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everyone loves a vacation

Eggman Empire

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*Excerpt from Daily Egg Newspaper*
[quote]"Parties were kicked of nation wide as all of Eggman Empire celebrates their day of founding. Over a hundred years ago, a researcher by the name of Johan Kintober started a small community on the frigid shores of Greenland. Decades later, that small settlement has blossomed into a booming nation that's leading the world in medical and scientific discoveries. To celebrate the nation's anniversary, the whole of the nation will be taking an entire week to kick back, relax, and enjoy the fruits of their labor. The exception to this will be Eggman military forces who stand ever vigilant against all threats to the Empire. Today the Emperor announced..."[/quote]

OOC: Going to the field again. Probably be gone a week and a half. Have fun while I'm gone

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