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Weapons of Grassy Destruction

Lord Zephyr

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Kampala Weapons Research and Development Facility, Lake Victoria, Ugandan District, Grassy Plains N Such

The two most powerful [i]men[/i] in the nation of Grassy Plains N Such walked side by side in the main hangar of Matthew/John's secret weapons development facility under Lake Victoria talking about developing some more advanced weaponry for the nations army and the possible development of its navy.

"So John, or can I call you Matthew down here?" Lincoln asked the Prime Minister John Henry Eden.

"While I'd regret you making a habit of it yes it is ok for you to call me Matthew here." John/Matthew replied.

Lincoln nodded and then continued, "Matthew, you have some truly amazing technology down here. However my troops have been training with weapons from the god damned cold war era. Not that they're bad but in todays world there quite outdated. What do you have here that I can use?"

"Nothing, yet anyway, that you can use unfortunately. Before you asked me this facility was developing fun little toys for my personal use, not on a world scale. Unfortunately I think there might be some questions thrown up if you suddenly had helicopters that have automated high powered laser turrets." Lincoln frowned and Matthew took notice. "However this is a weapons [i]development[/i] facility so obviously this place can have many things that you can use on your troops fairly soon. I actually have a few ideas I'd like to run by you in terms of mechanized weaponry. If I can't give you the advanced weaponry you'd like I can certainly at least give you modern weaponry."

Lincoln raised an eyebrow as to what Matthew had in mind and he followed him to a smaller more conference like room that had two of Matthews mysterious followers and several medium to large sized cases in it. He and Matthew sat down and Matthew nodded to the two men to begin the demonstration.

"The first weapon I have readily available to you is the M4 Carbine." The two men opened a case an pulled out the aforementioned gun. "Commonly used by the original United states its a very reliable and easy to get gun. It used 5.56 ammunition of which there is an abundance. Also I just so happen to have come across a shipment of thirty or so thousand of them. So if they were to be implemented then we could arm the entire active force with them relatively quickly. Its also very customizable. Ever heard of a thing called the M4 Sopmod?" *chuckles* "In the same shipment I also found the old US sidearm the M9 pistol. It also is a fairly reliable gun and we have more of those than we have M4s so they could go to the reserve army as well."

"Hmm... Well thats all really nice. I'm going to go ahead and authorize that package you have there. I'm assuming that since you showed it to me first that its the one you have the most of right now?"

"You would assume correctly."

"Then those will definitely be implemented as our main gun, however I'm interested in the other boxes you've got there."

"Indeed, open our next package." The two men put the first guns away and opened the next box. "This is the Scar-H. It fires a 7.62 round, has about the same reliability as the M4, and I have quite a few of these as well. Only ten thousand but its still enough to begin arming a few battalions. And its pistol complement the Desert Eagle." The two men showcased the weapons to Abraham and he watched scrutinizingly.

"I also like these two. In fact this give me an idea, if we were to implement both of those weapons I'd be able to create "heavy" and "light" squadrons using these weapons. I always like having my army multi purposeful."

"Actually I was going to suggest that to you if you disagreed with me on either of them. I'm not surprised you figured it out yourself though. So this next one I've already shown you. Its the Barret 50 caliber rifle. Its pretty standard and its very powerful. I have a more powerful rifle but that can't really be fired by a regular human. Obviously you already have this in your army with my squads but I wanted you to know that i can manufacture them for the regular snipers too. And we have a lighter rifle as well for when a fifty cal might not be appropriate. Somebody in that shipment must have loved US rifles because there were a few thousand M40A5s. Again all these guns I have manufacturing capabilities for, actually [i]we[/i] have since their just Grassy's own factories."

"Again I approve of both guns. I'm sure my men will be glad to be working with more modern weaponry thanks to you. Now you were saying something about vehicles..."

OOC: To be continued, I should have this in my FB sometime I promise!

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"...Yes I was saying something about vehicles earlier wasn't I? Since we're done here I suppose we can move on. Now some of the Ideas I have haven't been developed very far. So I have a nice little slide show production of the sketches I drew of them and I'll show you the prototype that isn't very good at all." Matthew said.

