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Meeting with Girltopia

Kevin Kingswell

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The Boeing 747 passenger jet began its final descent towards the airport at Girltopia's capital city, the pilots brought the aircraft in nice and steady and they landed her with nothing more than a tiny barely felt bump. The cabin crew walked down along the aircraft making sure that Lady Romonov and her assistants got out of their seats okay and were able to disembark with their small amount of hand luggage.

Exiting the plane the Lady and her group of assistants were stunned for a moment by the sudden change of terrain, taking a moment to steady herself Lady Romonov made her way down the aircraft steps and stepped aside at the bottom to allow her assistants to assemble around her as well as allowing time for the Girltopia queen to come meet her.

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The Queen marvaled at the 747, "It's beautiful... I've never seen anything... So... Big." The Queen quickly got her since back while her and the princess (Scarlet) walked to her. "Welcome to Girltopia." She gave her a warm smile while Scarlet stood awkwardly next to her mother. Not liking the beautiful pink dress she was in. "Hello ma'am... I'm Scarlet.." The Princess seemed intimidated and blushed when she put her hand out to shake.

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Lady Romonov returned the warm smile with her own and looked down to see the Princess. Wanting to reassure her Reese gently and carefully shook hands with Scarlet whilst smiling in as much a friendly manner as she could manage.

"It is nice to meet you Queen Madison and Princess Scarlet. Thank you for allowing me the honour of meeting you both and for allowing me to visit your nation" spoke Reese as she looked from Scarlet to the Queen. "You have a beautiful daughter your majesty, I have wished to start my own family but with some many projects and activities I just havn't had time to find a suitable suitor".

Realising that she was going off on a tale Lady Romonov blushed brightly in her cheeks before turning and pointing a hand to her team of assistants and guards. "Sorry about that I talk much too much, this group is my guards and assistants. Don't worry the guards are unarmed and have left their guns onboard the aircraft. So your majesty where should we head off to from here?".

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The Princess blushed at the kind words while the Queen returned a smile as well.
"Than you. I have worked very hard to keep her as you cute as she is. Now let us go to the palace. We just finished the West Wing yesterday. It is the private quarters of the Royal family but I am sure I can make an exception for you all:). Let us have supper together. We have a beautiful dinning room. And I am sure we can speak of political matters while we dine."

Princess Scarlet lead the way while the Queen stayed close to her. The Princess probably just desperate to get out of her dress.

The Queen lead them inside, "Because of the size of the palace the entire East Wing is dedicated to the Quarters of servants and/or workers of the Palace. Your guardspeople are more then welcome to sleep in private chambers if you wish."
Upon entering the Dinning Room the loyal butler of the palace - and one of the only males aloud inside - bowed at Madison, Princess Scarlet, and their guest. "My name is Charles. If you need anything just tell me. I am here to serve all of you, if you need anything please just tell me and I will do my best to assist you."

He pulled out a chair for everyone to sit in, considering everyone in the room was a girl and he was the only man he took it upon himself to pull out the chairs for everyone at the huge table. The Queen whispered to her guest, "He is from Taeunas. A friend of my mother. He is older then I but very loyal. He is the greatest of men I know.
I also... wasn't aware of what you or your guards would like to eat so I had the cooks prepare many dishes. I know it is not polite... But I have made our Supper tonight a buffet. We have everything from Sushi that has the fish imported from Japan and salads with vegetables grown in our own gardens. Any dish, vegetarian or meat you like."

The Queen took off her crown, motioning for the Princess to do so as well and they both put it on a pillow that a servant took away. The Queen noticed that Scarlet was now in a more casual short dress and she gave a slight glare at her daughter while Scarlet blushed at her little action.

"Lady Romonov, how would you like to begin our talks tonight? Anything you wish to speak of, I am willing to speak about. Even our history." Everyone stood up as we lined around the food tables and began serving ourselves.


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OOC: Sorry for the long wait.

IC: As Lady Romonov was lead through the palace she couldn't help but be amazed at what she was seeing. There was nothing like this back in the Foundation where everything was either cut into the ice or behind metal shutters and doors but here was a building built not for functionality but for beauty.

When the group reached the Dinning Room Lady Romonov was again stunned by its beauty and by the generosity given to her by the Queen. Looking at the food before her Reese was unable to speak any words but quickly managed to say a polite thank you before taking her seat as offered to her by Charles.

Listening to the Queen the Lady took in all that she was saying before standing up with her as they made their rounds of the food tables. Lady Reese took only a small amount of high energy providing foods as she had been brought up with in the Foundation due to the limited supplies of food there. After ensuring that she had enough food for the moment to keep her satisified she replied to the Queen's question.

"Your majesty I think it would be best to start with your nation's history as you have said. After all I know so little about you and your nation".

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[color="#4169E1"]"Well we began with my mother in Ireland and my Father in France. After the death of my father my mother made her way into the new world with me, as a young one, and her and her people migrated as nomads across the land. We eventually made it to Wyoming where we were kicked out. So we came here and this is where we now preside. All of my people are either of French or Irish heritage. All of the last names are very beautiful."

The Queen sat next to Lady Romonov and started eating some mashed potatoes made from potatoes from the garden. Charles came, "Would you two ladies care for a glass of wine?" Madison smiled, "Charles you dog. Would you care for some Lady Romonov?"

While Scarlet sat awkwardly across from Lady Romonov and Madison she managed to mumble shyly, "What does your money look like?" [/color]

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