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After almost an entire year living under the protection of our friends at The Dark Templar, the time has come to make this thing official... FHU and The Dark Templar are very proud to present an Official, Signed, Fully Binding protectorate agreement. This is the first treaty of its kind for FHU and given our history and friendship with TDT, it was not a very difficult decision process. TDT has demonstrated time and time again that they will stand shoulder to shoulder with FHU and fight should our AA come under attack. For this reason, we are honored and privileged to sign this agreement and look forward to continued friendship and growth between us.

[size="5"][center]Dark Flying Hellfish[/center][/size]

In the mutual desire of protection, friendship and growth, The Dark Templar hereby known as DT agrees to provide military and/or financial assistance in the defense of Flying Hellfish United when needed.

Article I: Friendship and Non-Aggression

The Dark Templar recognizes Flying Hellfish United as an alliance with good potential and vows to respect it's sovereignty. Both alliances recognize the need to keep open communication to maintain a strong and stable relationship, and agree to handle all issues through private channels. It is agreed that neither alliance will take military action or engage in espionage against the other, or assist an alliance hostile to the other, whether it be through military or financial aid. Flying Hellfish United will not support the enemies of DT in any other way not mentioned here.

Article II: Diplomatic and Economic Assistance

The signatories recognize that economic support, whether through trade or aid, is mutually beneficial for both parties. If either signatory engages in political or military conflicts, it is the duty of the other signatory to offer diplomatic support and both signatories agree to retain unity in all public discourse.

Article III: Defense and Aggression

The Dark Templar gives its word to defend Flying Hellfish United through any and all means available, whether militarily, politically, or economically in times of distress. Flying Hellfish United is encouraged, but not required to come to the defense of The Dark Templar at any time while this pact is active. Both signatories have the option to go on an offensive campaign together but by no means is it mandatory to do so.

Article IV: Guidance

Flying Hellfish United accepts The Dark Templar's guidance and support, and agrees to have all treaties cleared by DT in order to ensure that any treaties are made in the best interests of both parties.

Article V: Termination

Either signatory may terminate this pact following a period of no less than 72 hours following notification to the other party. Following this period, Article I will remain active for an additional 96 hours. Violations of the aforementioned agreement are grounds for immediate dissolution of this treaty without prior notice.

Signed for The Dark Templar

Supa_Troop3r, The Dark Archon
Myworld, Lord of Development, The Old Man sitting on the dock
General Ozujsko, Lord of Foreign Affairs, Grand Marshall of the Jersey Shore, Kommandant of Exit 63.
TiTaN, Lord of War

Signed for Flying Hellfish United

Dethkon1 - Minister of War, Minister of Foreign Affairs
HerrBesserwisser - Dean of Flying Hellfish University
Mongoose - Flying 10 General Staff, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs[/quote]

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