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[center][u][b]COCHIN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE[/b][/u][/center]

Cochin Chamber of commerce is an organization under Ministry of Industry which seeks to promote external trade of the Kingdom and promotes foreign participation in Cochin market. Cochin Chamber of Commerce functions as part of Cochin' diplomatic missions to other nations to thus increase access of Cochin industries.

As part of its information dissemination role, Cochin Chamber of Commerce also publishes important news and announcements from the Kingdom's economy. It would also convey special announcements from various industries in the Kingdom.

The mainstays of Cochin economy are its Navaratnas or Nine Gems of Cochin industries. These are:

[b]1. Larsen and Toubro- [/b]L&T is a world class construction and infrastructure development company that has executed many huge projects world wide. They are the principal contractors of Military Engineers Corps and have had roles in constructing the myriad of Airfields that dot the Kingdom.

[b]2. State Bank of Tripunithura[/b] - SBT is a state owned enterprise and principal executors of the State Treasury. SBT also has a prominent commercial segment which finances all sorts of inductrial and commercial ventures in and out of Cochin.

[b]3. Fertilizers And Chemicals Travancore Ltd[/b] - FACT is the largest company in Cochin's chemical industry. Their main business is in manufacturing products of agricultural industry but they have also made strategic inroads into Defense Industry. They had contributed hugely to the agricultural revelution that transformed the semi-arid landscape of Cochin.

[b]4. Varma Institute of Fundamental Research [/b]- A scientific research institute directly run by Cochin's Royal Family, VIFR promotes technological research and advanced scientific research.

[b]5. Tratum Infosystems Pvt. Ltd[/b]- Tratum is the largest and most successful IT company in Cochin. It's main businesses are in the fields of artificial intelligence, banking, aerospace, healthcare. Tratum also has a substantial R&D base and it has developed several of the CRICK supercomputers used by RCDF.

[b]6. Encompass Technologies Pvt. Ltd.[/b] - ETPL is a company that deals with Physical, Electronic and Network Security and safety systems. ETPL is a leader in develping cutting edge surveillance and monitoring systems. ETPL is a partner in developing the satellites of RCDF's Strategic Command.

[b]7. DNH Healthcare Pvt Ltd.[/b] - DNH is a giant in Cochin's Health care industry. It operates many super speciality hospitals in the Kingdom and has set up many charitable missions outside Cochin. The Royal Family is a shareholder in DNH.

[b]8. Majestic Hospitality Services Pvt Ltd.[/b] - MHS is a leading hotel and restaurant chain in Cochin. They own prominent hotels such as the Grand Poorna in Cochin. MHS also has a number of hotels worldwide.

[b]9. Kohinoor Rare Earths Limited [/b]- KREL is the leader in Cochin's mining industry. They own and operate several mines in and around Cochin mining coal and other minerals. KREL is also engaged in oil prospecting and operates the oil and natural gas field in Karagandy Province.

Apart from this other famous industries and businesses are:

[b]Maelstrom Inc[/b]

A principal competitor in Cochin's high technology defense industry, they manufacture several high technology weapon systems for the Royal Cochin Defense Forces.

[b]Gosree Aeronautics Limited
GAL is a wholly state owned enterprise that produces the aircrafts for the Kingdom.

[b]TATRA Automotive Works[/b]

TAW is the most successful truck manufacturing company in Cochin. They produce a variety of vehicles for Royal Cochin Defense Forces

[b]Mahindra & Mahindra[/b]

Mahindra and Mahindra is a major manufacturer of all terrain vehicles and SUVs. They are also emerging leaders in consumer vehicle market and hydrogen fuel cell technology.

[b]Varuna Mercantile Limited[/b]

VML is the largest commercial shipping company operating under Cochin registration.

[b]Cochin State Armory[/b]

The State Armory of the Kingdom is the principal manufacturer of weapons and ammunition for the Royal Cochin Defense Forces

[b]Cochin Shipyards[/b]

The state owned ship building companies with Shipyards near all principal naval bases of Royal Cochin Navy.

[b]Mazagaon Shipyards[/b]

A private ship building company in Mumbai, which has Royal Cochin Coast Guard amongst its various clientele.