He produced a remote and pushed a button on it while the two men cleared the room of the weapons boxes. A projector appeared from the ceiling of the room and a white screen rolled down on the opposing wall. Once the room was cleared the projector turned on and the symbol of Matthews weapons making company.

"Nightmare Industries?" Lincoln questioned.

"Ah yes, just a little side project I've worked on over the years that develops weapons for PMCs and terro- erm liberation organizations. Nothing very large, but from what I've heard the weapons I've made are really good.", Matthew grinned, "Now on to the vehicles." The slide changed to show what looked like an armored school bus on treads. "This is the Tortoise Troop Transport. It would run off of a larger diesel engine similar to what our current low number of tanks run off of and its larger than a traditional one by a lot. The current design can hold up to 19 men including the driver and it has slots for guns to fit through as windows. On the top there are two mannable turrets that can provide cover fire for each other and the transport itself can carry tons of ammo on it along with the troops. It has few exits, one in the back and the two open able holes on the top for a man to get at those turrets from inside. Its reactive armor plating can take bullets up to fifty caliber and sustain direct hits from numerous RPGs. Its weakest point is along the window slots and only when they are open. It takes a direct hit into the slot to do any significant amount of damage to the inside however and its rare that a rocket can be that precise on a moving, or even stationary target from any distance that wouldn't kill the rocketeer to. The second weakness is a hit from an IED or land mine from directly under the carriage. It doesn't penetrate the armor but the treads will usually break off after that. And in its current design its not very all terrain. It can take slopes on an even road, but when is there an even road to go up a mountain? The good news is that there isn't very many places within Grassy plains that it can't go. I am working on that problem however."

Lincoln looked intrigued as he considered the possibilities of this transport. "I like this because it can fulfill many different roles. Obviously a transport, but its also a mobile bunker, moving cover for soldiers, and a wall for defense of key positions. Its a wonderful idea and I'm sure you can develop it into something even better than what it sounds like now."

"Right then now on to some tanks." The slide changed again to what looked like a very large tank with four mini main gun turrets on it. "This is the T-42 Anti-infantry tank. It has four fifty caliber turrets each manned by a soldier inside the tank that gets his targets from a computer that marks them out from the camera on the turret itself. While I said its an anti infantry tank it can take on pretty much everything, especially with exploding ammunition. Same deal with the armor as the transport. There are five people total, four on the turrets and one driver. While its effective in its own right it serves better as an object of terror. Not only does this thing look scary, but what it does to infantry, tanks, and the landscape is outright frightening. I haven't actually assembled the whole thing yet but I have a few prototype turrets up and ready and the field tests we've done are... Well see for yourself." The slide changed to show a video. There was a field with a lot of mannequins in it. The mannequins were filled with red dye to show confirmed kills. The two turrets opened fire and absolutely destroyed the field of mannequins in bursts of red dye that erily looked more like blood than it should have. After thirty seconds of sustained fire the field was covered in smoke and craters. Not a sign of the mannequins was left aside from pieces of white plastic.

Lincoln smiled at the sight of the destruction. "Wonderful!" He shouts. "Absolutely wonderful! Such a great display of absolute destruction. I'm sure even your experimental battalions would run from that."

"No they wouldn't. I can guarantee that."

OOC:To be continued yet again

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"Hmm, well the balls of your military aside, what else might you have in here?"

"Well I have a really cool looking plane thats also pretty effective in combat. In fact I even have the designs figured out completely. I was going to implement it into the Raochin Air Force but then that particular Air force ceased to exist. Any way here."

(OOC: Scanner decides to not work :/)

"It is armed with two fifty caliber Gatling guns, four missiles of your choice, bombs can be attached if needed though I have a bomber thats a bit more suited to that task. The missiles have auto-load capabilities and can carry up to 16 missiles. Its Heavily Armored and can take loads of damage before its destroyed. It can fly up to speeds of Mach 2 with a light payload. Oh and its wings move to allow for greater mobility at slower speeds."

