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Sea of Cortes


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The islands of the Gulf of California were inhabited by Tahoe. Historically, they have been part of the Baja California political unit and as such we are claiming these islands as Imperial territory. Three Carrier battle groups have moved into the area in order to facilitate landings and simplify supply lines. Already soldiers have been parachuted onto the islands and have begun to take control. International updates will be provided in order to prevent any unfortunate mishaps with the rest of the world.

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(From the Himynamistan Ministry of State to his HAE counterpart...)

There is an island about 20 miles west of Heroica Guaymas, an important port in Chiapas. That island is historically part of Sonora. There are also several islands at the far south of the Sea of Cortez, roughly 40 miles NW of Puerto Vallarta, centered around Isla Maria Madre, which currently have Himynamistan military installations. There are a few other small rocks within Chiapas and Himynamistan territorial waters which also lie in the Sea of Cortez.

We hope the HAE can clarify its recent statement. Himynamistan recognizes the HAE's ownership of the islands that are historically part of the Baja California states, but we of Himynamistan would have no choice but to treat paratroopers landing on our military installations on Isla Maria Madre as an act of aggression. The other islands aren't inhabited, so accidental landings on them could be sorted out more easily, should they happen. But we would like a clarification - a private one would do.

In service to Himynamistan and with respect to your Emperor,
Minister of State F. I. Madero


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[quote name='Triyun' date='09 June 2010 - 09:45 AM' timestamp='1276105514' post='2330344']
The United States of China recognizes the legitimacy of this move.

"J Andres also officially recognizes this move. Our cartographers will update our maps to reflect the new changes."

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