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Diplomatic Dispatch from the United States of China


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[quote]Two Seas Pact
Preamble: The Two Seas Pact is a recognition of mutual interest between the New Palma Republic and the United States of China.

Article I. Military Cooperation

A. Both parties shall grant full use of each others bases to one another during both peace and wartime conflict. B. Before aggressive operations are undertaken from each other's bases the leaders of each country shall be notified to approve the attack, this does not apply to hot pursuit or rescue actions. C. Both Parties hall cooperate extensively on military operations and reserve the right to joint operations. D. Should either party end up in war, the other party shall come to their defense.

Article II. Intelligence Cooperation

A. Both parties intelligence communities shall cooperate with one another. B. Both parties shall assist each other in the development of information assurance and cryptological assistance. C. Both parties shall share C4 ISR systems in operations.

Article III. Cancellation

A. This pact may be cancelled by both parties either due to violation of the terms of the treaty or do to changing political objectives. B. Should they cancel due to changing political objectives the pact remains active for one month (5 days IRL)


X, President of the United States of China

Edward Nicholas Moshum, President of the New Palma Republic[/quote]

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