The slide switched again, showing what looked like a bomber. "This is a bomber. Its fat, and looks slow. And I think its ugly. But its pretty stealthy, radar bounces right off it, and it can carry up to 8000 lbs payload. Its high altitude and relies on its stealth and escorts for defense. Its top speed is around Mach 1."

OOC: Too tired to think anymore.

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Matthew paced around the room. "Of course one of the most major and terrifying threats to our security is the nuclear ICBM. One of these can detonate on a major military target or population center and kill millions of people and cripple our nation's defense. For the moment the missile defenses and satellites we have up now are monitoring the earth to detect launches and their directions but the system is incomplete. A long time ago the original United States tried to develop a complete system that offered coverage of the entire world. We never knew if they succeeded but now in other countries they have. I have been able to develop these systems for a while but never had the necessity that we have now that I've given up my nuclear secrets to you. Therefore my scientists have begun the development of an SDI. It wont have world coverage but it will be able to detect missiles from thousands of miles out and destroy them before they get to their targets."

"Cool, how does it work."


"Pew pew?"


"Cool. Whens it going up?"

"Whenever my scientists work out the bugs. Most of the infrastructure is already there, the systems just need to be implemented."

"... So when am I going to have laser shooting helicopters?"

"Never, those are mine, though I can give you similar helicopters with lots of rockets and machine guns."

"... cool."

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Kampala Military complex,

"Welcome Abraham." said Matthew, standing in an open field somewhere outside of the Kampala military complex. "I'e got two tests planned for your viewing today. The first is the new airplanes I showed you, the Model-1 or M1's for short. I've build two so far, this will be their first test flight. Do you have a name for the M-1's decided yet?"

Abraham stood next to John in his uniform. He had sunglasses on, and was smiling. "Yes actually, what do you prefer, Dark angels or White Falcons?"

"Seeing as we are painting the planes white and blue, I think White Falcons fits better."

"M-1 White Falcons it is then. Dark Angels can be the name of our bombers."

"Now that fits nicely." A colonel shouted orders to two pilots who then ran for the planes parked in the runway. As described they were painted blue and white to resemble a past leaders dreams and family colors. "Our second demonstration is of the SDI. We're testing it against real missiles this time." Matthew had to shout now as the planes turned on their engines. "It'll be interesting to see how it fairs."

Abraham nodded as the planes took off. The planes flew for an hour while they did aerial acrobatics, tested the engine speeds, taking high Gee turns and dives, and fired dummy missiles at dummy targets. Eventually they settled down for a landing.

"Very nice John." Abraham applauded.

"Don't bring out the fanfare yet, I still have to look at the test results and we don't know if any problems occurred yet. But from what we saw I think it went well. Least they didn't explode. Next of course is the SDI test. Its pretty simple really, if it works you should see twenty five puffs out there," he pointed to an open plane to the east, "and if it doesn't of course we'll know that its not ready yet. Its set up so that we test three systems we have running right now. One ground based laser thats designed to heat up the warhead an make it explode preemptively, one ground based anti missile missile, and one space based laser. Theoretically the space ones should be able to destroy the missiles in their silos, but we have them programmed right now to shoot when they're in the air."

"Right, start the laser show then."

Matthew nodded and said to his watch, "Start it."

Within five seconds smoke trails of the missiles could be seen flying over their position, once they were out on the plain that Matthew pointed to five puffs of smoke appeared, then three more. While Abraham seemed to enjoy the show Matthew looked deeply disappointed. "Hmm, seems like it needs more work. Oh well next time we should have a working rail gun anti missile platform going. Once we develop that we'll have some interesting defensive and offensive capabilities."

"I'd like that, we're still not strong enough to take on who I'd like to be able too, and we're way behind Nod in technology as well. You hear they have a working navy now? Why's it so hard for us to build some god damned ships."

"All in good time Abraham, we simply don't have the funds to do the weapons projects, the SDI, your monument, build on pemba island practically from scratch, keep a nation running, and on top of all that a Navy. The budget is stretched as it is."

