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Second Tahoe Republic Diplomatic Guidebook

Sargun II

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[size="5"][color="#006400"][size="2"][color="#000000"][quote][/color][/size] [size="5"]Tahoe Republic Diplomatic Guidebook[/size][/color][/size]

On behalf of the Government and People of the Tahoe Republic, let me be the first to welcome you to our fair nation. This short guidebook was compiled to give newly assigned diplomats and diplomatic staff a quick insight into the nation in which they will be residing. Inside, you will find some basic information about our economy, government, social structure, demographics and a bit of other information we think you might find useful. By no means is this a comprehensive database, but it should give you a start to help make your transition easier, as we understand getting used to Tahoan society can be very difficult. We hope you enjoy your time here.

Arturo Chavez, [b]High Governor of South Tahoe[/b]
Christopher Bogart, [b]High Governor of North Tahoe[/b]

[b]Official Name:[/b] Tahoe Republic

[b]Official Flag:[/b]


[b]Population:[/b] 56,984,235 (2010 estimate)

[b]Gross Domestic Product:[/b] 2,492,146,676,650 marks (2010 estimate)

[b]Gross Domestic Product per capita:[/b] 43,733 marks (2010 estimate)

[b]National Identity[/b]

The Tahoe Republic is a large nation, lying on the western seaboard of North America, governing the continental North American Pacific coast. It is a beautiful nation, notable for it's stunning natural and human environment.

Ruled as a Presidental Republic, the Tahoe Republic was famous for it's very libertarian policies. It served as a posterchild for many conservative nations around the world, as the Tahoe Republic has a very small, non-intrusive government, low taxes and a large military. After the Conflict, however, the government has adopted a significant change in our policies to liberalize the country, especially with our new neighbours in Cascadia just above us. A free market serves the nation well, and the corporate center Sacramento is among the finest in the world. Some of our major technological advances were lost in the Conflict and there was a drain in overall industrialization, but most citizens still live very comfortably.

Tahoe's society has experienced a massive shift since the Conflict began. With the conservative government and nationally-supported religions essentially ousted, many took advantage and changed the status quo. Things like abortion and homosexual marriage are legal but still divisive, and while many are very religious there is no more support of an official church. However, the local populaces are pushing for much change in the area of abortion, especially to re-illegalize it despite strong pressure against it from above.

Crime is almost completely unheard of, thanks to the multitude of policies that attack the symptoms and root of the problems. A well-equipped police force maintains order, and Tahoe's education system is the envy of the region. Violent crimes such as rape and murder are held in top priority, and violent convicts of the incredibly accurate criminal justice system are often executed as opposed to wasting resources. Gangs and dangerous subversive groups are targetted with similar tenacity. Civil crimes such as miscgeniation and corruption are treated in more financially based manner.

All schoolchildren learn to speak both Gaeilge (Irish) and English as well as one more elective language (German is the most popular). Science, Mathematics, Literature and History are critical components of curriculum, although physical education, art and music are also focused upon.

[b]Official Languages[/b]: English and Irish

[b]Note:[/b] Although Irish and English are both official languages, they are not used for the same purposes. English is the language used by the government, military, education and businesses for day to day purposes. If one was to walk around the streets of a Tahoan city, English would be the dominant language heard. Irish is taught in schools and spoken at home, particularly in rural areas, while English is the most common language spoken outside of farmily circles. Most cities and regions have names in both languages, and the English name is used when speaking English and the Irish name used when speaking Irish.

[b]Capital:[/b] San Diego

[b]Demonym:[/b] Tahoan

[b]Governmental Structure:[/b]

Tahoe has a presidential system with extreme power. In order to reduce government, the positions of President and Prime Minister were merged and positions reversed. There office of President is now held by the two High Governors. The Presidential office may present a new bill or tax to parliament to be debated on and passed; the parliament members may also submit bills themselves for debate. There are different Committees in parliament to debate different bills.

[b]Administrative Divisions:[/b]

The Tahoe Republic is divided into two Governances: North Tahoe and South Tahoe. Each Governance is divided into states. South Tahoe consists of California, Utah, Arizona, Nevada, and Colorado, while the New Mexico state is occupied by New Mexico. North Tahoe consists of Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Tahoan Canada. The states are responsible for all elections, tax collection, maintanance of public records, and local-level courts and laws within their borders, as well as providing law enforcement (through the County Constable and his deputies) to areas that do not lie within incorporated cities.

The counties are divided into ridings, depending on size. The counties vary between having no ridings (only one administrative unit) and up to 12 ridings. The ridings are divided into parishes, defined as rural, village, town or city depending on size and status. Large cities can be divided into dozens of city parishes, while a medium town can have numerous town parishes, villages are usually one parish and rural parishes can be huge in size but small in population.


Tahoe is a two-party state: National Party (nationalist, capitalist, socially conservative); Labor Party (economically left, socially centrist).

[b]Current Government:[/b]

High Governor of South Tahoe: Arturo Chavez
High Governor of North Tahoe: Christopher Bogart
Minister of Foreign Affairs: Cathal Cavanah
Minister of State: Kasper Fernando
Minister of the Treasury: Seamus O'Donnell
Minister of Labor and Industry: Ronan Ó Síocháin
Minister of Commerce: Aidan Ó Dochartaigh
Minister of Justice: Michael Fitzgerald
Minister of Health: Eoin MacDonald
Minister of Defense: Mick Flanagan
Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff: Colin Flanagan


[b]Population[/b] As of 2010, Tahoe's population is estimated at 56,984,235, making it large-sized.

[b]Race and Ethnicity[/b] Over 60% of Tahoe's residents are of Western European descent, with the largest ancestries being Irish. There is a growing Mexican minority in Tahoe, which accounts for 10%, while the American minority is shrinking at 15%. Tahoe has the reputation of being homogeneous, but that isn't entirely true, as evidenced by the fact that nearly 40% of the population is of non-Irish ethnicity. However, due to extensive integration policies, nearly the entire population speaks Irish fluently. Futhermore, Tahoan citizens are stereotyped as being Irish by the world, and this contributes to the reputation.

Tahoans also have a distinctive look, regardless of ancestry. Tahoans are characterized by being tall (the average height for males is 6'3" and for females 5'9"), with light colored hair and eyes (70% of Tahoans have blond or red hair, and 85% have green or blue eyes).[/quote]

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