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Of Rebels and Germans


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The request was granted, and an ambassador for the southern part of Germany was made available for the representatives from Rebel Army.

"Welcome. What would you like to discuss?"

For the time being, the northern part was informed, but not requested to send a rep. Only in the case of treaty discussions would another ambassador be required.

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"Well, mainly we just wanted to stop by and say hello, as we haven't had too much contact with you all in awhile. The importance of this being even greater now, seeing as we are allied. That and we wish to discuss some issues about the Space Elevator and Equatorial Star."

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The ambassador nodded.
"I agree that we should be in contact more often, being allied. Now about the Elevator, what would you like to discuss regarding it?"

While they were talking, various refreshments and some food were brought for the representatives of both nations. Of course, care was taken that the man from Rebel Army would not be given non-kosher food if he wasn't allowed to eat such.

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The man thanked those bringing refreshments out, and while he was of Jewish origin, he did not mind if the food was kosher or not. "Basically, we, and others in Africa, are rather unsettled by the unannounced presence of German military forces in the area of the Elevator. While Rebel Army has little clue as to why they were deployed there, we figure it's best to figure out why and try to find an amicable resolution for both sides before something rash happens."

OOC: I'm going to assume whatever comes out of this thread happened before all the recent IC chaos started. :v:

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