Abraham frowned deeply, but conceded. "Very well Matthew, but promise me it wont be too long before I have the resources I need for my true vision."

Matthew repeated, "All in good time my friend, all in good time."

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Setup of Infantry Units.

[b] Reserve Infantry:[/b]

Regular Citizens of GPnS. Basic training, rarely go into combat. Have served the required four years of active duty and be carrying on with thar regular lives. They be required to submit to a fitness exam twice every year and get removed from the reserves if they do not pass. During wartime they be required to come to training once a week to keep their skills sharp if they be needed in Active Duty. When activated they go through a refresher course of one month before being sent to the battlefield. A person can remain in the reserves as long as they pass the fitness exam.

[b] Active Infantry:[/b]

Ready for combat at all times. While the Majority be those who be serving their required four years a vast minority be those who have chosen the military as thar career. While in active duty the army be thar lives. During peacetime the focus be more on academics and many use it to get thar degrees for their future career beyond the military. During wartime they be the first on the front lines. They make up the majority of the army. During wartime the active slots be always being filled by the reserves when they become open.

[b] Specialists:[/b]

Those that choose to make a career out of the military usually become specialists. Specialists make up a good portion of the army and include Officers, snipers, shock troopers, special forces, heavy infantry, Air Force pilots, tank operators, intelligence gatherers, and any other position that may require some additional training beyond what just active duty will get ye. These units be tougher than regular infantry. They have lots of experience in the military and be not to be trifled with.

[b] Experimental Squadrons:[/b]

The smallest division of the military. These few but awesome soldiers be the best of the best. Trained by the original squadrons provided from Matthews lot these guys be hard ass $%^&@#s. They be a mix of Matthews super soldiers and those that volunteered to join up. Training takes years to complete and the drop out rate be enormous but when they're done they be the finest soldiers this earth had ever seen. They do not run from a fight, unless its towards a bigger one. They're trained in all fields but specialize in one. In that field they be artists of destruction. Nothing beats them. They're fully armored head to toe.

(Note: thar be a slight divide in the experimental squadrons. While regular soldiers be trained for years to be brought up to the skill level of Matthews soldiers, they still fall short of their mentors. Matthews troops be not only raised from birth, but genetically breed to do exactly what he wants them to do. They have it ingrained into their brains and they've done it for longer than any other soldier has. Naturally they will be better than those who volunteer to the service.)

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Cont. from the news announcement.

On the GPNS Destroyer, "Thank you Matthew. I couldn't be happier at this moment. Well Mao could be here but he has stately matters to attend to (hunting animals in his private safari)."

"My pleasure Abraham. I benefit from this too you know. I've never built navy ships before, so I had to steal these from some ship designs my AI managed to dig up. I do believe they're what the old US had before it collapsed. They should suffice for now, and they just increased our power projection tenfold. I'll get my scientists to work on a better design with newer weapons, and then we'll be a force to be reckoned with."

Abraham nodded, leaned back in his chair and smelled the sea air for a bit, then posed this question, "Which ship do you like best? I personally like Bombardment over the destroyer, It reminds me of the old wooden ship naval battles. Cept supped up with giant cannons."

"I like the Aircraft Carrier still being built in the shipyards. Those combined with the Mark II jets and a few rail guns would be nice. Oh and then theres the coup' de grace, an old design my friend Malek had but could never build. Its basically three Aircraft carriers rigged together with five layers of missile defense, Rail guns in the middle with overlapping fire, two nuclear engines, and to top it off over 150 airplanes of the finest build. That was one large ship design. It would cost nearly five times the cost of building just the three Aircraft carries it makes up and about the same to keep it stocked, but that wasn't the point. The point was it was scary as hell, and it could turn wherever it was into an impenetrable fortress."

"You'll have to build that for me some time."

"Don't get your hopes up."