[b]Air Gosree[/b]

The main state carrier it operates principally in international routes.

[b]Jet Airways[/b]

Jet Airways is a private airline company operating in domestic and international sectors.

[b]Kingfisher Airlines[/b]

Kingfisher Airlines is a private airline company operating in domestic and international sectors.

[b]Go Air[/b]

A domestic airline company, private owned.

[b]Air Deccan[/b]

A privately owned domestic airline company, it also operates chartered flights.


A commercial air cargo service and aerial spraying company, private owned. They also operate passenger services in some routes in domestic sector.


A private chartered flight company, primarily operating helicopters, they also conduct regular services along certain sectors in domestic sector

[b]Cochin Airlines [/b]

A state owned domestic airline company.

[b]Mathachan Fisheries[/b]

A major fisheries company based in South India

[b]Mazagaon Shipyards[/b]

A private shipbuilder.

[b]Pareekutty Cruise Liner[/b]

Luxury Cruise Liner

[b]Palani Shipping Pvt Ltd[/b]

Luxury cruise liner and ferry services

[b]Sagarika Oceanic Ferry Network[/b]

National oceanic ferry services company

[b]Transcontinental Freight Carriers[/b]

Major truck and logistics company

[b]Bappootty Uru Company[/b]

Curio and historical ship and boat builders.

[b]Aquinas International Pvt Ltd[/b]

An infrastructural development company specializing in hydrological projects.

[b]TP Balagopalan Associates[/b]

A construction company specializing in urban development projects.

[b]Junker Corporation[/b]

An infrastructural development company specializing in road and rail development projects.

[b]CP Nair Associates[/b]

Urban construction company

[b]Pillai Constructions Ltd[/b]

Real Estate developer

[b]DLF Universal[/b]

Real Estate developer

[b]Choice Builders[/b]

Resort developer

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Mahindra and Mahindra today unveiled their latest product, the LPH728 Hydrogen Fuel cell engine for use in commercial vehicles. This revolutionary new engine is stated to be used in the new Mahindra Ranger range of trucks which was also unveiled at the function at their new Corporate Headquarters at Mumbai. The engine has a maximum power output of 130 PS ( 95kw) at 2800 rpm and a maximum torque of 37mkg ( 363 Nm ) at 1800 rpm. The Mahindra Ranger is a 6 wheeled commercial truck capable of a maximum payload of 4 tonnes.

This new range of trucks is latest in a series of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles launched by Mahindra which has revolutionized the road logistics of Cochin. PR officials from Mahindra said that they are trying to get contracts for supplying these new vehicles to Royal Cochin Army as a replacement for the majority of diesel powered trucks used by the Defense Forces.

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Mathachan Fisheries Ltd, one of the industry leaders in Cochin's fisheries sector has announced that it has placed orders for supply of three vessels in Large Pulse Seiner class of 1500 DWT each. Mathachan Fisheries with its base at Mattancherry, Kerala currently operates a fleet of 22 vessels of various sizes operates mainly in the EEZ waters off Kerala, Lakshadweep and Tamil Nadu.

"I hope that government issues us permission to fish in deeper waters of Indian Ocean. Access to those fishing grounds would vastly improve our catches for negligible effect on biodiversity," 'Meen' Mathachan, the Managing Director of Mathachan Fisheries said.

This is the first major commercial contract placed by a Cochin company to a Lankan business, but there are indications that several more such businesses would take place as a result of greater encouragement by Ministry of Industry to promote economic development in Lanka.

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Due to a highly profitable year, Mazagaon Shipyards has announced a bonus stock dividend to all its shareholders. This announcement comes in the wake of Mazagaon Shipyards winning contract to build and supply coast guard vessels of Liguaria and the recently completed contract to supply fresh batch of patrol boats to Royal Cochin Coast Guard.

"We thank our shareholders for supporting us in such a steadfast manner, and their sustained support has enabled us to maintain the quality and excellence that are the hallmarks of Mazagaon Shipyards. This is a humble token of our appreciation and the rightful distribution of profits that our shareholders enabled us to earn," Shivraj Patil, CEO of Mazagaon Shipyards said at the press announcement.

