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The Mutual Chillaxation Pact

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A NAP and general sign of friendship between TRaPS and MOCR, MarkLevin7 was a former member of ours and is always welcome.


[size="4"][b]The Mutual Chillaxation Pact[/b][/size]

[b]Article I: Preamble[/b]

1. In order to promote mutual chillaxation and coolness between the concerned parties, we hereby create this Nonaggression Pact as a symbol of our friendship.

[b]Article II: Mutual Chillaxation[/b]

1. The undersigned alliances vow not to engage in aggressive action against one another.
2. Any nation in an undersigned alliance who attacks another signatory may be punished by the signatories economically, militarily, and/or politically.

[b]Article III: Grapefruits[/b]

1. They are delicious.
2. Optional grapefruits may be delivered to a nation belonging to an undersigned alliance in the event of a crop raid.

[b]Article IV: Not Cool Dude[/b]

1. If any signatory wishes to withdraw from this pact, they must honor a 72 hour cancellation period before they are officially removed as a signatory from the pact.

[b]♥Signed for TRaPS♥[/b]
LittleRena - Grand Princess

[b]Signed for MOCR[/b]
MarkLevin7 - Emperor
High Admiral Straton - Minister of Defense[/center][/quote]

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