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Abraham was reading in his study when Matthew walked into the room. He sat down next to him and sighed. "Abraham, I realize what your doing. And while I completely agree with it, Rebel Army is not a pushover. And while I've increased GPNS technology level exponentially since we started, we are yet to be on par with them. Realizing this I think its time we start looking for replacements for the ships, guns, tanks, everything really. It may take a while to develop, but just like the mark ones if you allow me the funding what I develop will be vastly superior to what we have now."

Abraham sat a while and read on, as if he hadn't noticed Matthew, but he then reached for his bookmark and slid it in between his pages. "So are you saying that I should back down until you have these weapons developed? We both have visions Matthew, this just so happens to be one of mine. Who knows how long it will take to get these things, god knows the mark ones are taking forever to develop."

"Soon Abraham, these things take time to get right. And I'm not saying you should back down either. NoN seems to want to support us. And we still haven't got it dead for sure that RA is going to attack us if we go through with it. Perhaps you should take their offer of an open protectorate and when the time is right we'll take it."

Abraham scowled. He brought his hand up to his chin and thought. "Let us see how the negotiations go. And I will allow for you to increase the funds. I must see results though, it seems you've fallen on a dry spell."

"Complications with the mark ones, they're mobility is much too low, I've drawn up a design for the mark twos that we should implement soon. I should have a working demo for you soon. We've almost figured out the rail gun systems, we have working ones but they can't fire more than two shots before they melt. The SDI is close to finishing, We have all the research done we just need to build the platforms and figure out the rail gun systems, which might take a while. I've begun working on designs for the Navy as well. I have a design for the tanks set those just need to be build, and the Anti personnel tanks need to be tested. The weapons I also have Ideas for. I also want to see about reproducing battlesteel as armor."

Abraham didn't look impressed. "Can I see any of these mythical designs?"

"Of course, let me go get them." Matthew stood and left the room. While walking he thought to himself, [i]I must get rid of Abraham some time. He's much too independent. Perhaps... I can bring back Alyx's. If he has the same ideology as his uncle I would have free reign again. And we'd already have the technology because of Abrahams vision, so I wouldn't get bothered with this anymore! I could finally get back to my immortality project![/i] He smiled as he asked Anya to bring up his designs.

OOC: Next post should be of my drawings. Course I have to get off my lazy arse and scan them, and the quality will suck, but they'll look cool.

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"Commencing of missile defense test number forty two."

Matthew and Abraham once again stood upon the testing fields for their new missile defense grid. Matthew looked rather confident as twenty five streaks of mock missiles flew across the sky.

Abraham on the other hand looked more indifferent than confident. "This had better produce the results that you promised Matthew. I've poured much too many resources into your research for my liking."

"Relax and watch the fireworks Abraham." As if on cue twenty one of the missiles flying across the sky erupted into flames, the other four streaked across for a little while and then they too erupted into flames. "It re-targets now, if any missiles get through the first wave and haven't impacted yet it will attempt to hit those too. It actually can be set to predict paths and launch defenses accordingly."

"Rather impressive, I expect a showing of the mark twos next?"

Matthew nodded, "I should have the workable demos ready for you in a few weeks."

"Very well, carry on."

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Matthew and Abraham walked again through the grey halls of Matthews Research Complex under Lake Victoria. Two of Matthews Soldiers escorted the pair.

The Two soldiers halted at a door and took up positions on either side. Matthew walked up, typed in a code, put his finger on a scanning pad, then his eye, and then a synthetic voice prompted him to say the Voice password, "All that we have been waiting for." He turned to Abraham "This Abraham, was what I was waiting to show you. I haven't spent the last few months developing nothing. I give you Everything."

The door opened into a rather large complex where several lines of soldiers stood in different pairs of Armour, a new tank bristled its main gun, a black bomber looked intimidating, Several Crates were stacked in front of the leaders, and a door large enough to fit three of the tanks side by side was closed.

"!@#$ you weren't kidding." Abraham said in amazement. "I don't see the Mark IIs Matthew."

"Those are outside."

"Well get to explaining this stuff then."

Matthew walked over to a crate and opened it. "First off the new weapons."