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[center][u][b]GAL AWARDED ORDERS FOR PARAVA[/b][/u][/center]

Quarter Master Command, on behalf of Royal Cochin Air Force, has announced the placing of orders for 15 PARAVA hydrogen fuel cell powered aircraft to be used on an experimental basis by Royal Cochin Air Force. This contract together with the recently won contract to supply Metacs and Bell 212s to Liguaria means that this is a very prosperous year for Gosree Aeronautics Limited. GAL has also announced that it would soon be unveiling a new class of smaller low cost, turboprop aircraft to be used in civilian purposes.

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Ceylon Tea Corporation, the largest Tea producers of Lanka and one of its largest employers have today listed themselves in the Cochin Stock Exchange in Cochin City. CTC renowned for their Udarata, Meharatha and Pahatha rata brands of Lion grade tea are looking to expand their base into the wider markets of Cochin's other provinces and also improve their export performance. The tea producing industries in Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Assam, and Tibet are reported to have welcomed the competition for Lanka in the hope that it would rejuvenate competition in an industry which has settles into a sort of limbo for the past few years.

CTC officials have also said that this listing could also help them in raising fresh capital for the various expansion programs they have planned now that they are part of a significantly larger economy.

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[center][u][b]TATRA TO OPEN ASSEMBLY UNIT IN JAFFNA[/b][/u][/center]

Tatra Automotive Works has announced that it has finalized plans to establish a truck assembly plant in Jaffna. The truck and rolling stock giant has several units all over the nation and hopes that the location in Lanka would help it gain a greater market share in a region where the economy is set to go sky high with its recent annexation into the Kingdom. Chief Operating Officer of Tatra, Arkady Kyrilovsky informed during the press conference at Jaffna that the recent signing of several overseas contracts has spelled a very prosperous financial year for the company. Tatra would also be unleashing a new brand of Sports Utility Vehicles and All Terrain Vehicles to capitalize on their reputation in heavy lift vehicles and all terrain trucking.

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[center][u][b]L&T AGM AT HOTAN[/b][/u][/center]

Larsen and Toubro Corporate Relations announced via a pres release that this year's Annual General Body Meeting would be conducted at the Corporate Headquarters in Hotan. Oleg Gunnar Larsen, Chairman of Board of Directors and Archibald Toubro, Deputy Chairman of L&T announced this at a press conference conducted at Cochin Stock Exchange in Cochin City. This year's AGM would discuss various issues such as the current projects being undertaken by the infrastructural giant, future projects in the pipe line, various community oriented initiatives and employee benefit programs planned by the company. The 3 day conference would be conducted at the Henning Hall in the L&T City which comprises the Corporate Headquarters and main Organizational Headquarters of L&T, north of the city of Hotan.

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[center][u][b]GAL PRESS RELEASE[/b][/u][/center]

Gosree Aeronautics Ltd announces that it would not be undertaking any fresh commercial orders for the very near future as the production capabilities have been fully booked up for the next two years. Orders currently placed would be honored, but fresh contracts would not be signed for the next two years. GAL officials announced that this short term policy is due to priority orders being placed by the Quarter Master Command of Royal Cochin Defense Forces which would fully occupy all the production facilities of Gosree Aeronautics Limited all over the Kingdom on war readiness for the next 24 months.

All maintenance contracts would be however be open for renewal for existing customers of GAL products.

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[center][u][b]PAREEKUTTY CRUISE LINER[/b][/u][/center]

Pareekutty Cruise Liner, a major shipping company based off Ernakulam has announced the placing of a contract to build a new 60,000 GT cruise liner to operate on Cochin shores. The contract to build this new ship has been given to Trincomalee Dockyards, a shipyard in Lanka Province. The new vessel to be named Karuthamma XII would ply on a route from Gosree to Chittagong across the subcontinental coasts of the Kingdom. This is as part of a new Department of Shipping initiative to promote maritime transport routes of the Kingdom for passenger and commercial freighter purposes. Karuthamma XII would be the first of a fleet of 6 ships which would ply this circuitous route, if the pilot program is found to be successful. Currently Chembankunju Star VI, a liner from the Palani Shipping Pvt Ltd is operating in this route.

