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Need Alliance.


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Allied Defence Network would like to recruit you! we are an alliance of 22 right but growing! Alliance stregnth is 87,709 right now and growing also! we have a protectorate with FEAR. we are currently working on several treaties. Our forum stays pretty active. we have a lot of diplomats from other alliance's that visit our forum.

i could get you into a gov spot!

i could help you out with a trade circle would invovle some ADN and FEAR members

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This is my nation:


Recruit me....best alliance wins. I will not tell you what I am looking for other than the fact that I can stay on black unless you can get me trades of Fast Food, Beer and Construction with fish and my silver on a different team.

Join BPS. We are a Black Team alliances that offers you more than anyone eles. Click the Link to the BPS recruitment video in my sig for all you need to know

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Well, if you're looking to be in a band of small, tight-knit group of friendly players, Vanguard is for you.

Like most alliances, we offer aid and advice to help you grow, protection from unprovoked attacks, and the off-site interaction that makes CN fun. We're small and professional, so we get to know every member and play the game well.

Our government runs smoothly, with positions for diplomacy, war, education, recruiting, and statistics to ensure every job gets done and bimonthly elections to keep leaders active. The founder, Revanche, and his vizier, QTUN, plot our general course. They're sharp players who welcome feedback.

Vanguard is a polite group that tries to resolve conflicts with diplomacy and signs mutual defense pacts only with people we trust, so you will never lose your hard work in an unneeded war. However, we will defend ourselves and our allies.

We strongly encourage and advise our members to be on the Orange team, but exceptions can be made.

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Wow i never expected to see one of these from you. I remember you from back when i started playing. Such a cool name. I wont ask what happened because i bet its personal.

But hey while im here i might as well put a plug in for Heroesofgaming (HoG). We are a black team alliance with nearly 150 members. I know you will make up your own mind so ill just help ya get the info you may want.





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Join R.O.C.K, we are a yellow team alliance which does not require nations above 2k to change their team colour.

we are a small alliance with a big total NS. We have very friendly members and are very experienced as most of the senior players have been playing for more than 200 days...



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I won't go into a long, copy + paste rant, because your time is just as valuable as mine. The North Atlantic Defense Coalition is ranked number five out of all the alliances in the game. If you join, we'll give you Starter Aid. forum.nadc-alliance.com

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TAPS is The Alliance of Paladin Soldiers, join us because:

- we hold the principles of the old Paladins high,

- we have a very active forum where we have lots of fun!

- we have some experienced and respected members,

If you join i hope you will be active on the forums and that you will also give your oppinion here.

Prodigy.NL, Consular of Foreign Affairs

Our forum: http://z11.invisionfree.com/TAPS

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We are small, but a power to behold! (GATO, SWF surrendered to us in GW3)

We are few, but fearless (attacked GOONS on the first day, after victory went on to RNR, BAPS, EOTRS, LSF)

GOONS recognized our worth and requested a NAP with us (signed).

We dont give joining bonuses, but reward success (millions have been pumped to our small nations that stuck with us in the war)

We are loyal to our allies (when treaties were being cancelled left and right with NoV we held ours)

We have been here for a while, and will keep on riding! (approaching a 1 year alliance celebration)

You can become great! (a two member allaince merged with us, and now they are at the top of our government)


I used to say we lived war, breathed war and looked for battle. We still do that, although we dont raid anymore.. our focus rigth now is to grow our nations to become stronger and ready for war..

The great oracles of Planet Bob have prophetized a major war every 3-4 months. Join us! Arm yourself!

Are You the Hunter or are You the Prey?

King Vitauts, mad ruler of the

Protectorate of Curland

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Cult of Richard. We have some of the most experienced members in CN (Ironsoldier820, currently known here as Mansa Musa), and we don't care what team colour you're on. If you've a brain, two eyes, and a nation then you're as good as the next guy.

We've a strong identity in our faith in Richard the warlock at www.lfgcomic.com and adhere to Richard's teachings. I am currently in the midst of planning a massive Intra-Cult Charity that will see each of our Cultists' NS ratings skyrocket a few thousand points(exact calculations are still being made, but with experiments on single cultists we've seen an increase of roughly 2,000).

What else is there to say? We've have money, we have experience, we (will) have a strong military structure, and we have a forum which has the most activity you'll find associated with a 30-strong alliance.


check us out.

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