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The Mediterranean Parliament

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[b]The Mediterranean Parliament,

[b]Current Issues:[/b]

[b]Past Issues:[/b]
-Membership of Spain - (Aye: 1/Nay: 1/Abstain: 2 - To vote: 0) - Motion Failed
-Membership of the Slavic Federation - (Aye: 3/Nay: 0/Abstain: 1 - To vote: 0) - Motion Passed
-Membership of the Sarnungian Republic - [Aye: 4/Nay: 0/Abstain: 0 - To vote: 0) - Motion Passed
-Membership of Valencia - [Aye: 4/Nay: 0/Abstain: 0 - To vote: 0) - Motion Passed
-Membership of España - [Aye: 4/Nay: 0/Abstain: 0 - To vote: 0) - Motion Passed
-Partial Membership of Monaco - [Aye: 6/Nay: 0/Abstain: 0 - To vote: 0] - Motion Passed
-Addition of Article 6 Section 5 - [Aye:6/Nay: 0/Abstain: 0 - To vote: 0] - Motion Passed
-Antarctican Conflict - [Discussion]
-Membership of Portugal - [Aye: 4/Nay: 0/Abstain: 0 - To vote: 0) - Motion Passed
-Membership of Venice - [Aye: 4/Nay: 0/Abstain: 0 - To vote: 0) - Motion Passed
-Membership of New Cadia - [Aye: 4/Nay: 0/Abstain: 0 - To vote: 0) - Motion Passed
-Expulsion of Espana - [Aye: 2/Nay: 0/Abstain: 2 - To vote: 0) - Motion Passed

[b]Representatives to the Parliament:[/b]
Athens: Athena Dellis
Greater Nordic Empire of Dalmatia:
Monaco-Valencia: Jean-Paul Proust
New Cadia:


[u][b][color="#4169E1"]Article I - Preamble:[/color][/b][/u]
We the people of the undersigned countries hereby sign this Union and agree to uphold the articles held within. This Union is signed in good faith of the undersigned.

[color="#4169E1"][b][u]Article II – Sovereignty:[/u][/b][/color]
[b]Section 1:[/b] The undersigned agree to avoid any violation of the sovereignty of another signatory, this includes but is not limited to direct and indirect warfare, espionage and economic destruction or the supporting of a 3rd party to do so.
[b]Section 2:[/b] The Mediterranean Parliament will not rule over the internal or external matters of its members.
Article III – Intelligence & Extradition:[/u][/b][/color]
[b]Section 1:[/b] Should information vital to that of another signatory be obtained it is the obligation of those that have said information to share it. Such information includes but is not limited to terrorists, invasion plans, espionage and others similar.
[b]Section 2:[/b] Law Enforcement agencies of the signatories will work together to fight crime inside the MEMU, at the request of one signatory law enforcement agencies are obligated to assist in the capturing of a suspect inside their borders.
[b]Section 3:[/b] Should a fugitive citizen, resident or other individual reside in one country of the MEMU it is the obligation of said country to extradite the individual to the country where the individual is wanted.
[b]Section 4:[/b] The extradition of a senior government official of one of the signatories is not covered by this treaty and is up to the country of the government official if he or she should be extradited. In essence the governments of this Union enjoy full diplomatic immunity.

[color="#4169E1"][b][u]Article IV – Defense:[/u][/b][/color]
[b]Section 1:[/b] Should a signatory of this Union fall under attack from a third party it is the obligation of all other signatories to defend the victim with all aid possible. This includes but is not limited to economic, diplomatic and military support.
[b]Section 2:[/b] Should an attack on one signatory be because of an attack the signatory has committed itself this article will revert to optional aid.
[b]Section 3:[/b] This article will not regulate internal matters such as rebellion or insurgencies. Only at the request of the recognized government may military aid from signatories be dedicated to internal conflicts of another.

[color="#4169E1"][u][b]Article V – Economic:[/b][/u][/color]
[b]Section 1:[/b] The signatories of this union will allow free trade within their borders to individuals from other signatories. Economic barriers are against the spirit of this treaty.
[b]Section 2:[/b] The currencies of the signatories will be recognized within the borders of all signatories.

[color="#4169E1"][u][b]Article VI – The Mediterranean Parliament:[/b][/u][/color]
[b]Section 1:[/b] The Mediterranean Parliament or simply the Parliament will be the ruling organ of the Union. It will be headquartered in Athens with back-up facilities in other countries of this Union.
[b]Section 2:[/b] Each member nation is allowed to send a permanent representative to the Parliament.
[b]Section 3:[/b] The Parliament will rule on all issues concerning the Union, including but not limited to admissions, expulsions and economic issues.
[b]Section 4:[/b] The Parliament will have no control over the internal or external issues of any of its members. It is merely tasked with the maintenance of the Union.
[b]Section 5:[/b] After an issue has been put forward to the Parliament all members have 72 hours to contact their governments and issue their vote before the vote will end and their vote considered an abstain.