Pareekutty Cruise Liner also announced its intentions to start an international cruise route, possibly with round the world cruises. The Karuthamma Queen, a 150,000 GT luxury cruise liner currently being built at Haldia Shipyard is expected to be be launched in this cruise route.

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[center][u][b]SAGARIKA OCEANIC FERRY NETWORK[/b][/u][/center]

Department of Shipping, Ministry of Transportation has announced the formation of a maritime ferry network to ply through the maritime territories of the Kingdom. This network of High Speed Passenger and Cargo ferries would provide an alternate transport solution to the road and railway networks in mainland Cochin as well as alleviate the connectivity problems for the people in Cochin's island territories.

The route would be as follows:

Kandla, Porbandar, Daman, Ratnagiri, Madgaon, Mangalore, Calicut, Androth, Bingaram, Kavaratti, North Island, Cheriyam, MInicoy, Dhidhdoo, Kulhudhuffushi, Hinnavaru, Naifaru, Kaafu, Baa, Alif Alif, Mali, Alif Dhaal, Vaavu, Gaaf Dhaal, Foamullah, Seenu, Morsby Island, Salomon Island, Nelsons Island, Diego Garcia, Galle, Trincomalee, Pondicherry, Kakinada, Puri, Haldia, Chittagong, Diglipur, Betapur, POrt Blair, Little Andaman, Car Nicobar, Nancowry Island, Olenchi, Little Nicobar and Kanalla.

This cyclical route would be plied by a sanctioned total of 25 ships as of now, which would be expanded in due course of time. The vessels being used in this route are the Stena Class of ferries capable

Capacity: 1520 passengers + 375 cars, or 120 cars + 50 freight units (900 lane metres)
Gross Register Tonnage: 19,638 tonnes
Length: 126.6 m (411.45 ft)
Beam: 40.0 m (130 ft)
Height: 27.5 m
Draught :4.8 m (15.6 ft)
Machinery :68 MW (twin COGAG configuration of 2 × TW ML2500 + 2 × TW ML1600 gas turbines), 4 × Mahindra type S waterjets for propulsion
Speed: 40 knots (service speed), 51 knots[citation needed] (unladen record)
Hull :Aluminium

The 25 Stena ferries currently in operation are fully Government owned but further licenses would be issued as public-private undertaking.

Here are a few images of the Stena Class ferries




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[center][u][b]MNR STARTS GOLD MINES IN KYRGHYZTAN[/b][/u][/center]

Ministry of Natural Resources in association with Treasury has started mining operations at a few locations in Kyrghyz Province. The new mines are at Jerooy, Taldy-Bulak and Tokhtonysay. This is apart from the Kumtor Gold Mine south of Bishkek, which is rumored to be depleted. Ministry officials declined to comment on the rumors that Kohinoor Rare Earths Limited is seeking to purchase the Kumtor Gold Mine after its productivity has been deemed to be ended.

The new mines are expected to become operational within two years. New ecological and environment friendly mining procedures are being followed here to minimize the harmful effects on nature. The Royal Treasury would be the sole purveyors of this mine like the other Gold mines operated by Ministry of Natural Resources.

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Today the five principal freight haulers and trucking companies of Cochin merged their operations to form the Transcontinental Freight Carriers Ltd. This merger will provide a national reach to the fleet of trucks operated by these companies with joint pooling of infrastructure, resources and joint management of freight volumes. Sidhu Freightways with its fleet of 265 trucks based in Ludhiana is the single largest company in this merger followed by Consolidated Trucking Company based at Cochin City with its fleet of 186 trucks. The other logistics majors involved in this merger are Reddiar Transports based in Mysore with its fleet of 154 trucks, Chatterjee Transportation Company based at Calcutta with its fleet of 148 trucks and Murugappa Freight Pvt Ltd based at Madurai with its fleet of 96 trucks.

Transcontinental Freight Carriers with its pan national freight connectivity is now all set to revolutionize Cochin's road freight industry.