"This is the standard assault rifle, or as I have cleverly named it, the SAR-1. It fires 6.8x43mm rounds, which we manufacture, a good balance between the 5.56 and the 7.62. It has four modes of fire, Single, Triple, Full- auto, and rapid fire. With degrading amounts of accuracy as you go up. Its also fully customizable, sights, grips, lights, hell even paints, anything can go on it." A soldier walked up and fired all four modes into a target. "The Rapid fire version is optional, and it comes with an extended clip. Its best used for close quarters combat."

"This is the Standard Shotgun, or SS0-1. It fires the 12 gauge shells, pump action, or auto fire. Though auto fire isn't recommended. It holds up to ten shells." The same soldier picked up the shotgun, loaded the shells, and fired it both modes. The Auto feature was noticeably inaccurate but also noticeably frightening, with the target torn to shreds. The Soldier rolled his shoulder a bit.

"This is the Standard Sniper Rifle, or SSR-12. It fires a ferocious .55 caliber round with ten rounds in a clip. Its designed to eat most of the recoil and can be fired actually rather rapidly, with proper ear protection of course." Matthew handed Abraham some soundproof earmuffs as the soldier picked up the rifle, went prone, and fired at a target on the other side of the complex. "As you can see its quite efficient." He handed Abraham a pair of binoculars so he could asses the damage. The wall the target was hanging on was indented, the target was nowhere to be seen.

"Ah the Rocket Launcher, also known here as the RL-54. It fires an HE or HEAT rocket that can be tracking or non tracking depending on what we give the soldiers. For general combat use I would suggest the non tracking version, but for special ops we can produce the Tracking rocket. For obvious reasons we are going to wait to test this until we get outside." He handed it to the soldier who slung it on his back.

"This is the Standard Handgun, the SH-5. It fires a 10mm round with a twelve round clip. It has a little more recoil because of it, but I think the power is a good trade off." THe soldier painted the next target with a nice cluster of bullets around the head and body in about twelve seconds.

"Of course I have the classic revolver. This is leftover from the Raochin era and I figured, why not? We all know what it fires."

"Last but not least, the Hand Held Grenade Launcher, HHGL-9. Its the same as the attachment for the rifles, except made for handheld use."

"Now on to the Armor." Matthew turned towards the soldiers lined up. "First up, the Standard Infantry Armor Variant. This is what regular infantry will be wearing."
"There are two upgrades for this armor as well. First the Heavy Troops variant. This would be used for troops carrying supplies, rocket launchers, and defending positions. It provides the most protection for our infantry."
"And then the Scout variant. Its lighter than the regular infantry armor, During a war it should be distributed to those that run messages, flags, or in general have to be in and out of a place really fast. And man does it look cool."

"Beyond the plating there is very little protection. Really its mostly to make the soldier feel better about going into battle. The plating is a ceramic/steel mix, so it can be heavy to a new recruit, but once you get used to it its not much heavier than what we make our troops wear right now. The helmets can be exchanged for covered ones for operations in hazardous places, the Heavy comes with it as it also provides more protection. The next set is for the specialized troops, those who have made a career our of the military deserve better protection yes?"

"This is the standard Armor for the Specialized troops. Its vacuum proof, so it can be used in toxic areas or in vacuums. The armor covers more area and is a bit thicker as well, but its the only a little heavier because we used a special ceramic plating all over. It stops most regular rifle rounds, and the body suit has Kevlar thread in it that can stop pistol rounds. It has magnets on the back to latch the guns on without the need for a strap. Its fully customizable as well depending on the operation. I only have three here but there are plenty more combinations."
"This is the CQC variant designed of course for CQC. It will stop a couple of those shotgun rounds from killing you, but it wont survive a full magazine of full auto from the SS-1. What do you want?"
"This is the Sharpshooter variant. The backpack is a specialized radio and computer. It can calculate the wind speeds and tell you declinations and calculate coordinates for those extra long shots, the radio is allows for communication with the Recon teams. Right now its not set up for any specific camo, but it can be easily."
"This is the Recon variant. Its designed to be lightweight, even more than the armor already is. The helmet is bigger so it can store the com equipment required to communicate with others, like the snipers."

