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Announcement from The Order of the Paradox

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Today marks the end a dark period for The Order, still a great sadness remains upon us.

It is our purpose to explain--to the degree possible--the circumstances, events, and results of these occurrences to the alliances of the world.

The TOP Charter outlines the rights, roles, and responsibilities of all members of the Order. Grand Master Berith knew this well, having had a hand in substantially revising and refining our ancient charter. The Charter, however, does not outline all of our responsibilities. Every ruler among us in this community that we hold dear, is bound by the holy and infallible will of Admin to act in certain ways, and to refrain from certain actions.

Over the past few weeks, we had become suspicious that Grand Master Berith had conspired to circumvent the will of Admin, perhaps in order to lessen the burden of our reparations, perhaps to line his pockets through dishonest means. The suspicion was strong enough to warrant an investigation by agents of the Hospitallery. The Hospitallers discovered compelling evidence that Berith had conspired with several other puppet rulers to commit acts strictly forbidden by Admin.

Knowing that turning a blind eye to such activity is tantamount to participating in these crimes, the evidence gathered by the Hospitallery was turned over to Admin by our council. We cannot say what Admin found in his own divine investigation, but at some point yesterday Berith and several nations we suspected of conspiring with him were cast into the outer darkness from which no ruler may return.

From beyond the grave the spirit of Berith has sought to destabilize our off-site forums, he succeeded, for a time, before our knights ousted him. Some minor damaged was caused but nothing of value was lost. We suggest, for your own security, that you change your password on our forums and anywhere else that you utilize that password.

The line of succession indicates that in such an instance the current Grand Chancellor shall ascend to the seat of the Grand Master. Today in the Golden Halls of Castle Paradoxia Feanor, Sword of Johan, assumed the office of Grand Master. He shall appoint a replacement for his former role shortly.

To our creditors: What little was gained by fraud, we shall repay in toil without complaint.

To our supporters: We ask for no condolences. There is but one penalty for transgressing the will of Admin, and it has been executed. All is as it should be.

To Paradoxians everywhere: Stats are a thing beloved of Johan. They are good to collect, as we have been commanded. Ill-gotten stats are an abomination unto Johan and it is the highest of sins to allow the love of stats to move a person to violate the will of Admin. For though he is not as sexy and awesome as Johan, his right to rule this realm is undeniable and beyond contest. Ponder these things with Thunder, Lightning, and Rock n' Roll.

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[quote name='Alistair Thorrington' date='06 July 2010 - 03:25 AM' timestamp='1278379510' post='2360641']
Jolly good. Out with the old, in with the new. :awesome:

Actually, out with the old, in with the older.

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