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Canuckistan Security and Intelligence Directorate

Sal Paradise

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[size="6"]Canuckistan Security and Intelligence Directorate[/size][/center]

The Canuckistan Security and Intelligence Directorate (SID) is Canuckistan's primary intelligence agency. The agency is operated by Paradise Government Systems on contract from the Canuckistan government. It has several secret bases throughout the country and it's main administrative office is located in Sipatau. The SID is divided into 6 departments that vary in degree of secrecy. Each department (save Department C) is divided into sections that oversee particular activities in the department's mandate. All sections report to a department head, who reports to the Director of the SID. In practice, however, the director is usually ignored in favour of Paradise Government Systems' Intelligence Liaison, who is the [i]de facto[/i] leader of the organization.

[center][u][b]Department A[/b][/u][/center]

[center]Department A oversees Sections 1-4. It collects and analyzes the information collected by its subordinate sections and reports it to the Director.[/center]

[b]Section 1[/b]

Monitors, collects and analyzes public information for the use of the state department, military and the rest of the SID. These include news broadcasts, newspapers, press releases, foreign government announcements, the internet, and scientific and political journals.

[b]Section 2[/b]

In charge of orbital reconnaissance. Monitors and maintains the nation's spy satellites.

[i]Section 2B[/i]

Section 2B Operates and maintains surveillance aircraft. 2B is classified as such because while it is for efficiency purposes a part of Section 2, for security purposes it is a part of Department B, a more secretive department that requires higher clearance.

[b]Section 3[/b]

Ground reconnaissance. This involves sending operatives into foreign countries to gather basic ground intelligence. Section 3 does not typically engage in high risk missions. Often posing as tourists Section 3 operatives gather information on things that any inquisitive private person might be able to legally collect.

[b]Section 4[/b]

Canuckistan propaganda and disinformation. Manipulates public and press opinion at home and abroad by managing controlled leaks of classified information or disinformation to the public and the press.

[i]Section 4B[/i]

Monitors foreign government intelligence activities in Canuckistan, attempts to turn or mislead foreign agents and conducts disinformation campaigns and leaks classified information to foreign governments and intelligence agencies. Has a similar relationship to Section 4 as Section 2 has to Section 2B.

[center][u][b]Department B[/b][/u][/center]
Department B is the main department of SID espionage. In addition to subordinate sections 2B and 4B, Department B operates the following sections.[/center]

[b]Section 5[/b]

Electronic information gathering and sabotage. A team of basement dwelling geeks, codenamed the Dough Boys, let loose on the computer systems of foreign governments to gather as much information as possible, destroy or shut down systems, if needed. Paid in pizza and mountain dew.

[b]Section 6[/b]

This is the Canuckistan sexy spy division. Codenamed the Delivery Boys (or Girls), agents of this Section are given 4 levels of authorization, sometimes separate but often compounding.

[i]License to Swill[/i]

These silver-tongued, tuxedo'd/evening gown'd, martini aficionados infiltrate ritzy government, corporate or royal soirées, seduce their targets and pry them for information.

[i]License to Grill[/i]

These agents kidnap targets and take them to abandoned medieval dungeons for interrogation.

[i]License to Kill[/i]

Canuckistan assassins. Gain extra points for creativity.

[i]License to Thrill[/i]

Agents given this license conduct daring operations deep inside enemy territory, to blow things up and make dizzying escapes in expensive sports cars. These are Canuckistan's top agents.

It is usually the case that those with a license to thrill, also have all other licenses. Those with licenses to kill and those with licenses to swill, are the least likely to have other licenses.

[center][u][b]Department C[/b][/u][/center]

[center]Department C is SID's science and technology division. It creates the vehicles and gadgets that allow Section 6 agents to conduct their missions, from cars with missile launchers to exploding cigars to aphrodisiacs.[/center]

[center][b][u]Department D
[center]Department D is the inter-governmental intelligence department. It co-ordinates intelligence efforts with foreign intelligence agencies and non-state groups. It oversees sections 7 and 8 and reports to the Director and Secretary of State.
[b]Section 7[/b]

Liaisons with ally intelligence. The goal of this Section is to increase integration of intelligence activities relevant to Canuckistan and its allies.

[b]Section 8[/b]

Liaisons with non-ally intelligence and non-state organizations when an operation requires it on a more [i]ad hoc[/i] basis than Section 4, keeping non-allies at arm’s length. Is also involved in providing arms to Canuckistan friendly-insurgents.

[center][u][b]Department E[/b][/u][/center]

[center]A more secretive version of Department C, Department E researches the bizarre, improbable and the supernatural.
[b]Section 9[/b]

The psyops unit. This section researches telepathy, telekenetics, mind control, communicating with the dead and other crazy stuff.

[b]Section 10[/b]

The Canuckistan prayer unit. Agents of this section experiment with praying to various deities and measuring their success rates.

[b]Section 11[/b]

Paranormal investigations. Staffed by only two Agents, this section investigates bigfoot sightings, hauntings, aliens and prepares for the zombie apocalypse.

[b]Section 12[/b]

Run by an evil genius, Section 12 is tasked with developing plans for either world domination or doomsday devices. Section 12’s plans are routinely foiled by Section 6 agents. This is because neither is aware that the other works for the Canuckistan government.

[center][u][b]Department F [/b][/u][/center]

This department is run by Paradise Government Systems without the knowledge of the Canuckistan government. It uses the resources of the rest of SID to protect the interests of the company.

[b]Section 13[/b]

Government control: maintains PGS control over the government through blackmail, election rigging, media control and even assassination.

[b]Section 14[/b]

Corporate and industrial espionage. Spies on rival companies at home and abroad.

[b]Section 15[/b]

Market manipulation, money laundering, slush funds, extortion, drugs, arms sales, puppy acquisition. Essentially uses SID to make money for the company.

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spot reserved for character descriptions. -in progress-

Name: Peter Mackay
Paradise Government Systems Intelligence Liaison
Job Description: [i]de facto[/i] director of SID

Name: Alejandro de Fisterra
Section 6 Senior Field Agent
Licenses: all
Biography: add this later

Name: Aom Fisterra Lertcheewakarn
Section 6 Field Agent Liaison, Section 13 Character Assassin
Licenses: Swill
Biography: Alejandro de Fisterra's daughter

Name: Duke Eastwood
Section 6 Assassin
Licenses: Kill, Grill
Primary Skills: Survivalist, tracker

Name: Amadeus Doomcannon
Section 12 Evil Genius
Primary Skills: Delusions of grandeur

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[quote name='Zoot Zoot' date='02 July 2010 - 09:13 PM' timestamp='1278130369' post='2358390']
add classified tags

OOC: It says in the topic description that everything is classified unless I say otherwise. Easier that way, because practically nothing I post in here will be public.

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