"Thats all the armor I have for you right now. I suppose we should move on to say... that tank over there."
"I call them the Destroyers on land, but their service tags are G-87s. The shells auto load so theres no need for crew to be back there. It takes two people to run one, one gun operator and one driver. It fires a 150mm cannon that devastates anything it hits. It can mount fifty caliber machine guns on the sides for infantry to mount. Its armored against rockets, bullets, anti tank rounds, and thus it takes one helluva beating."

"Behind it you see is the prototype I told you I was working on. The AT-42 Anti-infantry tank. It mounts four 25mm guns that cover an area three hundred sixty degrees around the tank. Each gun has computer targeting systems that paint targets for the men inside them and tries to detect those with rockets to make it a priority. It takes five people to operate, four on the guns and one to drive. It holds boxes of ammunition, though at the rate that people tend to use them it must return to base every once in a while for reloads. Its very effective at destroying everything around it, but its really only a fear factor. A few well placed artillery shells directly on top of it will cripple the guns, and a few HEAT rockets will do the same. The point being that most soldiers would pee their pants at seeing one of these things coming is its rocket deterrent. Especially when it comes down a street and the buildings its passing are collapsing do to the massive amounts of bullets flying through them" (OOC: This is one of the things I'm drawing up, but I haven't been satisfied with any of the ones I've made so far, same with the Turtle Transporter)

"Behind that you'll see the Turtle Troop Transporter. The thing is an armored bus, able to ride 16 troops into combat situations, soak up bullets and rockets, deploy the troops and if need be provide cover for them. In the backfield of a battle they can be used as medical centers, command posts, or even if you line them up right a wall of bunkers. On top they have two turrets with gun shields protecting the troops inside. On the inside there are armored windows that can be opened to allow troops to fire out of the transport. The only problem is they are in fact rocket magnets. They can absorb an enormous amount of damage, but a few of direct hits to a window will weaken that windows protection significantly and if its open will kill the troop firing out of it. But any troop transport would do that."

"Next we have that bomber you've neglected to mention while focusing on the Mark IIs."
"The Dark Angels. Appropriate. As stated earlier they can carry up to 100000 lbs payload. Its high altitude and relies on its stealth and escorts for defense. Its top speed is around Mach 1."

"Now lets move outside shall we?"

OOC: I've posted enough for today. 1500 tech ftw though.

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"Drum roll please." The giant warehouse door opened to reveal the outside.

"Here it is Abraham, the White Falcon M-II!"

(OOC: I lack a certain photo editing program/shop to make this look pretty. So just imagine it with Royal blue and white colors.)

"The problem with the Mark ones was a lack of mobility. While you were impressed with the performance I was not. It took a while to come up with the modifications to fix that, and then the modifications to keep its weapons stats up. It can travel at speeds of Mach 2.5 and Cruise at 2. It can be painted with paint thats better at bouncing radar. It can carry 88,000 lbs of payload. It carries most of its arms inside the plane. It holds an astounding 16 air to air missiles. Its Gatling guns on the front carry 800 rounds each. The Engines are designed to pivot to allow for a greater turning degree that allows it to turn around almost literally on a dime. It can take 10 Gs of force, though the pilot might not be able to."

"Next you might notice a giant gun platform out there. Thats the Rail Gun. It will be implemented as a part of the SDI at first, but we will also outfit the navy with it. Its hooked up right now to the Nuclear Reactor under our base, and it will require one nearby in order to function. It uses two heat resistant metal rods for rails that also have a Liquid nitrogen cooling system. They fire six times per minute at maximum rate of fire and the rods must be replaced every thirty minutes if fire is sustained due to erosion of the metals. They are accurate out to about 250 miles away. Targeting systems are mostly done by computers, with target input done by humans. The official name for them is the Tsunami Wave Cannon." Matthew handed Abraham the pair of soundproof earmuffs again and the Railgun moved to target a building about one mile out. Matthews voice came over the speakers of the earmuffs. "This is a little close for a railgun, but you'll get the picture." The gun charged, fired. The building almost instantly appeared moved backwards and a hole appeared on the front of it, after a seconds delay it crumbled and disappeared into a pile of rubble.

