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An Announcement from Blackstone Commission

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Thanks Azrael.

Also Daikos i think you should really read what i said again , i said not all . So there is exceptions .
So Please read it again , and if it takes all day to understand what i said , so be it .. .

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[quote name='Grand Master Azreal' date='19 June 2010 - 01:52 PM' timestamp='1276969924' post='2343030']
You guys are aware that this back and forth isn't exactly making a good case for how friendly NOIR are? Well from my point of veiw anyway.

But regardless welcome to Brown BCOM I look forward to working with you guys in the future, on our non-economic sphere......

So we shouldn't respond to negative comments made against our BLOC?

[quote name='PotFace' date='19 June 2010 - 02:02 PM' timestamp='1276970529' post='2343038']
Mido... maybe if we just ignore them, they'll go away. Leaving black wasn't enough, apparently.

Maybe if you had left without people trying to drag our name through the mud this thread would have ended 6 pages ago.

As far as I can tell, nobody in NOIR cares that you decided to move to brown. Some may be confused about the economic rationale behind it, but ultimately people wouldn't have responded with anything other than general curiosity if you hadn't decided to drag our name through the mud on your way out.

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Midoo, you were not even a part of the process, I fail to see how you can be a part of this conversation with more than hearsay information.

I've been trying to stay away ever since my last post, taking a break, etc. But this is just frankly sad that none of us are letting it go. The NOIR stance has been stated, BCOM's has been stated, neither party will be happy, get over it.

They moved to brown because of NOIR, they weren't willing to wait it out because they thought NOIR hated them. Someone from NOIR (be it FK or AzN) invited them early. And as I spoke to BMv in private, both sides failed to handle things better.

When applying to a bloc, there is some measure of a "You know what you're getting yourself into" kind of aura, and BCOM did not do their homework. Meanwhile, NOIR has no open procedure beyond apply, questions both ways, and then once a vote is settled on the timeframe for such.

The reason there is not a regimented structure is because of all of our different values handling such a matter.

NOIR wasn't right for BCOM, BCOM wasn't right for NOIR. The application should have never happened, the problem comes in people here feeling this was a shot against them as if we did everything wrong and no blame was on BCOM, and BCOM's problem comes in the thought that black blames them for the mistakes and none of it is on NOIR.

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[quote name='Daikos' date='19 June 2010 - 01:27 PM' timestamp='1276972023' post='2343052']
Maybe if you had left without people trying to drag our name through the mud this thread would have ended 6 pages ago.[/quote]

Maybe I can convince the Sith to come over with a light-saber and put me out of my misery already. We had no agenda of doing so. We were asked about it and we answered about it. NOIR, during the initial application procedure, inquired about our SoFA's RL. BCOM and the NOIR application process went off to a bad start, immediately. We introduced ourselves, and were met with complete inappropriateness. We decided that we wouldn't be a part of that.

I remind you that the publicizing of this was initiated by you guys. So, from what I can see, you guys have done nothing but drag [i]yourselves[/i] through the mud. All we did was announce our move to brown.

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[quote name='Tosh' date='13 June 2010 - 01:14 PM' timestamp='1276431260' post='2336094']
Good show, good luck with the change and may the alliance flourish on new ground. Black sphere is a little (<<understated) unfriendly.

This is what set it off. No one from Blackstone made mention of NOIR until this sparked conversation why we're OMG! mean people.

Though, both parties continue to reply, and one threatening to go nuclear rogue. All of this is getting above our heads. Though, in the beginning we liked BCOM very much (many signatories sought this as an opportunity to spark up tech deals), but things got out of hand in the application process from both sides.

We both need to let this go and move on.

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