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Varuna Mercantile Limited announced placing orders for four 50,000 DWT tankers with Ratnagiri Shipyards, a division of Cochin Shipyards Ltd. The LR1 class tankers are to be used on contract for the island territories of the Kingdom. VML currently contracts out a fleet of smaller 30,000 DWT tankers to Ministry of Transportation as well as operating them privately to supply the emerging fuel and water needs of the Kingdom's various island territories like Lakshadweep, Maldives, Andaman and Nicobar and Chagos. Most of these islands being too small for desalination plants are currently supplied with fresh water from the Mainland.

The contract announced at Ratnagiri indicated that Ratnagiri Shipyards may launch these tankers once every three months after 9 months. The contract is expected to maintain the profitability of the shipyards which had shown exemplary performance in manufacturing and delivering various classes of warships and coast guard patrol vessels for the Kingdom.

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[center][u][b]TFC FIRST MAJOR BUYER OF MAHINDRA RANGER[/b][/u][/center]

Transcontinental Freight Carriers, the single largest truck fleet operators in the Kingdom placed the first major order to buy the new Mahindra Ranger, hydrogen fuel cell powered trucks. Although the Mahindra Ranger has been seeing brisk sales with almost 130 trucks already delivered to customers, TFC's order for 150 trucks is the single largest bulk order to be placed for the revolutionary new truck and is expected to be a harbinger of several such major orders for the new product line.

Managing Director of Transcontinental Freight Carriers, Navneet Singh Sidhu said that this is part of a long term cost cutting and fleet efficiency strategy of the company in an effort to move away from the traditional freight traditions. The Sales Director of Mahindra Trucks Division, Rajdeep Awasthi said that the bulk of the production would be conducted at the new Mahindra plant being built near Jaffna in Lanka.

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[quote name='The canaries' timestamp='1280235179' post='2391132']
The People's Republic of South East China would like to purchase the following from the Kingdom of Cochin:

-3 Merats
-50 Black Hawks
-20 S-RECO UAV's
-Manufacturing rights for the Su-30
-Manufacturing rights for the MiG-35
-10 HALOB's

Gosree Aeronautics Limited has accepted these orders. In cooperation with Quarter Master Command, the following units are being readied for delivery to the People's Republic of South East China.

3 Merat
50 GAL Blackhawk

With due permission from Royal Cochin Air Force, Gosree Aeronautics Limited is also willing to sell the manufacturing rights for the Su30 and Mig35. GAL is willing to sell the specialized manufacturing tools for certain components of the aircrafts to PRSEC at discounted rates.

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Gosree Aeronautics Ltd announces that the MH68 Heavy Lift Aerial Crane hitherto exclusively manufactured for Royal Cochin Defense Forces would henceforth be available for commercial purchase as also international sales.


The twin engine tandem rotor heavy lift helicopter has an empty weight of 14,500 kg and a maximum payload of 20,000 kg. The MH68 has a basic crew of 4 (pilot, copilot, engineer and load master and is capable of a Maximum speed of 130 kn (150 mph, 240 km/h), Cruise speed of 130 kt (137 mph, 220 km/h), Ferry range of 1,216 nmi (1,400 mi, 2,252 km), Service ceiling of 18,500 ft (5,640 m).

The MH68 is currently being used as mainly logistics support and emergency supplies transportation role. The MH68s also see extensive roles in the mountainous regions of Tibet and Kyrghyz Provinces.

The much awaited release of MH68s for commercial purposes could see yet another spike in order values for Gosree Aeronautics Limited.

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Ratnagiri Shipyards, a branch of the Cochin Shipyards Ltd today laid the keel for the first two of the six Shibir Class Icebreakers ordered by Nunavut via the Quarter Master Command. This is the first international sale of the Shibir Class Icebreakers, 7 of which currently serve at Station Gangothri.

With a displacement of 17500 tons, a length of 420 ft(130m), beam of 82 ft (25m) the Shibir Class Icebreakers are rated to plow through 4.5 ft (1.4m) of ice at 3 knots in continuous action, and 8 ft (2.4m) in backing and ramming action. Powered by 4 TME 12AZ 40P diesel engines churning out 42,400 HP, it has a maximum speed of 17 knots. The engines are connected to 4 AC motors which are fully reversible and can generate 30,000 HP of power that drives two fixed pitch screws.

