and respect of a finely tuned give-and-go, and naturally, the Sandwiches will show the Ninjas only the most refined deliciousness.[/quote]

[/center][quote][b]Put that knife down:[/b]
The Sandwich Confederation agrees not to give the Ninjas indigestion, while the Basketball Ninjas agree not to cut the Sandwiches into tiny, unrecognizable pieces.[/quote]

[/center][quote][b]The Playbook:[/b]
The signatories agree to warn each other of any prying eyes in the stands or impending flagrant fouls. They further agree to warn each other within a reasonable time frame, of any plans to dunk over somebody.[/quote]

[/center][quote][b]Please tip the Cooks:[/b]
Should one signatory find itself a bit short on dough, they may ask the other to drop some change in the jar. Nobody's going to charge gratuity, but the staff appreciates your tips.[/quote]

[/center][quote][b]Man-to-man or Zone:[/b]
If one signatory finds someone driving into their lane, the other signatory is recommended, but not required, to step in and draw the charge. Assists will not be limited to any particular form; everything from a quick snack on the sidelines to a full court press is on the table.[/quote]

[/center][quote][b]A change in diet:[/b]
Should the arrangement go stale, the treaty may be canceled by either party with a minimum 72 hours notice. If the signatories agree, the cancellation period may be waived.[/quote]


[b]For Basketball Ninjas:[/b]
Jack Shepard; President of Basketball Operations
Hannah Montana, SPINEDOC, and Otis Smith; Senior Vice Presidents
eyriq and Schad; Directors of Public Relations
J Bibbs; Director of Team Security
bulley; Director of Internal Operations
h0rdes, Nova Blue, and Shaazzam; Trade Directors
dockingscheduled; Rookie Development Coach

[b]For the Sandwich Confederation:[/b]
The Plate of the Sandwich Confederation

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[quote name='Buds The Man' date='08 July 2010 - 10:27 AM' timestamp='1278602856' post='2363479']
10 out of 10 for style nice announcement

Congrats to both parties though im afraid i havent heard of either or you.

Wouldn't be ninjas if we were flouncing around in the public eye, would we?

Also, one of our Foreign Affairs ministers is terrible and lazy and never does anything of substance to boost our profile.

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[quote name='lonewolfe2015' date='08 July 2010 - 11:02 AM' timestamp='1278604912' post='2363501']
Great treaty, two good groups of people here. Though I fear my Ninja friends here might have already outsmarted you all, they got their sandwich and they get to eat it.

We got the best side of this deal, no question about that!!! :wub: Thankfully, SC likes us too.

Edited by White Chocolate
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[quote name='goldielax25' date='08 July 2010 - 12:39 AM' timestamp='1278567528' post='2363195']
BN are pretty cool, so this treaty should absorb lots of their coolness. Congrats.

Thanks goldie. :wub: VE.

On the Treaty: Our friends over at SC are awesome, and it's even better to finally see in it print!

Let the Party begin. :D


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Thanks all!

[quote name='Buds The Man' date='08 July 2010 - 09:27 AM' timestamp='1278602856' post='2363479']
...im afraid i havent heard of either or you.

Eh, I suppose we don't really get out much.

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[quote name='Fedora Prefontaine' date='08 July 2010 - 05:38 AM' timestamp='1278563910' post='2363157']

Looks like Mike couldn't remember the correct filling.

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[quote name='THRILLHO' date='09 July 2010 - 12:07 AM' timestamp='1278648413' post='2364294']
Congrats on the treaty friends, may you bounce in peace.

^ ^ I like that one! :laugh: Thank you

I'm so happy this treaty has finally been announced!

Break out the beer :P

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