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Imperium Hominis Announcement

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[b]To: [u]+++CLEARANCE DENIED++[/u]
From: [u]+++CLEARANCE DENIED+++[/u]
Subject: [u]+++CLEARANCE DENIED+++[/u]
Date: 146.968.M41
Message Format: Astropathic
Astropathic Duct: [u]+++CLEARANCE DENIED+++[/u]
Thought for the Day:[/b][i] Only in death does duty end[/i]

Imperium Hominis had gotten off to a great start, with membership rising from 3 members to 16 members by the end of the month, but the good times would end fast. Inactivity plagued the membership and would quickly claim more than 10 members.

An attempt to revive the Imperium failed, with the activity improving slightly but going back on its rapid decline. Despite the wishes of the High Lords of Terra and the Imperial citizenry, I will be ending the Imperium Hominis. Effective immediately, all members still loyal to the God-Emperor are asked to join our friends at CSN. CSN will be posting the protection spiel shortly. (Sorry GOONS :( <3)

I would like to thank the IH members who stood by us even when the times were rough, CSN for their protection and FK for their advice and interest in IH. To those who frequented our IRC channel and forums; welcoming us and stopping by for a chat: I extend another thank you. To those who bet on how long IH would last, you guys suck. On the same note, Penkala I think you won the pool.

[url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7XqIvjtj2qA]It is better to dance for the Emperor than dance for yourself[/url]


[img] http://images4.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20100531223060/cybernations/images/thumb/7/7f/SealOfTheGodEmperor.png/200px-SealOfTheGodEmperor.png[/img]
[i]Imperial Seal of the God-Emperor[/i]

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If you touch anyone on the IH AA I will personally rip your throat out.

Welcome back, Hetman.

Edited by Penkala
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