The Shibir Class icebreakers are currently used mainly as Coast Guard, maritime channel clearing as well as scientific experimentation purposes. The vessel requires a crew of 76 as well as nearly 4,100 square feet of cabin space that can be used for research and laboratory purposes.

The Shibir Class Icebreakers has hangar facility to house two Bell212 helicopters. Additional helicopter classes could be configured for operation from the vessel.

The first two ships of the order had their keel laid by the Governor of Maharashtra Province. The entire order is expected to be completed in 18 months of time.

Here is a line diagram of a Shibir Class Icebreaker.


Here are a few photographs of other Shibir Class Icebreakers in operation around Gangothri Province.




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As the news broke about the massive shipbuilding contract won by Cochin Shipyards Limited the tickers of Cochin Stock Exchange, Bombay Stock Exchange, Calcutta Stock Exchange and the Ernakulam Stock Exchange saw a massive spike in share values for a portfolio of various industries. The massive order to build a total of 37 naval warships has been one of the single largest contracts won by any Cochin company in recent times. While Cochin Shipyards Limited is government owned and does not have public stock issues, this massive order is expected to contribute greatly to increasing business volume and profits for the various associated industries such as Iron and Steel and Defense. The Special Development Zone for Shipping industry at Ratnagiri, SDZ for Iron and Steel at Jamshedpur and the Defense industry Special Development Zone at Yining are the regions most expected to capitalize on this new contract apart from the shipping towns of Visakhapatnam, Gosree, Kochi and Haldia. Coming close on the heels of the recently concluded contract to manufacture six nuclear powered icebreakers to Nunavut, this has been an extremely profitable couple of years for the Cochin Shipyards Limited.

The recent news of award of a bridge project in Marscurian Siberia to Larsen and Toubro and prospects for additional high value projects there to other principal Cochin industries indicate this would be a remarkable year for the nation's economy.

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An emergency call up of merchant marine freight tonnage by Royal Cochin Navy has caused a dip in the Ernakulam and Madras Stock Exchanges. A large number of merchant marine ships chartered under Cochin flag have been recalled to Naval Reserve duty to transport the large Sri Lankan Army from Sri Lanka to the Bengal Special Administrative Zone.

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In a special announcement at the Sagarika Headquarters at Port Blair, Ministry of Transportation officials announced placing of additional orders to double the fleet strength of the Sagarika Oceanic Ferry Network from the present strength of 25 to 50. This is in view of the massive increase in demands on maritime transportation both with a resurgent boom in the economy of the island provinces as well as with Oceanic ferry proving itself to be a cost effective and reliable intra continental transport. Ministry of Transportation also announced that greater private sector participation would be encouraged in ferry network with private ferry operators being permitted to bid to operate in all these sectors, with special incentives for intra island traffic.

The bulk of the orders have been currently placed with Mandovi Shipyards, Goa and Navgathi Marine Designers, Visakhapatnam who would construct 12 and 13 Stena class ferries each.

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To: Cochin Chamber of Commerce
From: United Kingdom of Idaho-Montana

Dear Sirs;
We have an urgent need of 10 paddlewheel steamships of your highest quality. They must be able to transport 10,000 people each along with all equipment and goods that would be expected of such ships. The question of money is no issue, we shall pay any sum you wish, as long as the ships are delivered ASAP(OOC: within a day)

King Kellen I

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Bappotty Uru Company,

United Kingdom of Idaho-Montana

As specialist builders of antique and curio ships and boats, we are willing to undertake this contract. We are willing to undertake this contract in an expedited manner which would however necessitate a 25% increase in costs. If the terms are acceptable we request you to send 30% of total contract amount as initial payment. Would you be taking the delivery of these vessels from Beypore itself or would you prefer them to be delivered at a port of your choice? If you choose delivery to be undertaken by us, that would require an additional delivery cost which would near to 10% of order value.


Kunjahmad Koya,
Bappootty Uru Company.

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