[color="#4169E1"][u][b]Article VII – Admissions:[/b][/u][/color]
[b]Section 1:[/b] Any country with land at the Mediterranean can apply to become member of the Union, for the purpose of this pact the Mediterranean includes the Adriatic, Aegean but not the Black Sea.
[b]Section 2:[/b] For an application to be approved the Parliament has to vote unanimously in favor of the applicant.
[b]Section 3:[/b] In special cases a country with no direct land at the Mediterranean may apply, however this will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

[color="#4169E1"][b][u]Article VIII – Expulsions:[/u][/b][/color]
[b]Section 1:[/b] Any representative to the Parliament may issue a motion to expel another country from the Union.
[b]Section 2:[/b] For such an expulsion to pass it has to be proven that the country involved has violated this treaty, in addition all members(the country involved excluded) must vote in favor of such an expulsion.

[color="#4169E1"][b][u]Article IX – Cancellation:[/u][/b][/color]
[b]Section 1:[/b] Any country within this Union is allowed to leave it, for such a withdrawal from the pact 72 hours notice must be given to the remaining signatories.
[b]Section 2:[/b] During the 72 hours period all articles of this pact remain in effect.

[color="#4169E1"][u][b]Article X – Ratification:[/b][/u][/color]
We the undersigned hereby recognize all articles of this treaty as a binding law, while governments may change and the signatures of this pact become invalid the obligations will pass over to future ruling bodies until cancelled. This treaty will enter into effect on the 28th of June 2010.

Signed for the [b]Athenian Federation[/b],
Her Imperial Highness Nikita Akhatova, [i]Empress of the Athenian Federation[/i]

Signed for [b]Austria[/b],

Signed for the [b]Monaco-Valencia[/b],
His Serene Highness Albert II, [i]Prince of Monaco [/i]

Signed for [b]New Cadia[/b],

Signed for the [b]Greater Nordic Empire of Dalmatia[/b],
His Imperial Highness Alec Pradeux, Emperor of the Slavic Federation, President of Dalmatia, Chief Priest, Imperator of the Slavic Armed Forces, Imperium Maius, First Man of the Senate, and Imperial Censor of the State
His Imperial Highness James II, Emperor of the Slavic Federation, King of Caucasia, Chief Priest, Imperator of the Slavic Armed Forces, Imperium Maius, First Man of the Senate, and Imperial Censor of the State


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As a nation of peace and a nation hoping to see peace and prosperity spread throughout Europe, the Slavic Federation, hereby, submits its application to join this honorable bloc. We are willing to answer any and all questions you may have.

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"As an ally of the Slavic Federation Athens sees no reason to block the membership of this nation. They have shown to be a progressive and prospering country of Europe and maintain a responsible policy. As such we will vote in favor of their membership. In regards to the application of Spain, we do not know much about them however if the other represenatives feel they should become a member we will not block that vote and thus will abstain."Athena said as the votes were put on the screen.

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Antoinette Quentin, the French Ambassador to the Mediterranean Bloc stood up and cleared her throat before beginning.

"France of course would be happy to welcome the Slavic Federation to the Mediterranean Community, however their entrance poses this question. Madames and Monsieurs, Europe at the moment is divided between various blocs, the Western European Union, PEPTO, ECO, and now the Mediterranean Union. Some of us here are involved in not one, but two, maybe perhaps even three of these blocs and I must ask, why the division if we are all going to be friends in one bloc, why cannot this carry over to the entirety of Europe. To my comrades, I would like to propose that our Parliament host a conference to all the blocs of Europe, PEPTO, ECO, and the WEU to propose a greater cooperation from the British Isles to the Slavorussian held Urals. This has been a time of peace for the people of Europe, there is no reason why we should further the division. If everyone desires peace with their neighbors and blocing themselves, then I believe it is time to extend our gratitude towards one another and if there is any perceived hatred between France and any nation in Europe, we will be happy to bridge that gap.

Therefore under the command of the Imperial Government, I vote for entrance to both the Slavic Federation and the Spanish Republic."

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Athena was a bit amazed at the large proposal that was made, because it was too big to decide herself she nodded and made contact with the Magistrate through the ISIS interface on the table, after a few minutes she rose up.

"The Magistrate sees merit in the French proposal. The world is divided, historic continents of peace are gone and Europe seems to have a neighborly love though very local. The Athenian Federation is willing to host the meeting in this building. The tower of European Unity"

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The Envoy looked at the others seated in the room, personally their talk of grand pan-European unity tired him. In his previous post in the Sicilian Foreign Affairs Directorate he had voiced concerns about the growing state-sponsored homogeneity and autocracy of the Slavs, he had implored the Steward to reconsider the Sicilian-Slavic relationship, but the Steward had entertained none of it. As much as he would like to vote against the Slavs entering MEMU, he knew it would be the end of his career if he did.

