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Genoa and Girltopia Talks


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[color="#4169E1"]The Queen of Girltopia welcomes Genoa with open arms. Fireworks were set off while the aircraft bringing your people landed. The Queen was waiting at the edge of the landing pad to welcome them, along with Princess Scarlet. "Mom... You know I [i]hate[/i] dressing like this. Are you embarrassed of me?" the Queen looked at her daughter,
"Look sweetie. I know you don't dress... How I want you to all of the time. But these are very serious people and most of them take insult easily. So we need to be careful. We already stick out enough. Please just this one time hun."

The Princess folded her arms and stood there as the Genoan people got off of the plane, "How was your flight??" the Queen yells over the dieing jet engines.


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