Abraham and Matthew took their earmuffs off. "Very impressive," Abraham said, "I can't wait until they get on our ships."

OOC: For clarity, this takes place a few days before Zarfef called a message for the meeting and all in the same day. So no my characters are not both in Nod and here.

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Selenarctan satellites have picked a new model of plane in flight over East Africa that looks something like this:


Or maybe the satellites' cameras need their color settings tweaked... :ph34r:

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[quote name='iKrolm' timestamp='1290970604' post='2525361']

Selenarctan satellites have picked a new model of plane in flight over East Africa that looks something like this:


Or maybe the satellites' cameras need their color settings tweaked... :ph34r:
"Theres probably some shadow effect from a cloud blocking the sun or something, the body is a bit whiter, and the blue parts are entirely blue, but yes thats what it looks like."

OOC: AWESOME! I almost like it the way you have it better than what I envisioned in my brain. Make it a light grey and the blue parts all blue and I would :wub: you forever. Heck I already do. :D

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It was kind of hard to conceal the launching of a new type of Battleship, so Matthew didn't really even bother. A few news copters floated around and he was sure satellites saw this just as they saw the Mark IIs. The GPNS Apocalypse was the newest in a line of ships that were either going to be upgraded or built from scratch. The old ships were slowly being brought in for refit with the new technology, but Abraham had wanted at least one fleet to be of ships entirely of new design. The Apocalypse was one of two battleships being built for it. It brandished two rail guns with two nuclear reactors on board to support each gun with plenty of energy. This new design of battleship along with the refitting of the old designs is meant to bombard positions from shore or way out of shore with the high energy weapons. In the middle of a fleet with an accompanying Aircraft Carrier and its squads of planes the combination can cause massive destruction of shoreline defenses and even farther into the mainland.

In short the new ships were not to be reckoned with.

As of right now there are four fleets with at least two more planned.

[b]Home Fleet:[/b]
GPNS Aircraft Carrier "Fly by night"
GPNS Submarine "Prowler"
GPNS Destroyer "Destroyer"
GPNS Battleship "Bombardment"
GPNS Cruiser "Achilles"
GPNS Corvette "Silver
GPNS Frigate "In Amber Clad"

[b]Fleet of the Future(New Ships):[/b]
GPNS Aircraft Carrier "Skyline"
GPNS Submarine "Silent"
GPNS Destroyer "Valiant"
GPNS Battleship "Apocalypse"
GPNS Battleship "Armageddon"
GPNS Cruiser "Hercules"
GPNS Corvette "Gold"
GPNS Corvette "Platinum"
GPNS Frigate "Forward Unto Dawn"

[b]Fleet of Grass:[/b]
GPNS Aircraft Carrier "Cloud"
GPNS Submarine "Stalker"
GPNS Destroyer "Merciless"
GPNS Battleship "Gotterdammerung" *with umlauts of course*
GPNS Cruiser "Oddysseus"
GPNS Corvette "Copper"
GPNS Frigate "Pillar of Autumn"

[b]Fleet of the Plains:[/b]
GPNS Aircraft Carrier "Storm"
GPNS Submarine "Spider"
GPNS Destroyer "Overwhelm"
GPNS Battleship "Ragnarok"
GPNS Cruiser "Orion"
GPNS Corvette "Bronze"
GPNS Frigate "Spirit of Fire"

Tactical Submarine Groups include two groups of three submarines and one of two deployed around the world.

[b]Group Alpha:[/b] Pacific Ocean
GPNS "Black"
GPNS "Darkness"
GPNS "Space"

[b]Group Beta:[/b] Indian Ocean
GPNS "Monsters"
GPNS "Boogeyman"
GPNS "Golbin"

[b]Group Charlie:[/b] Atlantic Ocean
GPNS "Insanity"
GPNS "Paranoia"

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