"Sicily will echo Athens in voting in favor of the Slavs, however we are not prepared to defend the Spaniards at this time and as such we will block their entrance."

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"With a nay against Spain according to our charter their application has failed to meet unanimous consent of all voting members. The Slavic Federation will only need a yes from the New Palma Republic for membership to pass"

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OOC: Owned has told me during his lock all votes will count as abstain for the NPR.


"With the abstain on both issues by the New Palma Republic the Slavic Federation has passed. You can submit your signatures now and assign a representative."

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[quote]Signed for the Slavic Federation

His Imperial Highness [b]Alec Pradeux[/b], Emperor of the Slavic Federation, President of Dalmatia, Chief Priest, Imperator of the Slavic Armed Forces, Imperium Maius, First Man of the Senate, and Imperial Censor of the State
His Imperial Highness [b]James II[/b], Emperor of the Slavic Federation, King of Caucasia, Chief Priest, Imperator of the Slavic Armed Forces, Imperium Maius, First Man of the Senate, and Imperial Censor of the State[/quote]

We thank the members of the Mediterranean Parliament for welcoming us to this bloc, and we promise to work together for peace and stability.

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"As we all know the MEMU has reached quite a seniority over the last years with little membership shifts and no loss of territory in the entire time. I believe it is time for our unity to take a more proactive state in world affairs, specifically European ones. When the Americans invaded Portugal most of us stood by, while they are attacking the British Isles we are standing by. Over the last few years imperialism from outside Europe has been on the rise in general. Where continents such as Asia and Africa have taken measures against this Europe lacks any clear doctrine to prevent foreign government from taking what is rightfully ours. As we all know this pact is ready for some changes in its very core and on behalf of the Federation I would like to guide this to a peaceful and independent Europe. A Pax Europa if you will. What do you all think?”

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As the nation who controls the bottom half of the Strait of Gibraltar, the nation who controls Unity Island, the nation whose lifeblood depends on the Mediterranean, the nation whose entire inspiration for democracy and the core tenets of her civilization came from the Greeks, the Sarnungian Republic submits an application. We are already allied to the Southern and Eastern halves of the Mediterranean, and the nations represented here are allies themselves with our own, such as Rebel Army. The Republic owes much to Athens for her help during our own internal crises, and the Republic and France have already met to talk about past interactions within our countries and new beginnings.

The Mediterranean Parliament does not seem corrupt, like many other institutions of the type; the Republic feels like it is our duty to strengthen this pact and align ourselves more closely with our unwritten allies.

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Valencia would like to apply for membership into the Mediterranean Parliament. We contain a large coastline on the Mediterranean, and much of our land and people were once part of the Union (as a part of France). We hold many of the same ideals, including non-colonization of Europe. Our previous incarnation even fought a war (admittedly not the best) to attempt to stop it. Being a young nation, we want to prove that we are a reliable and trustworthy ally.

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España would like to ask for a pardon for this bloc. We have waters just outside the Gibraltar strait with the port city of Huelva. If this is not permitted we will leave with out harsh feelings but with being a new nation we can offer a good bit to the Union.


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"For the purpose of this pact and considering the regional status of España you fit the requirements for the Mediterranean Economic and Military Union. We also vote in favor of Valencia and España to be admitted into the Union"

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We will vote in favor of all three applicants.

However the Sicilian League has a long history of opposition to 'Europe First' movements and it is for this same reason that we have refrained from joining PEPTO. So long as the people of a region are ruled fairly and are free from undue oppression or discrimination then we do not care who is in charge. While we commend your desire to see a free Europe we feel that certain European nations are a greater threat to European freedom than foreign powers.

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With the vote from the USR the motions to admit Valencia and the now Empire of Twelve Gods has reached the required amount of votes. The 2 countries are requested to assign representatives and submit their signatures.

We also request the French delegation to vote on the admittance of España

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Valencia is honored to be accepted into the Mediterranean Parliament.

Signed for Valencia,
Ecco Suárez
El Presidente de la Segunda República de Valencia

Justino Gúzman
El Vicepresidente de la Segunda República de Valencia

Tomàs Peña
El Ministro de Asuntos Exteriores para la Segunda República de Valencia[/i]

Our representative will be Etán Maldonaldo, who was the runner up in the presidential elections.

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Monaco formally submits a request to join the MEMU. However we would like to request an exemption from Article IV if at all possible. Monaco has a small standing military of less than 200 men and thus we would be unable to support another nation militarily. In addition we are maintaining a semi-state of neutrality at the moment and are fortunate to have the blessings of others to ensure we are well cared for.

We would however we would like to start and maintain relationships with our neighbors and this treaty, along with its economic and extradition clause, would provide a good opportunity to do so.

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